Wednesday, July 8, 2009

LEGO announces the Ambassadors for Cycle 7

The LEGO Community Development (LCD) Team as announced today, the list of LEGO Ambassadors for Cycle 7 (2009/10), which should run till June next year.
The new Cycle includes 45 AFOLs from 86 nominations submitted, representing 50 LUGs and online communities, coming from 27 different countries.
There are LUGs represented all over the world and some of them, have got a member nomination for the first time. This demonstrates the increasing interest in the hobby and how it is spreading worldwide.

Below the new list of Ambassadors, with the group(s) they represent, and the country they live in.
Some "veterans" and also some newcomers.

  • Sebastion Arts – De Bouwsteen – The Netherlands
  • Sue Ann Barber – MUGs – Australia
  • Patrick Begin – QueLUG – Canada
  • Heiner Berg – MBFR – Germany
  • Norbert Black – ParLUGment – Canada
  • Pitsanu Boonyarit – Thai Brick Club – Thailand
  • Andrew Bulthaupt – BZPower – USA
  • Pijarn Charoensri – T-LUG - Thailand
  • Marco Chiappa – ItLUG – Italy
  • Ben Coifman – Railbricks, ILTCO & COLTC – USA
  • Fernando Correia – PLUG – Portugal
  • Yvonne Doyle – Brickish Association – the United Kingdom
  • Ben Ellermann –, GatewayLUG & – USA
  • Adrian Florea – RoLUG – Romania
  • David Furphy – CALG – Australia
  • Lluis Gibert – HispaLUG – Spain
  • Tim Gould – – Australia
  • Matija Grguric – Klub Kockice – Croatia
  • Philip Heinrich – – USA
  • Tom Jacobs – – Belgium
  • Tsang Yiu Keung – HKLUG – Hong Kong
  • Sung-Wan Kim – BrickInside – South Korea
  • Christian Krutzfeldt – 1000Steine – Germany
  • Tuomas Kukkamaa – Palikkatakomo – Finland
  • John Langrish – VicLUG – Canada
  • Igor Makarov – DoubleBrick & Phantoms – Russia
  • Lino Martins – LUGNUTS & SeaLUG – USA
  • Matija Puzar – Brikkelauget – Norway
  • Don Reitz – – USA
  • Wagner Cavalli – LUG Brasil – Brazil
  • Harald Roossien – LowLUG – The Netherlands
  • Dan Rubin – – USA
  • Kazuyoshi Saito – AFOL Japan – Japan
  • Svend Erik Saksun – Byggepladen – Denmark
  • Verena Schaden – LCOe – Austria
  • James Shields – Brick.IE – Ireland
  • Josephine Shih – TWLUG – Taiwan
  • Mikael Sjostedt – Eurobricks & SweLUG – Sweden
  • Pedro Silva – Comunidade 0937 – Portugal
  • Ludo Soete – BeLUG – Belgium
  • Stacy Sterling – MOCpages & TwinLUG – USA
  • Saso Tomat – Slobricks – Slovenia
  • Jenn Wagner – BrickLink – Canada
  • Marcin Witkiewicz – LugPol – Poland
  • Cagri Yuz – TurkLUG – Turkey

Congratulations all and good work for the Cycle now starting!

If like to have some further reading about the LEGO Ambassadors program, you may find it here.


Lego Adam said...

Congratulations Conchas and others, I'M sure you'll represent the Lego world in the best way you can :)

Alex Campos said...

Congratulations everyone!

Since the only person I know in the list is Fernando, I can only comment about him. His tenure as LAmb (to avoid confusion with "LA", Linear Actuator, and not to be confused with "lamb" :D) last year was simply flawless, and I can find no way in which his work could be improved.
In fact, not everybody would be able to be at the same time Treasurer at PLUG, LEGO Ambassador and Webmaster of TecnhicBRICKs, all while doing such a great job at all of them. And let's not forget the non-LEGO job and the family!

So, I wish all the best for all the nominees from every country and every LUG, and hope that they help strengthen the bond between company and fans, which can only mean good things for both parts.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Thanks Cagri!
And also congratulations of your and TurkLUG first nomination.

Tried to send you a mail yesterday with the gretings, but found that your e-mail in my gmail cache is not valid anymore.

Thanks to you also, Alexandre! :)

Lego Adam (Cagri) said...

Thank you for the nice thoughts Fernando, you're very kind. I shut down my web site recently. It had LEGO in the domain name and I didn't want to get into trouble with TLG, fairplay etc.. So my email account doesn't work any more. You may find my new contact information here:

Ricardo Oliveira said...

Congratulation to all! At least, PLUG and all Technic fans around the world will have a great support provided by Fernando, as always! ;)

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