Monday, December 31, 2007

New TECHNIC sets for Fall 2008

One blogger (dunx125) commented here at TBs, about a new TECHNIC set for late 2008.
It would be an excavator (8294). A dream came true, as I confessed to be my favorite type of TECHNIC set here and was making a wish here. ;)

Since 1st half 2008 TECHNIC sets, are all of small size and there is still a small excavator on sale (8419), I guess this new one would be a larger one.
Hopefully a very large set with some PF elements, and maybe new ones... Will I get my desired PF pneumatic integrated elements???

Meanwhile, I found some other new TECHNIC sets listed at Brickset (do you know a best way to finish the year?). They are:
- 8293: Power Functions Motor Set (another wish came true)
- 8294: Excavator
- 8295: Telescopic Handler
- 8297: Off-Roader

Although, images still not available. :(

If numbering order would suggest something, the Excavator won't be be the 2008 TECHNIC flagship and largest set for this year. :(


Anonymous said...

I actually have the prices for the late 2008 sets - believe it or not a shop in South Africa got them first. I'll convert it to dollars, but just be warned that it costs a lot more here than it does where you are, but you can still see roughly how big they'll be. Here goes:
8293 Power Functions Motor Set-$45
8294 Excavator - $70
8295 Telescopic Handler - $110
8297 - Off Roader - $140
In my experience, South African prices are at least 20% more expensive then american ones
So it seems that the Off Roader will be the flagship for next year! (Interestingly, it looks like it will be quite cheap compared with 8275, which by the way is $210 here!) By the way I think we'll be seeing pics soon - have a look here - ...
The pictures change everday, so if you see a technic one, download it immediately.

P.S - I got the prices from ... Its got prices of most of the sets coming out next year. (If you want to convert R, which is rands into dollars, divide it by 7)

TechnicBRICKs said...

Prices in Europe are also greater than in US. We have usually the same nominal value, while exchange rate have been around 1,4-1,5 :(.

Using actual change rate, these sets should become in Europe about:
8293: 35-40€
8294: 50-60€
8295: 80-90€
8297: 100-120€

None a real TECHNIC flagship of usual 150€, which LEGO seems to release now once every 2 years.

In fact the Excavator and Telescopic Handler sets should become a moderate upgrade from the actual and smaller ones. Respectively 8419 (20€) and 8283 (30€).
Hopefully they will get also some PF elements.

But certainly it is still not this time, I'll get my big detailed Excavator... :(

Alex Campos said...

However, the Cherry Picker retails for 59.95 EUR and it has Power Functions... so at least the Telescopic Handler and the Off-Roader, with their higher prices, may have them too.

Anonymous said...
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