Friday, August 14, 2009

Rumors about new TECHNIC sets for 1H2010

I've bee somehow busy, so the late news... but in the last few days some rumors about 1H2010 sets, have been popping at EuroBricks.

This time the source was, which started to list the new sets.

As far as it concerns to the TECHNIC theme, it seems we will get:

It has been some time, since we last saw a "flying" machine in the TECHNIC theme.

Now it rests to wait for the first images to start appearing too.


Unknown said...

Another tractor? I wonder if the 8063 model is not going to happen now? Surely it would have been released by now if it was a 2009 model.

Looking at it, hopefully they've gone back to the drawing board after comments on it haven't been exactly favourable, esp. the price marked at £90 in England.

A tractor with a crane on the back might be cool though :)

I was thinking the other day about how cool an Ocean Rescue Technics chopper would be, in orange with motorized winch etc :)

Alex Campos said...

Hooray for helicopter! At last! ^^

Also, I guess the suspicion about the Tractor being a fake because its set number isn't in line with the others goes down, looking at the new sets' numbers... unless those too are fakes, an unlikely probability since they're listed at Amazon.

Shifting into "speculation mode":
My bet is that the 8049 will be the semester's flagship, in line with 2008's 8292 Cherry Picker or 2009's 8264 Hauler: as can be seen from the 8258, the "crane" in the name opens a lot of possibilities for large mechanisms (although not very large, since the biggest sets only appear later in the year).
I'm not sure whether the 8045 or the 8047 will be the semester's entry-level sets: "mini" competes with "compact". On the other hand, I guess nothing prevents both from being entry-level, like this year's 8259 Mini Bulldozer and 8260 Tractor.
Only left are the 8046 and the 8048... by exclusion of options, I assume they'll be medium-sized sets. Therefore, the 8048 may be an update of the 8296 Dune Buggy (although I don't know what can it bring new at this size, since the 8296 is recent and already has steering, suspension and cylinders; maybe a differential), and the 8046 may have as its single function rotating its rotors, in a way similar to the 8812 Helicopter.

Shifting into "dream mode":
Reading "Forest Tractor" reminded me of the 8443 Log Loader, which in turn made two words pop into my mind: "update" and "pneumatic"! Even though combined electric/pneumatic functions are a bit too much for 1H, just having pneumatic parts return would already be great. I (and, from what I've seen in comments here at TBs, many others) really hope this comes true!

Unknown said...

Would someone fake the 8063? Perhaps it was a model they considered interally but then scrapped, and the box art and photography leaked?

Has that happened before with Lego kits?

Wonder when we'll see pictures of these models?

Anonymous said...

First of all, I only just built my 8258, and we're already seeing a potential list for 2010? Wow.

Second of all, if LEGO makes a flagship forwarder, it would be on par with the past two crane flagships for awesomeness. Although, I suppose 2010 is going to be a 'minor flagship' year.

Alex Campos said...

I speculated the 8049 would be only the semester's flagship set. That means it would be the biggest set of the first half of the year, leaving the second half with the year's flagship... if TLG continues the past years' trend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry- I missed that! That makes sense.

JAMS said...

LEGO just needs to hire me. I would make sure to build immense flagships for every half of the year.

Lego Adam (Cagri Yuz) said...

I'm glad we have a helicopter next year (even though it will be under 200 pieces) but the rest of the list is just the same thing over and over again :(

Al said...

Oh yes I really do hope we some some pneumatics next year.

It's been a while since they released a new helicopter but from the looks of things, it's only the second smallest release of 2010.

And YET ANOTHER TRACTOR!!!!!!!!!! Well at least this time it's a forest tractor with a crane so maybe it will have at least some complexity to it.

The buggy might be cool. So might the compact excavator but then we've already had a smallish yellow excavator in recent years so the only thing that would make this one worth while is pneumatics.

Can't wait to see some pics!

Unknown said...

Maybe 8063 will never come out now, and instead it will turn into the Forest Tractor? A new model tractor with a crane on the back could be cool :)

I guess we'll start to see pictures towards the end of summer.

8063 is still weird though regarding where it came from..

TechnicBRICKs said...


8063 is already available at TRU according to the last comments on the post from 3rd of August, and a review at Brickset.

spugnoir said...

The tractor is available at Toysrus:

Anonymous said...

There is also a review of the tractor on brickset..

Eric Albrecht said...

The 8063 tractor is now sitting on my table, so I can confirm that it is real!!

Dano said...

the 1H2010 sets sound good so far, I too cant wait for pics.

But since the 8063 is real (and expensive) the sky is definitely falling... Run for your lives! :)

Dano said...

I'm with you in dream mode for the 8049 potential, and will be happily shocked to see pneumatics back already. And it seems by the weight to be the largest of the sets listed.
Still, I'm expecting LA's on the 8049 so I wont be dissapointed when we see the pics.

Dano said...

one more 8063 comment,
Its still not entered in Peeron or Bricklink catalog/databases (disbelief...protest...? :-)
Very unusual for BL not entering a set weeks if not months before release, especially given how long ago the 8063 was leaked.

Unknown said...

Looking on those Amazon links, the Forest Tractor tips the scales at roughly 1kg, so I guess that will be the main model for the new year.

8063 is a strange one for sure!

Roman said...

As expected, the Amazon pages have been removed (404 Dokument nicht gefunden). Now we just have to wait for leaked images. :0)

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