Friday, July 18, 2008

Week TechVideo, 2008 #29 - Scuba building

A crazy bunch of guys, grouped in something they call PLUG, joined for another club meeting (which they call PLUGfests) two weekends ago. It happened in the north of Portugal at Quinta dos Agros, Marco de Canavezes (MdC).
This time and because they have a Navy professional diver among them, they organized a dive baptism for the ones who hadn't done it yet before. With scuba bottles and everything else required...

So, what do they remembered to do? Well,... probably the first LEGO sets built under water!?

See below, the video for the TECHNIC representative (8418).

Another one (although a non-TECHNIC set) can be seen at PLUG Channel on YouTube.
The second building (snorkeling this time) was a Racers set, built with the respective parts still inside their original and sealed polybag.


Anonymous said...

Hehe that reminded me my lifeguard license test. We had to save a dummy from ropes. This looks more entertaining though :)

Alex Campos said...

Yes, more entertaining, and perhaps more difficult!

I was there too, and witnessed the complications that arose... First and foremost, it was the black bag, which according to Conchas didn't let him see the small TECHNIC pieces.
Then he lost some of them and he had to to an underwater hunt to find them again. Then he gave up, assembled some things out of the water (e.g. tires on their wheels), and the rest underwater.
Finally, the dang floatation! He had to be held down by one of us to avoid escaping into the surface.

All in all, those were great moments... the next challenge would be to build something bigger (but still water-resistant)... how about the 8480 B-model, without the electric parts, of course? That would me much more fitting to an aquatic environment! Heh heh heh!

Anonymous said...

Man his tank is loose. I think I would have just sat on the floor of the pool cross legged

Anonymous said...

"Finally, the dang floatation! He had to be held down by one of us to avoid escaping into the surface."

gotta wear a weight belt when you scuba :)

Anonymous said...

thats the stupidest thing 've ever seen

TechnicBRICKs said...

"gotta wear a weight belt when you scuba :)"

LOL. Yes I do, but it looks the weight I took to the event were not enough...

"He had to be held down by one of us to avoid escaping into the surface."

More steady images were taken on this part, but weren't so nice looking, so I didn't use them on the final video... ;)

"thats the stupidest thing 've ever seen"

Everyones opinion counts! ;)
However it was funny for those who have been at this PLUGfest.

Roger said...

These PLUG folk never rest until they do stuff like this!

I never got to try on the air bottle... too bad...

Andrew B. said...

That is beyond awesome! I wish I could try that sometime.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Just come to visit us in the next event at Marco de Canavezes, and you may try it too! ;)

It was the 2nd club meeting we have done there, maybe next year we do it again. Who knows!?
I'll let you know. ;)

Thanks for highlighting this, Andrew!

Alex Campos said...

There's a good possibility that you may come next year: this year's event was open to other AFOL's too.

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