Thursday, July 2, 2009

B-Model instructions for 2H2009 TECHNIC sets, made available

B-Model instructions for the 2H2009 TECHNIC sets, were made available online.
You may download them at the TECHNIC Downloads webpage for B-Models.

8258 Crane Truck, B-Model features a 'Duty Wrecker' and building instructions are divided into 8 files (2 sets of 4, for each main part) which you may download directly, from the links below.

From these we can find:
  • New gear racks here are 13L, but only one is used in the B-Model, so we can't yet be sure about the existence of another rack length.
  • New panels are numbered 3 to 6 and 17 and 18.
  • Set includes a lot of 16t clutch gears (10-12).
  • The double function going through the turntable is created by two 16t clutch gears linked by a driving ring. The set has 3 driving rings.
  • A minimum of 3 new H-shaped and 5 rectangular frames, are used in this set.

8265 Front Loader, B-Model features a 'Forest Machine' or logger and respective building instructions are divided into 4 files which you may download directly, from the links below.

The main findings are:
  • Several dark bluish gray T-beams.
  • New 'axle and pin connector perpendicular, 3L' in light bluish gray.
  • A minimum of 2 new rectangular frames for this set.
  • Uses two differentials (last smaller version).

8263 Snow Groomer, B-Model features an 'Arctic Tracker' whose respective building instructions are divided into 2 files which you may download directly, from the links below.

The findings here also:
  • At least one light bluish gray T-beams in this set.
  • Several new 'axle and pin connector perpendicular, 3L' in light bluish gray.
  • A minimum of 4 new H-shaped frames, used in this set.
  • Black new treads, arrived into TECHNIC sets too.
  • New panels are numbered 1 to 4 and look great as useful. They appear in red and black.

For the first time we can see the new gear rack design in detail, its connections type and possibilities offered. Still to confirm if the remaining gear racks in 8258 are all 13L, or if there are in different lengths too.

The new panels which came to complement those from the new generation, started to be introduced already in 2008 [62531] and continued 2009 [64782], are really handy and offer very useful new possibilities for most fairing needs.

The new frames revealed to be extremely useful for space effective and stiff designs like lattice, or to brace gear setups like: differentials, transmissions, etc...

Download and enjoy it!


Lego Adam (Cagri Yuz) said...

The frame on the left will be extremely useful for a suspension system I use. I loved the panels and gear rack too! I say we're having a very rich Technic session this year. I hope I can catch some of those parts on Bricklink soon.

JAMS said...

yea... i'm going to have to buy the crane truck and wheel loader sets

dammit, i'm going to be broke

Zblj1987 said...

Cant download instructions, odd... The new rack looks cool, but ccant be stacked like studded ones into a long one.

TechnicBRICKs said...

The new racks are intended as an improvement for old ones like this 6592, which were not stackable too.

For stacking racks, you should continue to use 3743

Ryan said...

Since the new racks work under a 12t double beveled gear steeribg will be somewhat faster than the regular 8t gears

Andrew said...

Can anybody confirm tractor with trailer for this year?Will be tractor next year, it is FAKE or it has been stoped in the development?

Parax said...

I kinda wish they would put the A models on the website too.. I think they should still print the B model manuals, and could make the steps a little more complex.. sometimes we dont need a whole step for one part...

Parax said...

yep 8265 has 2 differentials!

Junkstyle Gio said...

It seems that the 8063 model is kept in the dark for us. Maybe it's going to be a S@H exclusive or an christmas-special. It all keeps us hoping and looking out for it on the web!!!!
You are so right! Last year the buildinginstruction of the 8297 a-model kept me happy all summer!

Unknown said...

Loving the new gear racks, and looking at them, you could use two 42003's and a couple two stud long axles to turn the rack into a 15 stud long one... (albeit, two studs wide at the ends... )

useful for me because all the stuff i build needs a 15 stud long liftarm for steering.

Adolf said...

L0 Image Take the iconic LEGO MINI Cooper for a drive! L1 Image ...

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