Tuesday, July 14, 2009

AFOL Survey - 2009 July

From time to time, LEGO is requesting AFOL Communities to answer an online questionnaire.
These are questionnaires handled by an external company (Satmetrix) for TLG.

This way TLG can keep track on Communities improvement over different questionnaires and learn more about them. So the Community development work can become more effective.

If you feel somehow engaged with TBs , as an online Community, than you can fill your answer using the URL below (since now, the URLs have a tracking code appended, that allow to identify the source Community).
Otherwise you should find a similar URL, advertised at another forum/blog by the Ambassador representing your Community.

Your AFOL Survey

It is very important for TLG to get as many answers as possible.
The questionnaire is short, and won't take you more than two minutes.

Don't leave it for tomorrow!
Thank you very much.


Ricardo Oliveira said...


Do you know if it makes sense to fill this twice or more times, as member of more than one community? Cause I've already answered as PLUG member.

TechnicBRICKs said...

I believe the answer is yes as it helps to build each community profile.
Nevertheless I'll ask and return here with an official answer.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Well despite in holidays, I've got as really fast answer. ;)

The answer is yes! You can/should answer to several links, if you feel engaged with more than one community.
So my initial feeling got confirmed.

Ricardo Oliveira said...

Ok, I'll submit my answers again! :-)

I hope everyone knows so, because I believe almost everyone here belong to a LUG (I mean.. "physical" ones).

TechnicBRICKs said...

We don't need to stress the topic. ;)

I'm also not so sure that many belong to a physical LUG.

Ricardo Oliveira said...

It would also be a good poll! ^^

And about this AFOL Survey, will you get any numbers, or at least the quantity of answers from TBs?

TechnicBRICKs said...

Guess not, but maybe if I ask!?

Alex Campos said...

I was thinking about the exact same issue! I'll answer as TBs reader/"poster" right away.

TechnicBRICKs said...


After all forgot to fill my own form for TBs.
Meanwhile done too! ;)

JAMS said...

Is it just me or are AFOLs more a fan of lego PARTS, not so much sets?

When I look at a new set I check the inventory first, and drool over all the included parts, NOT over the fact that it builds a crane truck that I will get bored of within a week and take apart...

Also, as functional as some sets are, they truly arent functional enough for AFOLs, I mean, i want everything to be remote controlled, i hate interacting with the actual model. Turn the gear to lift the hook?? no... press the button and have a motor do it.

Well, thats my opinion anyways...

TechnicBRICKs said...

Despite extremely enthusiastic about all aspects related with LEGO TECHNIC, I must confess to get truly mad with new parts. ;D

Always looking on new images, about possible new parts, and figuring which uses we can make of them.

Alex Campos said...

I do a bit of both: look at the set and what it can do, assemble it if I got to buy/receive it, and then dismantle it for its parts.

I think this subject would make a good TBs poll: do FOL's want sets for their models or their parts? 8)

Anonymous said...

"I think this subject would make a good TBs poll: do FOL's want sets for their models or their parts? 8)"

More specifically, how many copies of the set do we buy just for the parts :)

known variable = 1 set for the collection, max 2 sets if alternate is greater then or equal to shelf space value

Vastly undertermined unknown variable = known variable + number of same sets bought by one AFOL just for the parts 8-D


Carlos Ribeiro said...


Al said...

I'm always more exited about the new parts, spefically ones that allow for greater fuctionality. I do like looking at new sets to tho. Specifically ones that offer new fucntions not seen before and which hold a sense of mystery as to how they worked. For me at the moment 8258 has alot of mystery behind it. I can see how some if it works (like the driving ring through the turntable, which i have done many times before in various different ways) but I can't see how all of it works and I wan't to keep that sence of mystery alive (by not looking at the TV ad and on brickshelf) so that I will only find the answer when I finally build it myself. But I digress!

I have bought more than one copy of sets in the past just because of the parts (ie the snow mobile for the new tracks) but I am more likely to do this if it is a small set that contains alot of new parts for a low price.

I think on the whole the AFOL community is more exited by new parts. The debate of pneumatics vs LAs is probably more talked about than any one single set. But that being said id'e like to draw attention to the bulldozer from 2007. It had alot of praise for it's introduction of PF parts (which is an amazing set of parts that, although not without one or two minor flaws, gives us great fuctionality) and quite rightly so. But it was also citisized for it's severe lack of complexity. Personnaly I see that model as an impressive but exspensive PF accesory set. So while I think we are more exited by new parts than new sets, the sets must never become boring for using them.

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