Sunday, February 1, 2009

More new sets for 2H2009

When new images start to appear, it is really fast until we get all them.

User chiabep at BS, posted photos from a dealer catalog with the TECHNIC sets for 2H2009 (thanks Ryan for the hint).
WE have heard rumors for several of them before, however the 8063 tractor, caught me with surprise.

8063: Tractor with trailer

The real surprise for 2H2009 is at the same time, not a big surprise. It looks the tractor model from 8284 box, released in 2006, with a trailer added.
As it seems the tractor just suffered small adaptations, like use of the new TECHNIC panels, a change in the color scheme and a bigger change, the trailer addition.

Strange set number, as it is out of sequence for this year's sets. Whether it is fake or not, we should see soon, but from the image it doesn't seem so.

The use of the new panels in the tractor itself, confirms these to be a replacement redesign of the old ones and not just an alternative new design, which wouldn't make much sense for such similar form.

The trailer also got a huge bunch of new panels in green color (14 of them!?). The same as introduced in the 8264 (Hauler).

One Linear Actuator, but no PF motors seem to be included off the box.

A new set, with small design effort for TLG, as it seems.

8263: Pisten Bully or Snow Groomer

Here the Snow Groomer which has been anticipated since last August.

A medium sized set whit a relative small set of functions, comparable in terms of size, with the 8294 Excavator in 2008.

It also got several panels. The 62531 release in 2008 Bionicle sets and some of the newly designs.
However not sure about the color used for the treads and panels at this set. They could be either Black or Dark Bluish Gray.

No PF elements included.

8258: Crane Truck

As anticipated, this Crane Truck seems to be the TECHNIC flagship for 2009.
Don't now if it has 1.800 parts as mentioned before, but at least it seems to feature plenty of functions, like working stabilizers, several funtions on the crane arm and steering.

The crane arm seems to use two Linear Actuators for elevation at different sections, but it also rotates and extends. However not clear if the winch string works in a reel or not.

It seems to be a rich model to get a full set of new panels too, in their several variants.

From the images we also see the box should include some PF elements: The battery box, an M-motor and one Switch.

8265: Wheel Loader

The series completes with a new Wheel Loader, as already shown in the previous post.

This model is awesome, despite not including any PF motors off the box.

It features an interesting combination of stud and studless bricks, a very detailed looking and some new panels like the 61069 engine/side intake panel, here used on the sides behind the ladder.
Despite we see it with different colors (yellow and gray) in the two images from the right and I can't see the ladder in the bottom image.

With this extra image on the bottom, it seems we may have here, three Linear Actuators, instead of two. One to tilt the bucket and other two to raise the arm. This would however require some kind of parallel synchronous setup, as discussed here.

Also we can clearly see, a working piston motor (6 cylinder!?) on the back side.

The red shadow, suggests we may get a driving ring to select one movement at each time, which would make it more difficult to MOD, if we intend to motorize this model with independent and simultaneous control of both bucket/arm movements.

As a building machine and a relative large set, this is the best candidate for my favorite TECHNIC set, in the 2nd half.

Anyway, four seem to be the TECHNIC sets for the season, which is quite large considering the size they have and use to have on every year's 2nd half.


Anonymous said...

The sets look very cool, except I do wish that they would introduce more remote control sets. :(
However, the Crane Truck, despite its lack of RC, is very cool. Will definitely be getting this.
The Wheel Loader definitely has a driving ring. You can see it on the second picture, above the grey panel.


Parax said...
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Parax said...

Lol I just had my 8284 down off the shelf this morning it is very similar...

I have to say I'm a lot happier with the H2 Sets, Its a bit anoying that they always seem better then the H1 stuff I would prefer a mix! birthdyas are at the same time every year! and its disappointing to get H1 stuff and then see the H2 stuff and drool..

Junkstyle Gio said...

Really love the 8063 surprise! Because for the first time TLG gives us a complete tractor AND trailer!
Good Job!
And the 8258 Crane truck is a must have!
This year's 2nd half models are way more impressive in comparisson to last year's
Can't wait until augustus!

Anonymous said...

Too much red, no? But it's good, comparing to the most sets in yellow. :) The truck in both colors seems to be great!

That's curious that none of the sets have a XL PF motor... :\

Anonymous said...

