Friday, November 21, 2008

B-models for 1H2009 TECHNIC sets

Anio from SeTechnic website and forum, published at his BS folder, some images which most likely should be the B-models for 1H2009 TECHNIC sets.
At least the B-model for 8261 (Monster Truck), matches with what we have seen here a few days ago, from the correspondent set box photos.

So lets take a look on these new images,

8259: Minidozer and Excavator (very good and functional for the part count).

8260: Mini Tractor and Moto (a surprising B-model for a tractor).

8261: Monster Truck and Truck (a not so nice looking truck, with functional steering).

8262: Quad-Bike and Buggie (a very nice B-model, with rear steering).

8264: Dumper Truck and Tow Truck (also a very nice looking model with functional lifting platform).

Still missing, is the B-model for the 8256 Super Kart.


Krystian Majewski said...

They are all excellent!

But seriously, the Bulldozer seems to be the Winner this year. The B-Model is astonishing!

TechnicBRICKs said...

Not to speak, about the correspondent main model. ;)

Both, very good, indeed!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the tow truck uses the same chassis underneath as the dumper truck. It looks like it could be the same one, similar to how the alternate model for 8458 works.

TechnicBRICKs said...

From what I've seen here, they doesn't look the same.

Alex Campos said...

I agree with Krystian: the Mini-Dozer has both a sweet A-model and a sweet B-model! The "elbow" mechanism appears to be a bit far-fetched, but not much else could be done at this scale.

Although the Mini Tractor's B-model has much less functionality than the A-model, I was pleasantly surprised to see it's not some sort of racing car (that would be tempting, given the differently-sized wheels); a motorcycle is an innovative B-model.

The Monster Truck's B-model is a bit weaker, but not much: pendular suspension would be a bit hard to implement on this kind of chassis, but at least I'd like to see some use for the shock absorber.

I have never seen a racing car with rear-wheel steering! It has good looks, but I can't see any cylinder engine, even if connected to the front wheels (the rear wheels already have steering and suspension, and adding transmission would be hard with these pieces); having no cylinders is a great loss.

As for the Dump Truck, the B-model appears to be steered only by the wheels (like regular trucks), whereas the A-model is steered by the whole front section; therefore, I believe they don't share chassis. I sure would like the motor to be better used on this model (tilting the platform and raising/lowering the rear "hook", for example), but I'm not keeping my hopes high.

Finally, my gut tells me the Super Kart's B-model is some kind of farm equipment, perhaps because of the green colour scheme, but I have no idea about what equipment... tractors are already too common in TECHNIC to be a likely candidates.

Anio said...

Hi !

The #8262 B-model has a V2. Tony from SeTechnic has discoverd it ! ^^ Look at this :
The mechanism : left front wheel, 2 black 12t, a grey axle in the middle, 1 tan 20t, probably a other black 12t,and the crankshaft.


TechnicBRICKs said...

Great to see you here Anio!

Good finding this from Tony. A hard one!

And thanks for publishing these images. Wonder where did you find them.

Anonymous said...

8259 must be the best small set ever :)

Anio said...

Thanks to Technik, a French AFOL, we get the images on November the 11th, there :;sid=4eUib6ys5ZQib-WP20NHZ62mXnT7mcIGFAE=?ProductSKU=de_DE-1771034

Anonymous said...

The Mini Bulldozer is now a definite must for me. In the case of the quad, I think I actually prefer the B-model! AVCampos, I agree with you there, the Super Kart's B-model will probably be farm equipment. Good to see that this year there are a lot of small sets, as opposed to this year, which had very big, but very expensive ones! I will be interested to see what the big model(s) for this year are.


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