Friday, February 15, 2008

Photo from Power Functions Kit (8293)

A photo from the upcoming Power Functions Kit (8293), can be seen from Multipla on Malug photo gallery.
Basically the same that was anticipated here, but this time we can see the parts in detail.
Apart from the PF Battery Box, 'M' Motor, a clutch and some gears (in Dark Bluish Gray as it is the new trend for 2008) there are also:

  • 1 Pole-Reverser.
  • 2 LEDs, connecting both to a single PF connector and deriving from a middle black 'brick'.
    It is the first time we see it in detail, and it is now possible to understand how the LEDs will fit with other parts.
  • 2 new and cute TECHNIC Universal Joints like this, but 3 studs long instead of 4.
    Guess they will be present also at the new Off Roader (8297), Telescopic Handler (8295) and Excavator (8294), where they would fit great as a compact solution to transmit torque into the new Linear Actuators.

Very interesting would be to know which design, did LEGO implement for this new LEDs PF element.
  • Is it designed to support the new PF RC Receiver 'Single Pin mode' (the day it comes to work...), so the lights would be controllable independently!?
  • Should the lights (or at least one) be detachable?


krimpie said...

Wow, this set is even better then I expected - I thought it would just contain the pf elements. It is nice to finally see how the leds look, it seems that 2 of them are attached to only one connector. I especially like the mini universal joints - I will find them extremely useful. Definetely picking up at least two of these...

Anonymous said...

I loved the u-joints! Now I can make smaller/narrower super cars :) I already trimmed & sticked the old u-joints to make a 6 stud wide axle but it's not pure Lego so I can't say I enjoy using them. Now I'll be haappy! By the way you say "3 studs long instead of 5" it should have been "instead of 4" I think? And do we know how much this set will cost?? 30 USD? Please I can't afford a single cent more :(

TechnicBRICKs said...

You are absolutely right, it should be "3 studs long instead of 4".
It is now corrected!

Had none at my front when I wrote the post, and don't know where I had my head... :(

Anonymous said...

Now we see it contains M motor, not mysterious S :)
Interesting, does picture show all parts, or there'are some more gears or axles comes with it.
Interesting design of pole reverser, seems i'll be able to do compressor based on PF with automatic switch-off at last without searching for old reverser and converter cables...

Anonymous said...

I am personally waiting for LEGO to make a product like this one:

Anonymous said...

I personally look forward to getting this actuator as LEGO:

TechnicBRICKs said...


But have you seen the working principle of it?
See it here.

This should justify, the large base we see on the video...
Don't think it would fit any LEGO. ;(

Alex Campos said...

Well, it looks like one of the "pioneer" TECHNIC pieces, the Universal Joint, gets updated... from the pictures, though, the successor doesn't appear to be much stronger.
Also, I'm a bit curious about the working of the Pole Reverser: does it have a second PF connector on its body, a bit like the 9V PR, or the controlled signal gets sent back through the wire in different pins? My bet leans towards the former.

TechnicBRICKs said...

I was better thinking about that, and guess you are right. The must be a PF connector on the PR body.

It doesn't worth to change pins. It would be a non-working mess.

Roger said...

Loving the LED thing. Can't wait.

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