Is this just me or I really do see 3 Linear Actuators in 8265 set just (take a better look at bottom picture)

Buy the way 8258 set looks really cool

Anonymous said...

I am kinda disappointed with new sets. No new RC set (like much anticipated RC car), no new parts, or new models (except for Snow Grommer, which is a little ulgy from the picture).
8063 - Ok, it's just a 8284 + a plenty of panels. Not interesting at all, if you already have 8284.
8265 - i personally prefer old pneumatic version, while lego says it won't discontinue pneumatics, it just makes redesigns of old sets with actuators. Hmm. So, we have no one pneumatic set since 2004 (except for 2&1 cylinders in 2005&2006), and yet 5 sets with actuators).
8258 seems similar to 2004 flagship, but it's also seems really better than its predecessor. I really like to see how motion transmitted to all functions on the crane arm. Stabilizers give a nice touch and design is much better, no holes in model body.

Anonymous said...

But...8258 - no lights?! Give us more lights!!!))

TechnicBRICKs said...

All to the several Anonymous,

Has written in the post, now I also do believe that 8265, got 3 LAs instead of 2 (as I initially imagined).

In addition to the new TECHNIC panels, we may still have new parts, which are not possible or easy to see in the low quality pictures.

I was exchanging some e-mails with TBs readers, about the 8258 and we believe the PFS may control 4 functions of the 8258, with one single motor.
This would require two driving rings.

Anonymous said...

I'd love these summer sets if it wasnt so expected that pneumatics would be used in at least one of them, especially the wheel loader and with TLG bringing back the airtank in the new Lego Education set.

Thinking more about it today and realizing they do multiple builds and designs of the same model and then choose between the final two or three, I think production costs and TLG's recent habit of oversimplifying the technic sets threw the wheel loader (and maybe crane truck too) with pnuematic functions and airtank out the window.

Just wish they'd look at that (imaginary for us) scenario and say we've got enough AFOL technic fans that we can opt for the more complicated version, after all we sale expensive huge sets to Star Wars collectors that no 12 year old could ever afford.

And that doesnt even touch on my first sad thought of lack of pneumatics -- no PF pneumatic switch that we've all been wishing and waiting for.

Whining complete. for now.
I do like the summer technic sets. Really :)


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Naturally, I would be buying all the new Technic sets even if they were only models of a lamp post, but I really like these. A few thoughts are below:

8063 - This tractor does look nearly identical to 8284, but I've been fooled before. For instance, when I first saw the pictures of 8674 I thought it was nearly identical to the 8458 Silver Champion. But when I built it I found that the construction was quite different. I see that the trailer has 4 of the nice tires from sets 8421, 8285, and 8479. These are my favorite Technic tires so I am glad to have more of them. Sadly, the slightly larger ones used in the 5571 Black Cat have never appeared in Technic. The panels in the trailer look like an unusual green like in the 3450 Statue of Liberty. If so, this is the first time this color has appeared in Technic.

8258 - Beautiful! Looks like a cross between 8436 and 8292. 8 more of my favorite tires. I can tell from the picture if both of the front axles are steerable. With only one M motor, it is possible that many functions are controlled by it which means perhaps a 4 way transmission. The front and rear outriggers have different mechanisms, so it will be interesting to see how they are synchronized. Comparing the wheelbase to 8421, which also had 8 wheels, this is a VERY large model. It could indeed be 1800 pieces. Sadly, the XL motors have still only appeared in one place. Surely there are more uses for them!

8263 - I like this very much, in no small part because LEGO has never done one before. More new big treads, new parts for the plow blade, and what appear to be new idler sprockets. The drive sprockets must also be new since the existing variety would not fit. Incidentally, Sariel just made a new Pisten Bully. His awesomeness makes me feel dumb. Some day maybe I will compliment him enough that he will allow me to build a replica of one of his models!!

8265 - This is also a very large model. From the side view, it certainly appears to be articulated. Can't tell if it all wheel drive or not (can't see U-Joints at the articulation axis). I actually find this use of linear actuators a bit odd. The one to tip the bucket looks out of place with the long swing arm on top. With no motor, that's going to be a lot of cranking like the Telescopic Handler. Still loads of good parts and it will look great next to 8459. Plus, this picture is clearly too empty!

Anonymous said...

Kinda wish the new crane truck had 12 wheels, I absolutely LOATHE when TLG produces large up trucks without dualies out back.

