Thursday, July 9, 2009

Very good review from 8263 (Snow Groomer) at Eurobricks

Eric Albretch (author from Technicopedia, aka Blakbird) published today an excellent review from the new 8263 (Snow Groomer) at Eurobricks.
I loved the review contents, the details put on it and the style that we are already used to, from Eric's reviews at EB. I always feel they have also a very subtle sense of humor.

I also felt this set as pleasant surprise, which revealed much better from what some of us may have thought, looking at the first box art images.
It made me realize how wrong and unfair the opinions based on too early images, could be. Certainly one good reason for TLG trying to control and avoid any early image leaks.

That said, I can only recommend you to read it and I take the excuse to skip reviewing this set, once I receive mine, as I believe to not have any relevant things to add.

I should receive also my own 8258 (Crane Truck) late this month and 8265 (Front Loader) end of August. Most likely by that time, Eric already made his own reviews too, and hopefully as good as this one.

Meanwhile the 8258 (Crane Truck) inventory was published at Peeron, and from there you know in detail which are the new and old parts included, colors, quantities, etc...
An excellent and huge assortment, I'd say. As of relevance and making faith on its accuracy, you may find:
  • 1x PF XL-Motor, 1x PF switch, 1x Battery box
  • 2x Linear Actuators
  • 5x Axle joiner perpendcuar triple
  • 7x T-beams
  • Near 80 gears
  • 7x new gear racks (13L)
  • 1x differential
  • 3x driving rings and 3x driving ring extensions
  • 3x H-shaped beams and 8 rectangular beams
  • 21x panel pieces of several types with the latest and actual style


Realized meanwhile from a David's comment, who contributed with the 8258 inventory to Peeron, that this truck will come with a new version of the '62.4 x 20' wheel.
Basically if features a shorter axlehole, in comparation to the previous wheel design.
Also it looks like the new version uses a '+' hole, to compensate the friction decrease by shortening the axlehole, instead of the 'x' hole of the former version (too use the BrickLink characteristic naming convention).

The older version on the left image, and the newer one on the right.

Last Update: 2008.Feb.19 02:29 GMT


David said...

I follow your pages on RSS, and appreciated the information you gave about the new sets, including the new parts. It is I who uploaded the inventory on Peeron for 8258 having received the set 2 days after it first appeared on the UK web site and wanted to give something back by putting the inventory up on Peeron as soon as I could to answer your questions about the parts. You have not mentioned the new slightly different wheels ;) You might be interested in my Quad trac tractor here, although I must admit it is not up to the high standard of other models I see on your feeds...

TechnicBRICKs said...

Hi David,

thanks for providing us with the inventory data. Nice work.
I fact, I didn't realize on the new wheel type. Good point. Will try to update the post next.

Your quad is also very cool. My problem just how fast I'm getting in trouble, with all that I'd like to post while the backlog just increases everyday...

Jetro said...

Another thing that drew my attention in Eric review is that the instruction manual for the B-model is provided in the box.
It looks like LEGO has reacted to the many complaints about the manuals only being available for download and not in print! Next up plastic wrapping to avoid dog ears..?

Zblj1987 said...

The groomer is very quality built!

I just cant wait to get my hands on 8285! It takes time for new stuff to get here :(

rndmnmbr said...

The inventory just makes this more of a must-have model. Not only two excellent models in their own right, but lots of parts that are too rare or expensive to justify their purchase on Bricklink.

Al said...

Ok now i'm really really really excited about 8258. It has more gears than the 8480! Seems Lego really have been listening to us AFOLs (whispers bring back pneumatics, and make them longer, and a better pneumatic motor pump pleeaassee!!!!!!!!!). Still don't like the colour scheme and I would have liked two differentials like 8868. But still I can't wait to get my hands on this. Very well done Lego! Now all we gotta do is help it sell ;^)

TechnicBRICKs said...

I'm not so positive on the B-model printed instructions. :-/
In fact I agreed its removal is a small step, but still a step towards a more environment friendly awareness.

Box plastic wrapping to avoid the dog ears!??
Nahhh! Then forget about sustaining our environment footprint growth.

Jetro said...

Not the box, the instruction manuals.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Oh yes, sure!

Totally agree. One paper envelope should be enough.

David said...

FYI, have also added inventory for 8263 at Peeron...

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