Saturday, October 18, 2008

Watching around 8259 (Mini Dozer)

A the time this post is getting online, I should be flying to Amsterdam, in order to attend LEGOWORLD.
It is something different... so it gets also a different way to you.

...Now that the new TECHNIC Mini Dozer (8259) images are public, lets take a look around it.

Yeah, I've used the new Photosynth from Microsoft Live Labs, to give you an amazing new experience about this set.
With some patient work and above 100 carefully taken photos (some TECHNIC stuff would fit perfectly for this...), I was able to get 100% synthy.
Because this was not really a convex object, there were need more than the recommend 24 images (15 degrees spaced over a circle) to make this fantastic synth with a beautiful navigational "halo", which you can see and navigate below.

Below the result (Most likely, you will need to install a Photosynth plugin, in order to see this amazing '3D like' photo).

For the source page and full screen image, click here.

And if you enjoyed Photosynth, take also a little bit of Miniland at Legoland Windsor, here.


Parax said...

wow! I like That application! and the model is smart too!...
the extrapolated images are really good quality, so much so that this is possible! (ok, I know I missed a bit or two!more pics)

Anonymous said...

Too bad it is Windows-only...

Alban said...

For me :
"Photosynth does not support this OS."

Alex Campos said...

Wow! That kind of thing (creating a "3D model" from several photos of an object) is something that is done in some areas in my course (Electrical and Computer Engineering), but I never thought research in that area was advanced enough to allow such "commercial" applications and with such good results!

That is just what I needed to do something I wanted almost since I first saw the Mini Dozer: create an LDraw interpretation of it. It is here. I hope it's accurate, I had to do quite some guesswork about the mounting of the side Technic Beams 2 with Hole and Axlehole.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Well done, Alexandre!

You are the 2nd to reverse Engineer this model.
The first one was Martyn and his model is here at LEGOWORLD 08.
Of course there is also one original from LEGO...

Parax said...

@Conchas: perhaps you missed my first post... lol

@Alexandre: I think you have the bottom wrong, I'll upload a few more helpful pics of my version..
here and here

Parax said...

oh and this one is helpful too!

Parax said...

Alexandre: Actually this is not a 3D model although it looks like it, it's just a clever browser that selects the closest image to your view, it is 100 pictures arranged in 3D space. If you spin it fast you see the match points (for anchoring the images in space) in 3D space before the images load, this looks like a dotty Model (3000 dots?) but is as advanced as it gets (so far!)
I'm sure a similar program could, over many hours, construct a real 3D model but it would need say 1,000,000+ match points... and/or some edge/plane extrapolation.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Hi Mike,

you are correct, I missed the links on you first comment, as I was really short in time...

So you were the second, and Alexandre the 3rd. ;)

Now I understand, that when was commenting about that with Martyn, he mentioned to have seen already a few at BS.


Sure this is not 3D, so that's why have carefully chosen a title for the post and called it '3D like'.

Alex Campos said...

Yeah, that's also why I wrote "3D model" with quote marks. ;)

I'm not exactly sure how 3D digitising works, but the first step is surely to use an articulated "feeler" arm to grab a matrix of 3D dots from an object (like Adrián Giecco does with his 3D Scanner) like PhotoSynth does with photos. I don't know if some more data is needed to inform how those dots are interconnected (or if the digitiser assumes each one connects to the nearest neighbours), which would make complete digitising from photos hard, if not impossible.

@ Mike and Martyn: dang, you two beat me to it, I thought I was the first! Oh well, I guess I'll have to go back to reverse-engineering the Dump Truck... just kidding! ;)

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