Monday, December 17, 2007

TBs TechTips 002 - Front pendular suspension

At TBs TechTips section this time, I'd like to highlight a front pendular suspension design that I found at S.Ariel's Brickshelf folder.

S.Ariel is a moderator for TECHNIC section at LugPol Forum, where he signs as Sariel, but also signs as searme, for his videos on YouTube. All this to say, that I wasn't able to figure out his real name ;).
Well, later the guy found his creations here at TBs, and left a comment with his real life name. Paul!

According to the author, this design main advantages are compact dimensions, durability, simple and light frame.
Suspension solution is also capable to support heavy loads. However may be not as good, for a Truck Trial (TrTr) project as the author suggested within a comment on this post! Among others, low ground clearance may turn to be a problem.

At his folder, you can found fully detailed stepwise instructions to build it, and try by yourself.

Moving into upper folder, you will find many other author's ideas like different gearbox designs, suspensions and others.
Take a look, despite I may later highlight some of these examples into TBs TechTips ;-)


Sariel said...

Actually, my real name is Paul, and I'm very pleased to see my little inventions getting more popular and useful to others :) Thank you.

Conchas said...

Hi Paul,

good to see this was an effective way to reach you, so I got to know your real name ;)
In fact I was to lazy to send you an e-mail asking...

I like a lot your constructions and huge work done. Keep on!

Also thanks to make a reference to TBs at LugPOL, even though I didn't understand a word... ;)

Soon I'll update my post with your name!


Sariel said...

Take your time, as I have just added new, clearer instruction and the folder is now being processed on the Brickshelf.
By the way, this suspension was never intended for TrTr, I designed it for one of my mobile cranes. To be used in TrTr it would need some improvements I think, I listed problems in the new instruction. However, I'm going to develop this suspension further this Spring, with the beginning of polish TrTr season Plus, the mentioned mobile crane should be published on BS this weekend, and it's a 1-meter long beast with boom extended to 2.30m - so if you like cranes, be sure to check it :)

Conchas said...

Hi Paul,

thanks for the comments!
In fact I didn't thought carefully once suggested it could be a good design for a TrTr project.
Already updated the text on the original post.

Also have seen already some photos of your WIP Crane at your BS folder. Good work!



Sivan Toledo said...

Hi Fernando,
Thanks for the pointer to this mechanism. It prompted me to build a remote-controlled car with it.
The video of it is at

Regards, Sivan

Conchas said...

Hi Sivan,

Already have seen your car before at YouTube ;)
Will highlight it one of these days at my Week video section here too! (it was already as link in my posts queue).

Also thanks to have made a reference to TechnicBRICKs at
It boosted the visits to the blog and brought new readers too ;).

Keep in touch.

Sivan Toledo said...

My pleasure. I was happy to credit both you and Paul, since you made it possible for me to build the thing. The sharing of ideas, information, and so on is what makes the hobby fun.


Ezra said...

Hi Paul,

I am nine years old and I live in Amsterdam. I am a great admirer of your S Tank design. I really want to build it! Are there instructions anywhere.

Ezra Frantzen

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