Thursday, February 5, 2009

TBs TechPool 10 - Which 2008 TECHNIC sets, have you bought?

We already know, which were your 2008 TECHNIC favorite sets! Now lets see which of these have you actually bought.

Three weeks ago, TBs closed its poll for selection of the 'Best TECHNIC set in 2008', and shown the results.
However being a favorite doesn't mean it was really a sales champion.
You may like a set and never get to buy it, because you can't afford the larger ones or for several other reasons. Either you may have bought a set, but get the biggest disappointment once you have built it and it gets out of your favorites list.

So lets see which were the TECHNIC sets from 2008, that you have bought and try to figure out which of them sold most.
As it makes all the sense, you may chose multiple options. However, we can't within this poll to properly account those cases, where you may have bought multiples copies from the same set.

So lets see, what we have bought and what have we bought most, in 2008!?

The poll options will include all the TECHNIC sets released during 2008, as listed bellow:

Let us know in which of your preferences, did you applied your money.


Ricardo Oliveira said...

That's an intersting poll. We will take several different conclusions for sure! Let's see...

Conchas said...

Hey Ricardo,

You're right!
Guess we will get substantial different results.

We should get higher quota for the smaller sets, however probably still not the correct figures.

I guess many of those who buy or are given the smaller sets, maybe among the less enthusiastic fans in proportion and don't even know about LEGO Blogs, like this.

AVCampos said...

I included not only sets I bought, but also sets I received. That also counts as "sold set". ;)

Conchas said...


Pe-ads said...

I received the Off-Roader, but hope to get the Excavator in Spring. Cheap(est) method of getting LAs, and lots more treads for me!


Ricardo Oliveira said...

Besides lots of smaller sets being sold to non enthusiastic fans, I think that people with less amount to spend will think of aquire at least a big one. I do that most of the times...
Spending about 20€ in a small set is quite a disappointment for me! :P

I don't know if there are many people sharing this idea!

Anonymous said...

Excavator would be way off the charts if we could enter the quantity of each set we've bought ;)


Conchas said...

I've bought 4 of them!... ;)

AVCampos said...

Wow! I only bought one (still in its box because of space constraints... sniff), but would like to have bought two for the LA's.

Anonymous said...

I also bought 4. Would buy more when the S@H sale comes but they're already sold out on this side of the pond, and like the 8275 dont think TLG will restock them here.


Anonymous said...

Wait I almost forgot...Dont need more 8294s, soon enough we'll be buried in Linear Actuators!

Anonymous said...

I got one dirt bike, one cherry picker, and two excavators. I would of got the off-roader but I can't because I'm 11.

Conchas said...

"Wait I almost forgot...Dont need more 8294s, soon enough we'll be buried in Linear Actuators!"


Anonymous said...

... Just the expensive ones.


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