Monday, January 5, 2009

Sariel MOC's Home

Paul (Sariel) built an home for his TECHNIC MOCs!

Yes, that's true and it is a great initiative to document all its constructions and ideas.
And all it is a lot! Just in 2008, he managed to build 34 highly detailed and functional models, as you can see from his picture in the right.

Very clean and nice looking website, or wasn't he a webdesinger by profession (thought I thought it to be something else...) .

Certainly it will turn to be a reference, very fast, for all those who are TECHNIC fans.
Congratulations and thanks for the work Paul (yours and from Mr. Fluffy, of course)!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your support, Fernando :) There's also a handful of tools for AFOLs available via my website, I'll write about them at Klocki very soon :)

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yes, I saw them.

I know about ratio calculator tools for long, as I saw them into your signature at LugPOL.

They are in the ToPost list, here at TBs, for long time.
Just too less time, to write about everything, so ToPost list keeps going well... ;)

Rohan Beckett said...

please don't say that you have enough lego to keep them all built, all year long..

I'll be very envious if you do!

must be kinda sad to dismantle such good creations!


TechnicBRICKs said...

No he doesn't! As wrote in the FAQ.

Rohan Beckett said...

ahh.. whoops! I didn't even notice he had a new domainname..

I just clicked through to the brickshelf jpg.. then spent the next hour looking at all the creations that I hadn't seen before (I'd seen a few before, from earlier tb posts)

I must say, I do enjoy seeing small mechanical creations, then building them myself.. I still have that little mechanism that does the 1/10 rotation via chain link... it's always interesting to show it to people, and they play with it.. trying to figure out *how* it works!!

Wish I had the time to sit and play, and experiment myself! :(

Alex Campos said...

Congratulations on your site, both the presentation and content are truly professional!

I can't delve into it much right now (since I'm at work), but will do as soon as I can.

Oh, and by the way: who is Mr. Fluffy? By the name, I assume it's a cat...

Anonymous said...

Hi sariel,

I love your creations, but what about bulding a supercar :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fluffy is a shapely, well-fed hamster, that assists me while testing some MOCs (he's often used as a testing load), e.g. recently the Morgan.
Yes, I am going to build a couple of supercars, hopefully all this year.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the Supercar build Can't wait to see it.

Crowkillers and Kuipers have the bar set pretty high in that category though.

Carlos Ribeiro said...

Congratulations Sariel for your website, i love your models, the Pulley Ratios Calculator and Ratio Calculator are fantastic tools. Seven years ago i initiate developing in Macromedia Flash similar tool to calculate rotations between 2 motors and 2 gears, but the time and other things abort this fun project, one more time CONGRATULATIONS and sorry about my English.

Carlos Ribeiro said...

I forgot tell you one principal reason abort my tool it´s because the gear i drop in other gear are animating depending input rotation, and in that time the big rotations in Flash are ugly.

Parax said...

Sariel Keep up the good work! I just can't get over how regularly you produce such awsome models!

And a Nice website too!

Rohan, Glad you liked my chain precession drive! So how many people have understood it? or do they just scratch their heads and put it down?

Parax said...

Sariel: looking forward to your tower crane... are you going with classic or studless truss?

(reminds me, I must redo my video in better quality..)

Anonymous said...

Studless truss, most likely. I believe it to be much lighter, and the prototypes that I have tested are very robust, so I see no need to use bricks there.

Parax said...

Good Job! I think Studless does make good truss, it's just a pain to connect multiple dimensions...

I did put up a load of LDD files from my Towercrane on Brickshelf but it seems they may never go public...

Tower Module
Tower Base
Tower Top

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