Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TBs cellebrates the 1st anniversary

That's it! Almost 200 posts later, TBs celebrated on the 10th, its 1st anniversary!

It born at 2007.Oct.10 when I, amazed by some other LEGO blogs, decided to investigate how easy would it be to create my own blog.
And it was really easy!...
The next question was, "Ok if I would like to create a BLOG, which name would I give to it?"
Well... not so easy, but still an easy decision.
The next step was to check if the name was still available on and the respective domain for eventual future use.
And they were, so I started immediately to setup everything, defining the theme layout and writing the first post, basically still to test every single step of the process.
I've enjoyed it so much, that invited Alexandre to participate in this and so here we are 1 year after!

Thank you all, for those we have helped somehow this project to grow and not to die after a few weeks of existence.
Thank you for those who:
- come to read news or not so new topics, about LEGO TECHNIC.
- left comments to each post.
- participated in the polls.
- e-mail me with news, ideas, suggestions or simply putting questions.

In resume, everything that contributed positively to increase TBs readership and make this a bigger and stronger project.
We're very happy to see how the readership have been consistently growing in the past twelve months and how it is very well spread around the globe.
As long as we keep posting regularly, TBs has now a sustainable readership which generates above one thousand pageloads and well above five hundred unique readers, everyday. Thanks!

Amazing the enthusiasm generated during several Toyfair events, to see the first images for the large 2008 TECHNIC sets, to be released in the 2nd half.
Hope it happens the same way this year and that we get also new amazing sets.

There might be a LEGO TECHNIC fan, around every corner...

Sometimes it is not easy to cope with everything on these challenging and fast days, but one thing is for sure. We're still plenty with new ideas to take TBs some steps further and to keep it online, at least for another year.

Meanwhile Alexandre decided to commemorate with cake (one of his specialties...), since I didn't came with any bright idea to build a good looking anniversary candle, made of TECHNIC parts.

Last Update: 2008.Oct.16 08:35 GMT


Unknown said...

Happy first anniversary!

Jetro said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations boys! 200 posts in a year, that's a lot. I could only post 29 articles in 8 months to my web site. Keep up the good work :)

Rohan Beckett said...

Congrats! I think I must have found this site only a month after it started, but it was obvious it was already one of the better technic-oriented blogs (and well-updated) on the web... and continues to do so!

Good work... I generally open Technic Bricks + Brothers Brick in 2 tabs every day or two, for my little lego dose!


Anonymous said...

good good work!

Parax said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well done Fernando!

Alex Campos said...

Happy Birthday TechnicBRICKs!

I'm proud to be a (minuscule) part of this great project, and glad that it has grown up as nicely as it did, and hope this will be just the first of many birthdays to come!

TechnicBRICKs said...

Thank you all, for the congratulations messages, that you left!

Also thanks for the "minuscule" participation from Alexandre to make TBs growth, as he calls it... ;D

giants said...

My congratulations to TechnicBricks!

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