Sunday, August 30, 2009

TBs TechNostalgia 02 - 8448 alternative models Building Instructions

Imagine that if I speak about a TECHNIC Supercar or even mention 8448 (Super Street Sensation or Super Car Mk II), many of you will keep on your toes!...

Well, there has been some discussion at EuroBricks and also among some LEGO Ambassadors, about missing building instructions from old TECHNIC sets, namely the 8448 alternate models.
Some of those instructions used to be available for download through LEGO BIT application (Building Instruction Tool) but it is gone for the progress sake, now that PDF files turned into a standard.

The set comes with printed instructions for two cars as main models (a Convertible and a Gull Wing Doors).
There are also instructions for the mechanisms of 4 additional models, over the same chassis. However, the instructions for the bodies of these 4 models were not included and had to be downloaded from LEGO at the time. These have been nowadays, some of the most wanted instructions.

Eric (Blakbird) who had some years ago printed all them, answered the call and went into an huge taskforce to scan all those 66 pages with photo instructions.
After organizing them into 4 spearate PDF files (one for each of those alternate models), he made all available at his BS folder and told us via EB.

Thanks Eric!

Was also curious to find the same LEGO BIT instructions for 8458 (Silver Champion), third official model (Street Sensation). Again these were only available online long time ago and meanwhile lost.
Suddenly found them back from three sources and decide to add link here for Eric's copy.

Meanwhile found it should deserve a short note here too, and so I'm adding bellow the link for Nathanaël Kuipers (industrialdesigner) building instructions of a 4th unofficial model (Sportscar) exclusively made out of 8458 bricks.

This could perfectly had been another official model, or hadn't it been designed by Nathanaël.


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Andrew said...

Bring back supercar line now.

I miss it so much!

Eric Albrecht said...

You're welcome! Sorry about the poor quality of the scans. Sadly, I only had the hard copies from my old inkjet printer. I was not able to find the source image files from Lego B.I.T. Maybe someone else will find them. But these instructions should be good enough to reproduce the models.

TechnicBRICKs said...

For the intent, these images quality is more than enough. ;)


TechnicBRICKs said...

So they aren't definitely lost for the majority anymore!

At least for one or two decades more, until the IT landscape gives another major step towards evolution and eventually breaking some retro-compatibility with actual standards...

Alex Campos said...

Actually, I'm 90% sure I saved the files from the LEGO site when they were available there. I'll see if I can find them tonight (it is lunch time in Portugal as I'm writing this).

Robotica said...

the frame of the 8448, with just its parts as a renault truck body


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