Sunday, October 26, 2008

8259, Dozer Mania

It is not new, that we will get a new Dozer in 2009. Not as big as the 8275 in 2007, but instead a very small and cute model this time (in the style of the small yellow machinery, that we are used to, in the TECHNIC theme).

Don't know exactly why, but it seems some got crazy with it and took themselves the challenge to reverse engineer it.
In fact the model is really appropriate for such challenge. It is small/big enough, nice looking and at the same time the initial available image hidden enough details to make it a real challenge for the most experienced.

Because I've been following this from the 'back stage', can tell you which came-up first.

- Martyn Boogarts, from Duiven/The Netherlands (contributor to 'The NXT STEP' blog and member of the MINDSTORMS Users Panel - MUP2), made the first Dozer replica very early, from one single picture.

In addition to the set replica, you can see also a blade motorized version of it (amazing for the scale).

- Mike Hatton (Parax) from Nottingham/UK, later made also his own interpretation, with minor differences (most likely due to stock availability constrains).

See more of these here.

- And finally Alexandre (AVCAmpos) my co-blogger from Lisbon/Portugal, came with his interpretation and also made some animated stepwise instructions (see more here).

...this is giving me some ideas for the future...

Want a full view around the real model? See it on the previous Photosynth post.


Anonymous said...

AVCampos model should use this for attaching the blade.

Anonymous said...

There is a little mistake on the building instruction (gif). Have you seen it ? :p

TechnicBRICKs said...

It is a guess work. So errors may occur.
If it was a contest, the best guess would win. ;)

Anio said...

I have built the 8261 :

I miss some parts, but I don't care. I just wanted to know if the modele is interesting or not. Conclusion : Even if it is small, it is a very good model !! The mini bull is very fun too. So sweet...


TechnicBRICKs said...

That's great, that Monster Truck reproduction Anio.

For this model, it is the first I see!

Anio said...

Thanks for your kind words Conchas. :)

Yes, I think (I hope ^^) I'm the first to have done it. :D

If you want, you can use these pictures in an article (tell me if you want others photos, because those I did are actually not very good :s).

TechnicBRICKs said...

Hi Anio,

I'm actually not planning a similar post for other models, like I did for the Dozer. At least for this sets season.

Dozer was somehow special, being the smallest model, the last to be revealed and some other circumstances not needed to comment here.

Anyway, if I change ideas, I'll tell you.


Alex Campos said...

@ Anonymous: arrgh, you're so right! How could I have not seen it wouldn't properly attach to the blade?! That's the problem of doing things in software only, without some good ol' bricks to work with. Thanks for pointing out the problem; it is solved at my Brickshelf folder, and awaiting moderation.

@ anio: great work! The bonnet isn't completely like the original (it uses Bricks 2 x 1 x 1 & 1/3 with Curved Top), and there's general consensus that there's a 9L axle missing somewhere behind the cabin. But those are just minor quirks on a model that looks and works just like the original, congratulations!

Are we seeing the beginning of a new sport? First, speed building known sets, now reverse-engineering upcoming sets? ;)

Anio said...

Yeah ! I don't not have the right pieces for the bonnet. Of course, i don't have any grey 9L axle (you understand that I don't want to cut those I have on my 7191 :p). So, I put a black 8L axle.

I don't have any photos to built the kart, especially for the rear of it.

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