Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2H 2008 TECHNIC sets available from S@H US for pre-order

As announced by Paul (Sariel) at Klocky today, the new TECHNIC sets for 2nd half 2008, are already available at S@H (US) for pre-order.

They are expected to ship on July 11th, with prices as listed below:
  • 8293 - $29,99
  • 8294 - $59,99
  • 8295 - $89,99
  • 8297 - $119,99
These are coincident to the prices anticipated here at TBs , and still inline with my forecast for for the European price ranges, here.


Anonymous said...

Both the Excavator and the Off Roader description mentions "Download building instructions..." or alternate model. Is this a new thing Lego is doing? Are they trying to save a little on the cost of production?

Not exactly sure how I feel about this...


Anonymous said...

'Or alternate model' really means 'for alternate model'.


TechnicBRICKs said...

It seems so, indeed...
Curious is the fact that the Handler (8295) seems to include the instructions for the alternate model ???

Nevertheless we should remind the same already happened with the Bulldozer (8275) last year.

It shouldn't be for nothing, that LEGO has a poll at their TECHNIC webpage asking if we ever build the alternate models...
However majority claims interest on the B-models and LEGO is taking instructions out of the box.

So we started with expectations from posters images in the preliminary boxes artwork and ended without B-model instructions. :P

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know. It may be a method to cut costs but, I would leans towards them driving you to their site to explore option things (buy more stuff).

Anyway this is exciting news. Wish my remodeling was complete so I have space to build!

Anonymous said...

egads I am typo king!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Conchas and... other annonymous poster/fellow typo problem person! ;)

It's not so much the means of downloading other instructions so much but that the printed instructions in the box are most likely to last longer and be a bit more durable than ones printed from a computer printer.

Personally I have no idea how long inkjet inks last and it's easy to see unbound pages getting lost...


Alex Campos said...

Dang, I saw news of this at Brickset and came here to post about it but I was too late!

As for the downloadable instructions, I see them as a way to reduce costs... if that brings benefits from LEGO and allows for more parts/design budget, then so be it. What I find strange is that the Telehandler appears to come with the instructions in the box.
Another theory, in which the Telehandler's case fits, is that LEGO simply didn't manage to create the instructions in time for release... that would explain why the Bulldozer's alternate model instructions became available only some time after the main model went to stores.

On another note, I see "flick a switch" mentioned on both the Telehandler and the Excavator. My guess is it means a mechanism like on the Cherry Picker, to multiplex an input (the crank or the motor if bought) into two outputs ("shoulder"/"elbow" for the Excavator, "raise"/"telescope" for the Telehandler). I think I guessed that at a comment for a previous blog entry... ;-)

Unknown said...

I bought the handeler, and there were no B-model instructions. and it said on the back of one of the books to go online for B-model instructions. Hmmmm. strange.


TechnicBRICKs said...

That's right. All the new TECHNIC models do not include in the box instructions to build the B-model.

They should become available online in some time.

These are sets targeted for August/September which for some reason this year became available at S@H in July.
Maybe because of that the instructions for B-models are not yet available.
For instance, last year 8275 B-model instructions, just became available in middle of October.

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