Friday, October 26, 2007

One more costum part from iLegos (Spiked Tires)

Today, I'd like to highlight one more great costum part, from iLegos.

Spiked Tires, are just great for your TECHNIC off-road creations or fighting MINDSTORMS robots, where good traction is a must.

You cand find these Spiked Tires at iLegos store (eBay). See them here.

- They are sold in sets of two, each mounted on 2 original LEGO Big Pulleys (light bluish gray) with a rubber ring each.
- 76 mm (3 inches, 10 studs) external diameter.
- 19 mm (3/4", 3 studs).
- Great look and matte black unfinished rubber.
- Unmatched 'All Terrain' performance and great traction.

... and more to come from Mauricio, I guess ;-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another day at LEGOLAND (Billund)

Got another great day at LEGOLAND.
I'd like to highlight the experience of yesterday at 'Power Builders' entertainment.

It is a pavilion with 5+5 robot arms, in which of them 2 persons can seat and experience a great shake...

Everything starts standing in front of a computer, where you can select the speed of the movements in a scale from 1 to 5 an then choose a sequence of 6 movements, from a list of 14.
With all these, you can combine from a smooth experience to a really stressing one!

So, you get involved by the 'Technic' and get immersed into an amazing and a few G experience (I believe).

I've chosen for some "interesting" movements and also a speed of 3. Well... it was not the enough to make me vomit the breakfeast! ;-)

After all, I took a ride into the park 'X-Treme Racers' roller coaster. It looks like you took to ride an 8466.

And it's all about, TECHNIC...

Monday, October 22, 2007

One day at LEGOLAND (Billund)

Well, today I went to 'LEGOLAND - Billund' for the first time, and found a big TECHNIC friend on the Burger House (don't get worried, didn't eat there...) ;-)

Got amazed specially with all those models (cars, trains, planes, boats,...) full of movement, as well as the canals where boats go up and down across canal different water levels.
Very good use of animatronic techniques, into a park of this kind.

Should have come earlier!...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Many of you most likely, already know the website from Alex Zorko.
But some certainly don't, and will find it just great!

That's all about motors, cars and off-course LEGO TECHNIC.
The website, integrates a forum where many TECHNIC fans, discuss their constructions, mechanics in detail, how things work and their LEGO creations.

Alex, made several high-speed pneumatic motors, from which you can find there the photos, videos and instuctions.
His top model (not the one on the video below) breaks the 1400 rpm!...

4 cylinder inline motor (1220 rpm).

Alex, also made several big detailed cars, which also incorporated its motors.
See below a few photos (many more cars/motors, can be found at the original website).

2008 Dodge Challenger

2005 Ford Mustang

And many others,...
Just another great site where you can enjoy LEGO and the most important, LEGO TECHNIC!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Welcome Alexandre!

As you may have noticed, TBs got a new blogger. His name is Alexandre (aka AVCampos) and he is an unconditional fan of TECHNIC as well as MINDSTORMS.
Alexandre is also a skilled builder/prgrammer (brick builder as well as LDraw 'builder'...) and I hope we can see some of his builds here, one of these days.

Some fairies also told me, he has one NXT set on way as well as his most desired TECHNIC set. The great 4x4 Off-Roader (8466) he have been talking for months at our LUG Forum ;-)

I'm sure Alexandre will loose the sleep at least during the next weeks, and hope it contributes to see some new and great creations from him.

Welcome on board, Alex! And wish you bring us also some goods news regards LEGO TECHNIC.

More 2008 set pictures revealed

After the first leaked pictures and the Legoworld exhibition, some more pictures of the upcoming 2008 Technic models have appeared.
This time, Kaleido.Shop, an online German toy store, included them among the 2007 Technic line. Here they are:

Although these pictures aren't new by themselves , being in a store site is a good sign of the sets' imminent appearance.
Source: Brickset

Friday, October 19, 2007

2008 TECHNIC sets at LEGOworld 2007

The new TECHNIC sets for January 2008 were exhibited at LEGOworld 2007.
They were already known at TBs and other places, but here we have two photos from the real models found at BrickShelf.
Not in so good quality, but who cares?...

BrickJournal 9

BrickJournal 9 is released.
It can be downloaded here.

Unfortunately, this will be last free issue.
BrickJournal will get a printed version (subscribers will get also the PDF digital version) with its next issue (Brick Journal 1, Volume 2) for $11.00, that will be released at Feb.2008.

To download issue 9, you must register at 'TwoMorrows Publishing', so you get notified about next releases.

In what concerns LEGO TECHNIC, this issue features an article about new HiTechnic IRLink sensor (also announced by TBs, here) and how it can be integrated with new Power Function motors from NXT.

It detail some aspects of HiTechnic Infrared Link sensor and how to program it.

One of the results, can be seen in video below.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

TBs TechTips 001 - Electrically controlled Pneumatic Valves

Here I start a series of sporadic highlights for online references, to TECHNIC cute solutions or techniques.
These will be called 'TBs TechTips', sequentially numbered for future reference and will get the label 'TechTips'.

