Monday, February 18, 2008

Rumors for black tread links

According to a post at we will likely get the new TECHNIC wide link treads also in black color, with a 2nd half 2008 LEGO set!

This will probably happen for a non TECHNIC set (7645, MT-61 Crystal Reaper from Mars Mission theme). The initial prototype did not have them in black, but the final version most likely will, according to the same source.

Josh wrote that he noticed there were some rumors about black tread links also in 8294 Excavator, but that this will not be the case... :(
Hope it was not me who started such rumors when I wrote "Just wonder if the treads are Black this time, instead of Dark Bluish Gray!? They look like...", at this post. ;)

Anyway from my perspective this black variation is very welcome! (lets wait and see...)

Great it would be if LEGO also design some small rubber fits, for the new tread holes, so they could get better adherence at some floor types (like vitrified mosaic). This would be a nice addition for motorized treaded models like the Bulldozer (8275).

See them, in a picture from 7645, taken at Toy Fair 2008 (New York).

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Anonymous said...

I like the buckets in front of this rover... might be interesting for GBC!

krimpie said...

To be honest, I am glad the excavators tracks are dark bluish gray, as it makes them easy to combine with 8275's. I will not use these tracks much however, as they have such a minute amount of traction. If someone were to release rubber attachments for the tracks, I would buy at least 300, as then I will be able to make HUGE track vehicles that have good traction. If Lego doesn't make them, perhaps iLegos should?

TechnicBRICKs said...

Good idea!

I'll suggest Mauricio (iLegos), to take a look on that. ;)

Alex Campos said...

There's a way to add rubber pads to these tracks, although it's not a very elegant, cheap or compact solution...
Connect a Technic Brick 1 x 4 with Holes and Bumper Holder to a track link via two Technic Pins 3/4, add a Technic Bumper 2 x 4 Rubber, and repeat for each link.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yep! You told me that before. ;)

An ingenious setup, but the models would get a bit clumsy, overall... ;D

TechnicBRICKs said...

As Mauricio told me, he is working on a rubber feet solution for treads.
Not just for the new ones, but also for the old smaller treads. ;)

Lets wait and see!...
I'll post news here, when the time arrives.

Anonymous said...

I have a non-LEGO solution using small rubber bands.

Instructions can be seen here:

Final result, here:

and here:

If the rubber bands are uses in all treads, extra care in their placemente have to be taken, in order to avoid the rubber bands in one tread be place directly in font of the other, between treads, as that would force a 2 rubbber band thikness between them. So they should be suited in some sort of "V" shape.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yes, I've noticed yesterday before your comment here and added immediately a new post about.

You may see it in the TBs homepage while there are not much newer posts, or directly here:

It was very good idea, yours!
And think I'll copy it, very soon...
Good work!

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