Monday, July 13, 2009

8258 Commercial

LEGO 8258 (Crane Truck) commercial, was already found on YouTube!

It looks it will be at LEGO website, only in August... and there is meanwhile a Monica playing with us*. ...Yes, we found it!!
I like her style! She has plenty of sense of humor and seems to enjoy some interaction with the fans.


*) This link will become outdated as soon as an entry newer than 13th July, gets added into the LEGO TECHNIC 'Design Studio' blog.


LEGO Technic said...

Well done...

We hope you like it :o)

TechnicBRICKs said...

Sure we like!

And many of us, have already ordered one or more...
I'm waiting for two! ;)

Ryan said...

Me likey too. It's the first time since 2007 I bought all three 2H sets. The big sets are amazing. I hope you keep puttibg out these and consider a new supercar. That is what most AFOLs hope for most! And hopefully the instructions will be online soon too!

Al said...

Yes i'm gonna be getting at least one 8258, oh I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like a supercar only if it has a better gearbox than the 8448. Changing gears in that thing was not as nice as it was in 8880. But then 8880 only had 4 gears. I think a radical new gearbox design that works much more like the real thing (ie having syncromesh gears come in more than one size) would be great. And instead of having the gearstick come right out the top of the gearbox (with means you could fit a third seat between the driver and passenger seats!) it would be nice to have a linkage between the stick and the box. 4 wheel drive would be nice too 8^D. Would having overhead cams and valves in the
engine be wishfull thinking? Probably yes but it's a nice thought! That's enough of my rambling for today!

Parax said...

Two! now thats an idea.. I'm tempted to keep this one on the shelf so I might be after some parts.. It's about time we got some more multi-dimensional pieces!

Junkstyle Gio said...

This movie and some other pictures you can find on other sites like Brickshelf, gets me all eager to start building. The only thing is that i have to wait for 4 weeks more.

Alex Campos said...

"I have had the chance to check out what’s happening other places on the Internet – specifically places dedicated to LEGO Technic. It is good to see that there is a lot of interest in the new LEGO Technic novelties and even to see the very long and comprehensive reviews made of the sets. Keep up the good work – we do listen to you."
I would be very surprised if Monica didn't write that with (at least among other TECHNIC sites) TBs in mind... ;) Very nice!

And, from watching the video, I see my expectations about the 8258 weren't unfounded! The truck appears to have a level and kind of playability similar to two TECHNIC legends, the 8480 Space Shuttle and the 8868 Air Tech Claw Rig (the latter begging for a revival in studless form with new PF pneumatic parts... hope you're continuing to listen, Monica!). I just didn't order one already because it is quite large and I'm out of room, plus my girlfriend would go berserk if she knew I spent that much on LEGO...

However, I have a doubt that the video didn't clear: I suspect the driving ring assembly that passes through the turntable adds a bit of slack to the mechanism. Surely a new part, specifically made for concentric motion instead of gearboxes would work better, but I'm not sure if it would see enough use to justify its design and manufacture, plus there have been already many new TECHNIC-oriented pieces this year. Maybe some other year, I guess.

LEGO Technic said...

We still listen... Always will... :o)

Ryan said...

The listen to this :p

thank you for this year's truly amazing sets! Keep up the good work and compliments to your designing team!

Hopefully we get a preview of what's in store for 2010 soon!

Al said...

@ AV campos

Yes the 8258 is rapidly climbing my all time favorite models list (top spot being 8880, 8480, 8868 in equal first). This model is coming very close to those and would even be better if only there wasn't so much gearing down already done for you by the motor, nasty colour sceme and lack of a second differencial. But these are only very minor points and sometimes I wonder if Lego have spoilt us with the likes of 8868. There is no doubt that 8258 is a truely awsome model.

A 8868 revival with PF pneumatic parts? Ooooooooh that would be sweet. What parts were you thinking? PF switch? A powerfull compressor? Longer pneumatics? (had to sneak that one in somewhere 8^D). I would really really like all of these.

There are also many other ideas that we have all suggested hear over time. This may be a good opportunity for us all to revoice them hear in this thread (or maybe a new thread entitle "speak up, lego is listening!" ha ha). So I know you've probably heard all these before but hear are my ideas (which lego have my full permission to use!)

Longer pneumatic actuator

Large (or even XXL) PF motor with little or no gearing down

More efficient/powerfull pneumatic air compressor

PF pneumatic switch

Spline shift

Wheel hub with low friction CV joint

Wheel hub with CV joint with planetary gear reduction

PF servo motor

Swash plate and rotor head to allow full cyclic/collective/pitch control in a helicopter

leaf springs

Syncromesh gears in many sizes

Double ended pneumatic for power steering

This could go on for ages ha ha. Don't know if all these ideas are possible but they would be really cool IMHO. Anybody care to expand on this list?

@ Lego technic

Whatever you do, thankyou for listining. It really does mean a lot to us.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Thanks Al for the refreshed inputs Al.

I should make all suggestions/poll results here, to find their way towards TLG.

It is something I started to prepare sometime ago, and I need to complete on of theses weeks.

The has just been not enough, to continue with all...

But they things seem to be evolving, we TECHNIC fans should make good use of the actual momentum.
Of course TLG will have always their own ideas, business reasons, safety reasons and the final word.

But should be a problem to receive some feedback suggestions, through an Ambassador.
As LEGO can't accept any ideas from others, due to reasons related with intellectual property rights.

Al said...

I waive all rights. 8^) I just want the parts ha ha!

JAMS said...

Yea seriously, double length pneumatic piston is a must.

plus a PF pneumatic switch, that way you don't lose the momentum TLG has built up around its PF system.

Junkstyle Gio said...

For an ever better video look at

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