Today I would like to call your attention, to an awesome compact design for an electrically controlled pneumatic valve, totally made of LEGO parts.

More details, can be found here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Amazing TECHNIC Constructions by Jennifer Clark

Many of you (TECHNIC enthusiasts) should already know the website I'll talk about.
However many others that would came here, may still not know it. So here it goes...

Jennifer Clark, developed several huge and realistic LEGO TECHNIC models across years, which made use of many techniques. From advanced pneumatics to electrically geared parts (some also making use of costumized parts).

Her LEGO Construction Site, is plenty of detailed information related with all developed models.
There you can find: photos from original inspiration vehicles, step-by-step explanation of mechanics and implemented solutions with LEGO, rendered MLCAD images showing inner details from the models and building steps, .DAT files for your own manipulation, animated images to illustrate working principles, photos and videos with achieved results, and many other details.

IMHO, this by far the best LEGO TECHNIC website, developed by an individual!
Absolutely fantastic and a must see, for every TECHNIC enthusiast.
Probably the resource where we can learn the most and a valuable source of details.
Also, a fine and first class work in terms of web design!

Below some images from the most significant projects, you can find there:

And finally one of the published videos, from my favorite model.

This is LEGO Extreme!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What would YOU like to see from TECHNIC?

Kelly McKiernan (LEGO®), launched an informal poll at Lugnet for TECHNIC enthusiasts, to "hear" what type of TECHNIC vehicles would we like to see launched in the future.

Poll divides into several categories according the final product price range, like: 19,99€, 29,99€, 49,99€, 79,99€ and 129,99€.

Just a few unsorted inspiration photos, from the poll...

Now, its up to us, to go there and vote!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Instructions for 8275 alternate model

LEGO published a PDF with alternate instructions for the great 8275 (Buldozer in the main model).
A great addition to Bulldozer and Power Functions fans!

You can download them here.

Also, LEGO did publish before a patch to fix a problem, many builders found building their Bulldozer.

Some have had problems with front blade and back ripper not being able to function properly.
The problem is in alignment of a cross-axle that must be aligned accurately.

Find it in your language, here.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Minimotor - A great custom motor!

There is a friend in US/Florida (Mauricio), who developed a great motor, made of LEGO original parts (except for the motor itself).

This costumized Minimotor can be be found at iLegos (his store at eBay). See it here.

Below you can see an image/size comparation with some other LEGO motors.

This customized Minimotor features:

  • Small size
  • Reversible direction (forward and backward)
  • 360 RPM when operated at 9V
  • Variable speed when used with LEGO NXT or RCX modules
  • Internally geared down for a great combination of speed and power
  • Versatile chassis design based on standard LEGO parts, which allow compact and strong connection to other LEGO elements. Specially adapted for connection to studless designs.
This motor size fits between old LEGO micromotor and common 9v LEGO motors, however it delivers great torque at comparable rotation speed.
Despite new Power Functions motors, this is still very actual, unique and powerfull for its size.

Personally would like to see it compared at Philo's page. Maybe someday Mauricio an Philo, give us such pleasure.

See it in action and get some, as I did!

Yuo can find some more nice custom parts at iLegos, some of those I'll highlight here in the future.

Update on 2008.Jan.21: iLegos stopped producing and selling this motor with the advent of LEGO new PF motors. Most likely you will not see them at eBay anymore, at least from their original producer.


ISOGAWA Yoshihito, published a book (LEGO Technic Tora no Maki) full of techniques, that you can use in building of your LEGO TECHNIC or MINDSTROMS creations.

It's full of author's TECHNIC knowledge and experience, according his words.

The book consists of a PDF file, which can be downloaded at Isogawa website, and is plenty of photos with interesting examples of how-to build. More than 1,700 images over 200 pages.

All that author asks is a $10 contribution, if you plan to continue using the book.

Take a look at some examples:


Behind the Design, inside LEGO

Look at this video published at o LEGO TECHNIC Website. "Behind the Design" as it calls.

It focus on the design process used to develop the new TECHNIC flagship. Yes!, the amazing Bulldozer 8275.

Also other similar videos, can be seen at the same LEGO Website.

By the way... LEGO added a poll at their TECHNIC entry page, to let you express if you liked this video or not.
Lets vote and make them make more like this for our amusement. ;-)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Power Functions in detail, by Philo

Philo made at his website a great and very comprehensive description of new LEGO Power Funcitons elements.

You can find it here.

Article starts presenting all familly new elements and proceeds with a description of internal working details for the nerds.
Performance comparation with some older LEGO 9V motors is also included as well as new parts for LDraw and LeoCAD which can be deonloaded from the same page mentioned above.

This new system integrates an IR control interface, which is a new trend for some recent LEGO toys, like the RC trains and the new announced line of future LEGO trains which will replace actual 9V trains. New trains line to launch later in 2009, will integrate new Power Functions motors.

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