Saturday, March 14, 2009

TBs TechPool 11 - Which is your favorite flagship?

Not every year we get a real TECHNIC flagship, some would say.
Also it seems that lately, the real flagship sets have been out once every two years. But of course this also may depend on the opinion of each one.
So lets list the biggest TECHNIC sets from each year, since the Expert Builder sets were introduced in 1977 and let you vote on your favorites.

  • 8297, Off-Roader (2008)
  • 8275, Motorized Bulldozer (2007)
  • 8285, Tow Truck (2006)
  • 8421, Mobile Crane (2005)
  • 8436, Lift Truck (2004)
  • 8455, Back-Hoe (2003)
  • 8461, Williams F1 Team Racer (2002) - In fact re-branded as a RACERS set and very similar 'Silver Champion' (8458) from 2000.
    The largest branded TECHNIC set in 2002, was the 'Pneumatic Crane Truck' (8431), however a re-edition from 8460 in 1995 and re-released as 8438 in 2003.
  • 8466, 4x4 Off-Roader (2001)
  • 8458, Silver Champion (2000)
  • 8448, Super Street Sensation / Super Car Mk II (1999)
  • 8462, Tow Truck (1998)
  • 8479, Barcode Multi-Set (1997)
  • 8480, Space Shuttle (1996)
  • 8485, TECHNIC Control Center II (1995)
  • 8880, Super Car (1994)
  • 8872, Forklift Transporter (1993)
  • 8868, Air Tech Claw Rig (1992)
  • 8856, Whirlwind Rescue (1991)
  • 8094, TECHNIC Control Center (1990)
  • 8862, Backhoe Grader (1989)
  • 8865, Test Car (1988)
  • 8852, Robot (1987) - The only TECHNIC set in this year.
  • 8680, Artic Rescue Base (1986)
  • 8851, Escavator (1985)
  • 8050, Universal Motor Set (1984)
  • 8847, Dragster (1983)
  • 8090, Universal Set (1982) - Apart a Supplementary Pack, the only TECHNIC set in this year.
  • 8859, Tractor (1981)
  • 8860, Car Chassis (1980)
  • 856(EU)/951(US), Bulldozer (1979)
  • 855(EU)/955(US), Mobile Crane (1978-1979)
  • 853(EU)/956(US), Car Chassis (1977)

As usual for these type of TBs polls, your vote is not limited to one entry.

And lets see during the next 3 weeks, which one is the most favorite of all.


Anonymous said...

Air Tech Claw Rig, my favorite LEGO product of all times. I'm surprised that old sets aren't getting that many votes. Are we all teenagers here :)

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yes... I imagined this would happen.

Even those who are not younger, may tend to better remember about the newer sets or fell them more appealing.

Some old sets are still very nice looking, others not so nice looking anymore but still representing a great set forward at their time.
But not all would be able to recognize it, in a short reflection, if haven't thought about that before.

It would be very difficult to get fair an normalized results, from a poll like this with votes gathered this way.

Definitely the Bulldozer is a great set! But apart from being very fresh in the memory of everyone, I doubt its 4 motors and not so much technical features would justify the #1 position.

Maybe that's why, I haven't done such a poll before and was somehow reluctant.

TechnicBRICKs said...

This also makes me to think about, what would happen if I put together into a poll, all the TECHNIC Super Cars, with the biggest TECHNIC like cars from the RACERS theme (meaning Enzo and Fiorano)?... ;)

Anonymous said...

I made a similar poll with my LUG and Ferraris won :)

TechnicBRICKs said...


TechnicBRICKs said...

It's funny!

The voting is following almost the alternate year pattern.
It supports those who say that for more than a decade, TLG is releasing a TECHNIC flagship every two years.

Anonymous said...

My favorites are the 8480, 8880 and 8868. They all introduced new parts and functionality never seen before and were more complex mechanically than 8275. I would have picked the bulldozer because of the excellent set of power functions parts you get but it is so mechanically simple it's boring.
And besides, when you consider the fact that there is now (IMHO) a better selection of parts to choose from than ever for designers to make their models out of, the 8880, 8480 and 8868 are actually doing very well against there more modern rivals.

Ricardo Oliveira said...

I think almost everything has already been said...

This is a great poll, a poll for real Technic fans! :)

By the way, I love the picture you used in the post, Fernando! :D

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yeah! Some time in front of Photoshop, to do it... ;)

Ricardo Oliveira said...

Oh, made by yourself... congratulations! :) It's very good!

Now it takes place on my desktop!

TechnicBRICKs said...


MattTheTubaGuy said...

I'm not sure what my favourite is. I don't have the bulldozer yet. looking at images, the 1994 super car is quite cool, I think LEGO should make an updated version of it. The 1999 super car, and the Silver Champion are also quite cool. Also seems that in the last few years, the best sets are every second year, so this years truck should be good.I liked the 2006 tow truck, but mostly for the pieces, like the 15 long beams. I can't wait for this years set, and also can't wait to get the bulldozer.

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