Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New images from 2H 2008 TECHNIC sets

New images for some 2nd half 2008 TECHNIC sets, appeared at someone's Brickshelf folder.
Among them, it seems we have images for the respective B-models. They look great! (At least the Off Roader partner does. For the Excavator it seems we got something a bit strange...)
See them below (click on images to enlarge),

8294 - Excavator

(B-model on top and different views of main model below)

8297 - Off Roader

(B-model views on top and different views of main model below)

Personally and from some data I got, by doing some simple calculations, I would expect prices in Europe for the new sets to be in the ranges below (I know for my country but assume they won't be identical across Europe, as usual):


Carlos Ribeiro said...

Ho my god!!! it is fabulous, after i see this pictures i expect have money for two Sets, i want model A and model B, fantastic ;)

Anonymous said...

I too must buy 2 off roaders now. Already planned on a dozen excavators and no food for a month (priorities!)
Even if unrealisitic the 8294 B model looks like great use of the linear actuators.

On the off roader B model, does anyone see a use for the PF motor, or is it only lights (I mean did TLG include the motor in the model...I know we can find many uses for the motor :)
If lights are the only powered function that brings my desire for a smaller battery box (coming with the PF train stuff?).
Anyway I saw the pics on brickshelf and came straight here for the post. Cool stuff!

Anonymous said...

re 'someone' is whung:

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yes, I knew it is Whung.
But since the actual photos folder doesn't allow to navigate into Whung's main folder, I though it was not too much relevant to mention it. Also it is not clear whether it is a real or nickname.

The folder is linked anyway, for credit purposes.

TechnicBRICKs said...

... thanks anyway to indicate the root link, for those who may be unaware how to get there.

Anonymous said...

This evening I stumbled upon your blog...

Let me just say: "*Great!*"

Alfonso (Italy)

TechnicBRICKs said...


It's great you liked it.
Keep visiting, there is a lot to come, as I get the time for it...

Alex Campos said...

When I saw the 8294's B-model, a quote from the Star Control II game came to my mind: "WHAT THE HELL KIND OF SHIP IS THAT?!"
It looks like a cross between a snowcat and a dump truck! From a comparison between the A- and B-models, I'd say the B is a modification of the A instead of a full rebuild, just like the 8288 Crawler Crane. Why? The crawler base and the cabin seem the same, although the latter appears to be a bit shifted to the front of the turntable.
And the B confirms what I suspected: the set has a red transmission driving ring! Since the set doesn't have a gearbox (like the supercars) or an engageable/disengageable mechanism (like the 8284 Tractor), I can only guess it is for motorisation via 8293 Power Functions Motor Set, to function like the 8292 Cherry Picker: a lever would control which linear actuator the motor would... well... actuate.

As for the 8297, maybe the motor raises/lowers the rear suspension, again like the 8284 Dune Buggy? Other than that, I can only think of automatically opening doors.

Anonymous said...

It's clear that 8297 has trans-clear shock-dampers. So we have gullwing doors like on 8466 again. ^__^

Anonymous said...

To echo what avcampos regarding motorisation possibilities on the 8294 I had to quote Markus at TLG on a newly added Q&A at Ask a Designer (its definitely an AFOL question--one of you guys?--and funny that the question previous he declines comment on a yet-to-be-released set, yet is okay to talk about yet-to-be-released linear actuators! http://technic.lego.com/en-GB/designstudio/askadesigner/default.aspx

they dont have a direct link to each post but here's his response:

The linear actuator is the perfect element to transform the rotation of our gears and motors directly into linear movements, like in hydraulic cylinders. The linear actuators work great together with our new motors on our power function platform. As the Power Functions platform was developed to be used in LEGO products for a long time, the Linear Actuator will definitely be included in more products in the future."

Makes me wonder, does this only apply to future released sets, or will we get motorized options to the A or B model, similar to 8285-B. Anyway thanks for the post avcampos...the linear actuators are screaming for motorization.

Dano (posted the first anonymous above)

Anonymous said...

...And of course thanks again Conchas for the original post and the blog!


TechnicBRICKs said...

Hi Dano,

AFAIK TLG employees have strict instructions that prevent them to comment about concrete products they might have planned for the future or which are actually under development (i.e. not yet announced to the public).
This however not the case for the upcoming Linear Actuators, since they were already presented to the public at last Toy Fairs.
That's why they should fell free to talk about them. Already everybody knows about their existence and have seen them. ;)

And thanks for the compliment too!

snowblader13 said...

There is such a Machine as the 8294 Model B. Here is an example of what one of the tracked loaders look like:
Tracked Loader

snowblader13 said...

Just found 2 Videos of such machines operating:
Tracked Dumper Video 1
Tracked Dumper Video 2

TechnicBRICKs said...

Very interesting!
As almost everybdy else, never saw something like that, neither imagined such exists.

Anonymous said...

Regarding 8294's driving ring, I think it's to switch between control of the 2 linear actuators, instead of 2 seperate knobs like in 8419. Man, this set just keeps looking better and better!

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of a selectable input... personally I would prefer two control knobs, so that it is not a one at a time operation. The best motions are multiplexed! just watch the real things in operation, real graceful dancers...

Anonymous said...

Where is the trans-clear shock absorber?? I couldn't find one. B model for 8297 looks very nice too, I'll definetely get that set!

Alex Campos said...

Wow, I too never imagined such a weird-looking machine (not to mention the fact it appears to be a modified A-model) would exist in reality! Kudos to the LEGO designer(s) who came up with the model, easily (at least I think) changeable between two real, different machines.

Heck, I can even imagine two 8294's, one A-model and one B, working together like the video snowblader13 posted! One more point to the designer(s)!

Anonymous said...

Linear actuators? Freakin' sweet!!!

But does this spell the end of LEGO pneumatics?

TechnicBRICKs said...

I was afraid of that too (LAs, to replace Pneumatic Cylinders), but LEGO confirmed this will not be the case. Somewhere in the recent news here at TBs, by Jan Beyer.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Anonymous said...

Cool. Thanks for that info. Glad to hear it!

Anonymous said...

the "strange vehicle" is a tracked dumper which can turn on its frame

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