Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NXT 2.0 unveiled at 'Canadian Toy & Hobby Fair'

So it was true, since the first rumors, last August!...
After some leaks of blurry images a few days ago, NXT 2.0 was shown in public for the first time, last weekend at the 'Canadian Toy & Hobby Fair'.

See it in the images bellow,

Above one photo from the set box (8547) and bellow, some models possible to build with this NXT 2.0 kit.

From the rainbow leaving new Alpha's hand, at the box photo and the sorter model with the colored balls, I would say the new NXT kit will include in the box, an HiTechnic MS1038 Color Sensor or equivalent.

Wonder if the red, green, blue and yellow colored balls, are based on the Bionicle Zamor Spheres, or sized like the basket/football balls.
If it is the second case, it would be great to have new balls for the GBC setups. Although it seems that we have a Zamor Sphere shooter in the last photo...

Wonder how effective it is the new Alpha Rex walking solution, with each leg motor mounted in a upside-down setup, when compared to the first Alpha Rex design on 8527.

Via CTVglobemedia


Anonymous said...

WOW! This looks awesome. Pity it doesn't have an actual new NXT brick. But I suspect it comes with NXT-G 2.0, which I will probably be getting this! I'll have to wait till 2H though :-( .
The colour sensor (if that's what it is)is a new type. If you look at the front, it's different.
Also, the balls are definitely Zamors. They fit the launcher perfectly, but footballs don't.

A Very Excited Pe-ads

Anonymous said...

Booo no black brick. Hate the cream-white. Sorry about the color rant.

On the flip side.. it really doesn't look all that different than NXT 1.0. I was expecting a whole new range of sensors, motors, etc. Kinda surprised at how similair it it to the fist set.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with Zamor Spheres? Too light for GBCs?

TechnicBRICKs said...

Zamor balls are bit larger.
Since many GBC module require fine tunning or may have strict spacing parts to let the balls go through, they may be not compatible (most likely in many cases).

I think the "standard" is defined for basket/football balls.

Anonymous said...

do zamor balls fit in 2x2?

Robotica said...

Zamor Spheres are slightly larger, and do not fit in 2x2x2 they also have a flat side, and that is considered negative in the GBC..


Anonymous said...

I'm excited with color sensor! however, I can't see any other sensors, besides color and ultrasonic ones. I think a touch sensor is a priority, at least... Maybe 2 touch, to keep the range of 4 sensors? (I'm considering the high cost of the color sensor...)

Anonymous said...

NXT Lives!!! Glad to see that a set is going to finally come out. Like many, I would like to see a new NXT brick though.

Anonymous said...

anybody guessing when it comes out?

TechnicBRICKs said...

I guess next August/September depending on geographic areas.

Alex Campos said...

If the colour sensor is indeed different than the HiTechnic model, there's the possibility that this one can distinguish brightness levels besides colour (I'm not sure, but I think the HiTechnic model can't do this). If this is the case, the colour sensor can comfortably replace the NXT 1.0's light sensor.

And I sure hope the colour sensor isn't the only significant change in this edition, or else it would deserve more to be called "1.5" or something like that... a Li-Ion battery and charger would be nice.

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