Sunday, March 8, 2009

The 8258 Outriggers. How they work?

Some have been intrigued how 8258 (Crane Truck) outriggers will work.
So I've decided to reproduce them, based on available pictures, to show here at TBs how I expect them to work.

It took me a bit, from the limited images and angles, to figure out some of which parts are being used, but here is it.
Also the front left outrigger at one of the most recent photos is misplaced... which made me a bit confused for a short.

Click on the image, for bigger detail view.

Both front and rear outrigger pairs should be running over the expected new rack, on top of each other, and also running in opposite directions.
Some in layered 8T gears, or similar, should take care these outriggers expand/retract simultaneously.
This horizontal movement is the only automated or motor controlled function, I expect regarding the outriggers.
Based on this construction, we should expect at least 4 of these new rack parts (if they confirm to exist) within this set. Perhaps they could be also in use at the manual extending boom and steering, which makes at least two additional (6 in total).

Because of the outriggers construction, being as expected and above described, they must feature an asymmetrical construction (both front and rear pairs).
Rear outriggers have also a slightly different construction, because they are fixed lower into the truck chassis.

The outriggers vertical movement and pressure against the ground, is manually actuated for each outrigger independently.

Below you can see some photos and one video, demonstrating replicas from these outriggers, as I see them being implemented.
The rack function is there just for illustration purposes, as we expect it to be a different and new part.

Main drawback of this design as I see it, compared for example to 8421 (Mobile Crane) outriggers, is that those implemented a kind of auto-locking mechanism while making pressure against the ground. These on 8258, are loose.


Jetro said...

Hadn't seen that frontal pic of the truck before. Do you have a full view in which you can see the arm as well?

Anonymous said...

Good reprodution! That's very wierd, however, the two yellow beams (in both front and side pictures) connected with only one pin. You see?

It doesn't seem to make any sense...

TechnicBRICKs said...

@ Jetro

That frontal picture, is in the BS folder I linked at the previous post about 8258.
[1], [2]

These, with the previous 8258 box images that I also published before, are the only 8258 images I have.


There are no beams connected with only pin.
Maybe you are missing the role played by this part.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling these new racks will not run under a 8T gear but under a 12T gear double bevel... Like on the boom where I suspect to find one also... It makes perfect sense, also since I believe these racks will be similar to [IMG][/IMG]. I think it will look something likes this (sorry for the bad drawing): [IMG][/IMG]

The 8T system needed studded parts which seems a bit outdated...

TechnicBRICKs said...

Despite I've written about 8T gears, it was just to give the idea. :P
I also believe they will 12T, which makes more sense and better fit the dimensions in cause.

The drawing you tried to show ;) should represent pretty close, what we are here expecting this part to be.

Robotica said...

I also noted the 1 pin, in the neunberg pictures. The wrong constructions actually shows the POOR knowledge of the LEGO sales persons... any technic person would have corrected it before the pictures could be taken.

but hey... sales... :)

so we can be puzzled again.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Now I understood what Ricardo meant, because of your comment, Martijn. ;)

I've noticed too, that's why I wrote in the post "Also the front left outrigger at one of the most recent photos is misplaced".

I've been into a local internal marketing event last September, where I had the chance to see many mistakes like that.
Usually the sets arrived pre-assembled (at least in major blocks) and these guys have to assemble the rest in the local.
That's where the things start to go wrong... ;D
Specially if for some reason something broke a bit more, during transportation...

Anonymous said...


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Junkstyle Gio said...

Let's hope that TLG will give us the buildinginstructions in advance like they did with the 2nd half 2008 models last year.
Reading those instructions made the wait for the actual models so much easier!
When can we expect more detailed pics of the other 2nd half 2009 models?

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