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Single-set MOCs

Some people may think that, to create a MOC, one needs to have many parts, often hard-to-find ones. While this may be true for some of the great MOCs you see here on TBs , that doesn't necessarily mean you can't give wings to your imagination with only what's on the set you have recently purchased!

Just to give you an example, here are a few creations I found on Brickshelf. They are usually created from small or medium sets, perhaps because bigger sets are harder to have all (or at least the majority) of their parts reused on MOCs.

First and foremost here's a Jeep, made using parts from the 8256 Kart. DirkPV managed to create a new body shape while retaining the Kart's functionality (steering and piston engine), while at the same time adding working doors.

Next, there's a Truck Tractor, made by IcePicKPT using parts from the 8264 Hauler. Using all the set's wheels to make a rear double axis, as well as the attention dedicated to the front, makes this a quite realistic and serious-looking model.

Also, here's a MOC from mariner, who used the undercarriage from the 8294 Excavator and the rest of its pieces to build a Scissor Lift. One of the Linear Actuators lifts the "basket" to a considerable height, thanks to the number of straight beams this set contains. The ladder to reach the "basket" is a nice touch.

Again using parts from the 8294 Excavator, we have a Bulldozer created by Erik Leppen. In my personal opinion it is even better than the set's official B-model. There are even instructions on the respective Brickshelf folder!

Also, you might want to check out his One-Set MOCs folder for many other single-set creations of his.

From the 8292 Cherry Picker and inspired by a MOC by nico71, mrw created this Forklift. Notable is the fact that this MOC has four-wheel steering when the original set only has two-wheel steering. That's quite an achievement in ingenuity and improvisation.

Speaking of nico71, he created a great (not to mention proper; the official instructions only show how to built different attachments) alternative to the 8436 Truck, a Forest Tractor. Maybe the 8049 Forest Tractor with Crane will be something like this?

There are some other single-set MOCs at his folder worth checking out.

TECHNIC motorcycle sets don't usually offer much variation as to what B-model can be built using their parts, and the 8291 Dirt Bike is no exception. However, Co1Der managed to create something different with the parts, a Dragster. I especially liked the solution he came up with for the front wheels, where he used pulley wheels covered with Chain Links.

Due to their especially limited piece count and selection, entry-level sets offer quite a challenge for the imagination. That's why I admire grohl666's Monster Truck, built with parts from the 8290 Forklift. Not only the vehicle is quite different from the original, but also it has working suspension.

Like Erik Leppen, he has quite some more single-set MOCs (as well as other "regular" MOCs built with parts from multiple sets) on his folder, worth looking at. Among those is the one next on this article…

Finally, my personal favourite. This one is unlike anything I've ever seen, official set or MOC, and the fact that it was built using only parts from a single set, the 8294 Excavator, only gives it more value. Indeed, I've never seen a TECHNIC Parrot (or any other animal, for that matter) until I saw grohl666's Brickshelf folder. Not only it looks quite good, with Track Links covering empty areas on the body (another display of imagination), but it also has functionality: turning a knob on its back rotates its head, and via another knob on its butt (!) its wings flap. Truly brilliant!

I searched Brickshelf for quite a few sets, and these are what I found. It's interesting to see that the 8294 Excavator, last year's favourite set because of its versatility and selection of parts, was the one most used for single-set MOCs!

I'm pretty sure many of you TBs readers have also, on some occasion, bought some set, assembled its main model and perhaps the B-model, and then disassembled it and invented something with its parts. At least I have done it a few times in the past, only didn't document them. Want to share it with us? Then feel free to leave a comment with it! Thumbs Up


Captainowie said...

A few years ago I recreated the Rocket Turret unit from the game Dune2000 using most of the parts from the 8480 Space Shuttle (plus a few electrical components from 8720 Power Pack).

See the LUGNET post here, that contains a more detailed description, as well as a link to the Brickshelf gallery.

Anonymous said...

Parrot wins!

Al said...

These are really cool I might do something similar as I have not done many single set MOCs.

I remember building a dragster out of the 8880 but my best single set MOC (SSMOC?, MOSSC?) was a large cat out of the 8480. You know I really should start taking pictures of my MOCs 8^(.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Grohl666's favourite set is 8271, cause he has 18 one set mocs of it in his folder. Niko71 has also a cool alternate model of 8284 (with instructions!), which looks much better than the original buggy.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Really great those Single Set MOCs you have shown us.
My vote also goes for the unexpected parrot!


If it was a cat, Alexandre definitely would have liked to see it. It is a pity you haven't taken photos.
The rare times I invest some time on creating something new, also use to do the same error. :(

Al said...

I might rebuild it one day and take some pictures (took it apart 10 years ago so could be difficult to remember everything exactly as it was). Just so busy with other projects (amature movies, writing and recording an album and so on). Would also like to finish my estimatetd 1,300 peice studless version of the air tech claw rig aswell. So far iv'e done the front and rear live axles so there is lots to do!

Nathanael said...

Alternatives have always had my interest. I built a few Technic ones as well. It seems like quite a few people like these 2:
a(nother) 8436 alternative and
from 8458

Anonymous said...

I really like the parrot! Are there any instructions availaböe to rebuild it?

TechnicBRICKs said...


Your alternate for 8458, I know very well!
And it was a great achievement at the time.
Probably is not so remembered nowadays, as the TECHNIC parts and building style changed a lot since then.
In my case, actually I appreciate a lot more your TECHNIC Concept Car.
Wish that would have turned into an official model, if...
BTW had not realized on the working roof before. Cool!! :D

For your 8436 alternative, honestly was not remembering it anymore. But it is definitely a great alternative for the main model, too!
Very awesome Crane Truck and plenty of functions.
As Alexandre wrote, the original just come with instructions for alternate attachments, which while a pretty good idea, turns to be a bit short in the perspective of alternative models.

Ricardo Oliveira said...

No way... Parrot wins! :D Excellent MOC, that's an awesome animal. ;)

Even if it was made with all possible pieces!

Alex Campos said...

Yeah, I do have a thing for cats, and would love to see what it could do from the 8480 pieces!

As for the 8458 Sports Car, indeed it's great! I just have a question: what is the rotation sensor in the back for?

grohl666 said...

It really is an honour to be published on this blog again.
I personally think that the 8294 Parrot is one of the best. I also built a raptor from 8271 and a magpie from the same set is waiting to be uploaded.
Thank you for your words of praise.

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