Like, seriously.

However, given how many geared functions this thing probably has, they no doubt need the extra space.

but... why didn't they design it 2 or 4 studs wider? it would make it look not as skinny

Anonymous said...

Hey Boys.. Have an other look at the Picture ofe th Crane Truck: Motors ;-)
Daniel (eagleeye) from Germany

Dorfl said...

Take a look at my own Wheel Loader with 3 LA's and 2 XL, 2 M motors, full remotely controled.

Little video controled with only one remote contol, now I have two, and it works quicker :))

Czech AFOL forum:

TechnicBRICKs said...

Hi Daniel,

For me it seems to be written 'motore' and not 'motors'.
IT should be images from an Italian catalog or so.

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Eric Albrecht,

For the panels color in the tractor, I believe it is regular green.
Doubt LEGO would introduce a special color to the TECHNIC line, these days.
Maybe it looks different, because it is a really preliminary Mocup, with low quality still.

For the cane truck, it is really a pity that we do not get more sets with XL-motors.
However they big size and extreme power, just seems useful to drive large models (like these) and not needed to motorize the specific mechanisms.
Until we get another remotely driven vehicle, like a supercar or a an heavy machine, I doubt we would see them again... :(

For the sprockets, I was making some experiments and really believe they are the same as 57520 with a new color.

Regarding your family photo, I see it also misses the little 8259 ;D

Anonymous said...

Yes I confirm, I'm Italian, on the box it's written "MOTORE" = 1 motor.

Alex Campos said...

Most of them look quite nice!

I didn't expect the Tractor: it looks like the almost perfect (if only it kept the 8284's colour scheme) companion to the 8274 Combine Harvester. I'm quite sure someone will eventually modify one of these sets to match colours with the other. Even though the original tractor is very nice, I would like to see in this one some more change besides the panels and colour scheme.

I ended up losing by bet with myself, since the Snow Groomer didn't end up this year's flagship model... oh well. Even though it looks to me like the 8261 Rally Truck's B-model with tracks and blades attached, it's nice to see a machine LEGO never did before.

To me the Wheel Loader will make everybody forget this semester's 8264 Hauler: even though it doesn't have a motor, it has many more functions, plus the much-demanded "engine". And, if it does indeed have three LA's, its value rises significantly! Also, the presence of the driving ring reminds me of the 8294 Excavator: I see a lot of remote-controlled modding in the future... and not just in the future, like Dorfl has shown us (BTW, great model! I would just gear down the drive motor a little bit... ;)).

I agree with the Truck's potential: in my view, lots of mechanical functions in a big model that (hopefully) are connected to a motor via a gearbox mean iconic set... even though not as original as a Space Shuttle!

TechnicBRICKs said...

As confirmed by our Italian reader anonymous above, now I wonder if boxes in Italy are customized with text in the local language!??

Anonymous said...

What I can see from the pictures 8258 crane truck has following features:

- manually operated winch (you
can see it underneath the boom,
at the rear)

- manually operated telescopic
boom mechanism (you can see
gears at the side of the boom)

- manually operated linear
actuator for lifting the
boom (you can see a gear at the
side of boom joint)

- manually raised/lowered (and
possibly extracted/retracted)

- manual steering

Talking about power functions there is probably electricly controlled rising/lowering of the boom and maybe rotating of the boom.

Anonymous said...

MY mobile Crane 8421

Anonymous said...

Lego 8421 Mobile Crane - Full Power Function - 7 Motors IR control

Anonymous said...

After gazing at these pics for a few days, now I cant wait to see the B-models...each box shows the 2 in 1.

With so many added parts compared to the 8284, the 8063-2 should be much better then a dunebuggy.
But the alternate for the Crane Truck is what I'm really curious sbout, I expect I'll need to buy at least 2 sets.


Alex Campos said...

The only B-model I imagine is the one for the Tractor: all those panels would make great plane wings, perhaps with movable flaps. Since the panels are straight, the wings would be too, so it would be something like the 8855 Prop Plane.
Although it wouldn't use the great tires (all-terrain plane! :D), it would be a welcome variation from all the race car B-models, and air vehicles are nowadays a rare thing in the TECHNIC portfolio.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures of the front end loader, i think it would be good if the B-model was a snow plow or skid-steer.


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