Monday, August 3, 2009

LEGO TECHNIC Tractor with Trailer (8063), B-model

While some started to think that previously seen images from 8063 (Tractor with Trailer) may have been early leaks from a 1H2010 set, Brickset lists it now as for 2009!

At the same time we got higher definition art for the box.

And new model renders, where we can see the respective B-model for the first time.

The set is now also listed at Toys"R"Us UK website for 89,99 GBP, however still unavailable.


Phantooka said...

I'm a bit disappointed that the B-model is only another trailer, althogh it's better than the ugly jeep from 8284.
I hoped it would've been soemthing like a prop-plane to use the green panels as wings, but this would have given us a really odd color scheme :)

Alex Campos said...

My reaction can be summarised in one word: BOO! (for showing displeasure, not for trying to be scary)

It would have been a different story if the set was composed of only the trailer (as an add-on to the 8284): in that case, a wholly different model, even if still a farming apparatus, would be completely OK. Also, since the only thing that changes for the B-model is the trailer, I think I could also live with it if, instead of making the trailer its own set, there were instructions for a third farming apparatus. Otherwise, the 8063 sounds to me like just an easy milking of the 8284 design.

But, since the set has the whole thingamabob, I, like Phantooka, was expecting something more different. I even suggested the 8855-like B-model some time ago too, on another Tractor-related TBs article!

Parax said...

to be fair I think its a difficult set to builda B model from, the main problem being the wheels. What has so many different wheels?

The green is an odd colour too! it works on the trailer for the A, but not for a combined model.. I would have expected Lego to have chosen a neutral colour something like dark bley, which would have made a distinctive trailer colour but would also combine with red for a single B model.

blakbird said...

Although a lot of photos have been released of this "set", I am still having a hard time believing that it is real. To me the biggest problem is the set number 8063. This is NOT in line with all of the other new set numbers of recent years which are 8200 series. The 8000 series was used for Universal Sets 20 years ago.

Ryan said...

I am still very convinced this is a 1H2010 sets. Hence the strange setnumber. And there a lot of numbers available between 8060 and 8070

also, remember in the US 8284 was released with the Dune Buggy as the main model.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Despite this set somehow doesn't fit into the 2H lineup, I do believe it is not fake and it is to be released still in this 2H.
Otherwise I don't see how it could be listed into TRU website and even other toy stores.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Also when the first images for this set appeared, it already included parts not yet released in any other set (the new panels).
So it could only have been originated inside TLG, I would say.

Ryan said...

The panrls near the hood seem different from
the new panels in 8263, 8265 and 8258

TechnicBRICKs said...

You are right Ryan!

These should be the new style panels to "replace" 44352 and 44351, and I got confused thinking to have seen them o 8263 before...
I think I was mislead by the Han "replica" of 8263 made with old parts, that used such similar old panels.

Ryan said...

Another sign it is a 2010 set

maybe 2010 is the year full of best of rereleases? That would be cool!0

Anonymous said...

Echoing the above posts, I'm further dissatisfied by the real-ness of this set and the alternative model.
And following up on Blackbirds point regarding the set number, I assumed from the first leaked images that if indeed real, its gotta be an exclusive, very limited edition, sponsored set (like the Maersk ship) that TLG wouldn't otherwise re-produce so soon.
If that isnt the case, then the simplicity of the trailer and only those elements constituting the B model, TLG spent almost nothing in product development, engineering, part cost etc.. Which makes the higher retail price even more depressing.
Anyway, even if its a 2010 set, all thumbs down from me.

Sidenote: if a quick re-release of slightly modified very recent sets is a new TLG habit, and next years version is the Wheel Loader or Crane Truck with pneumatic functions and airtank, then I retract every negative comment said post haste! 8-)


Tristan said...

It is a pity that the trailer is not sold separately, it would be a good source of the new panels and a LA.

Parax said...

"It is a pity that the trailer is not sold separately,"

Have Lego ever done add on sets? besides the Motor kit (and Lego Education sets) I dont recall any..

It would probably be a nice idea to do a farm equipment series. Though function could prove difficult!

I dont have a problem believing in this set! although my money is on it being a special (regional or advance 2010 release) [It could even be a public unbranded version of a corporate special - if so I welcome that!]
all in all I welcome any new sets but the prices are going to start to be an issue at the current inflation rate...

JAMS said...

Really hoping that this set gets released. I have a good use for those green panels ....

Huw said...

We've had this set listed for some time but I have no more idea than you about if and when it will get released although its appearance on a TRU site suggests it will at some point I guess. I hope so, it looks like a neat set.


Anonymous said...

This set was listed on the TRU US website but they took it down last week.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Hi Huw, Great to see you here!
Thanks for the reference at

I see it still listed at TRU website, at the page linked into the post.

Meanwhile someone told me, that according to a retailer answering to Lowlug forum, 8063 is a late 2009 set.

Huw said...

This is available in TRU stores in the UK now according to a Brickset reviewer, and will be available from LEGO brand stores in the UK early in September. The price is c.£64

TechnicBRICKs said...

Gerat! ;D

TechnicBRICKs said...

The reviewer shown surprise by TLG to use again the old diff in this set.
Although I remember to have red somewhere an answer from LEGO, stating this was intended to continue to be in use.:)

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