Monday, August 17, 2009

TBs TechPoll 14 - How much would you pay for a TECHNIC Exclusive set?

I feel there are many of us, who would like to have a TECHNIC Exclusive set from TLG, like those that have been produced for other themes.
I'm thinking about Exclusive sets like: Grand Carousel (10196), Taj Mahal (10189), Death Star (10188), UCS Millennium Falcon (10179), and others similar...

The way I imagine... it would be a very large machine (yes... well above the near 1900 parts limit, from some TECHNIC flagships to date) made into a LEGO Direct Exclusive set, plenty of complex functions, detailed mechanics and several PF electric elements (maybe even some PF exclusive element too).

If TLG would one day decide to do something like this (hope someone there is reading this...), how much are you willing to pay for such a super TECHNIC set? Yes it's gonna be expensive!...

To hear from you, I've decided to launch a poll (in fact two), for you to vote.
Because there are many LEGO market specificities across the globe, I've decided to launch two simultaneous polls, with several price target ranges for you to choose.
One in $US for the North American TECHNIC fans, and one in Euros using the average European prices as a reference.

The options will be respectively for the $US market,

  • No more than the actual $150 target for a TECHNIC flagship *
  • $150 - $250
  • $250 - $300
  • $300 - $400
  • Above $400

Or for the Euro prices,
  • No more than the actual 170€ target for a TECHNIC flagship * **
  • 17o€ - 250€
  • 250€ - 350€
  • 350€ - 450€
  • Above 450€

Please vote at one single poll. The one which currency is most meaningful for you.

*) Meaning this you can't aim for larger sets than you actually get.
**) Please note that prices vary across European countries.


Unknown said...

I'd pay £300 (350 Euros) for an awesome Technics exclusive, but it would have to be the baddest, most incredible piece of Technics ever. Ever :)

TechnicBRICKs said...

And what could that be? ;)

Unknown said...

No idea :D Something more complex than the 8868 Claw Rig, 8480 Shuttle, and 8275 Bulldozer combined :D

I want a new supercar too, maybe we'll see one later next year.

Junkstyle Gio said...

Strange Poll.... Ofcourse i would like a technic exclusive. The only thing withholding me would be the design, extra's , exclusive components and so on.
I'm definately not a fan of all the exclusives till now.
Let's just wait and see!

(Is this just a "fishing expedition" or does someone knows more than we?)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Paul. I'd love to see something with electrics integrated with a few sensors from the Mindstorms series.

I'd like to see something fairly straightforward (e.g. a passenger coach) but loaded with sensors and electronics. How about working lights and indicators? How about mechanically controlled passenger door and luggage doors?

How about then being able to drive it with remote control, with the sensors detecting crashes?

If it were a construction set, a flashing orange roof light (the warning ones found on diggers, trucks and the like) is a must! I'm surprised these haven't been added as it adds an instant feeling of realism at little cost, especially if the set already features electronics - e.g. the crane and the bulldozer.

As Paul said, it would need to be very complicated but it would be a wonderful thing to see if it did materialise.

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, and something that is a colour other than yellow, red, or black would be nice too :)

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Junkstyle Gio

"Fishing Expedition" so far! ;)

It may be a strange poll, but had several e-mailing me, if I have a clue or expressing their wish for such an Exclusive set.

Though this could be a valuable feedback if later I decide to pass it on TLG.
Lets first see the results. ;)

Schnakenberg said...

This is Madness. My most expensive Lego Set was the Star Wars Imperial Landing Craft for 50 €. More than 150 Credits for one Model -dream on- how much people can afford it? That is my Lego Budget for 1 1/2 Years and I buy 5 different Models.

Anonymous said...

i would pay 150-200. speaking of exclusives, the tractor and trailer set is availiable on TRU usa for 89.00 usd.

zimvaider said...

I would easily pay $250.00-$300.00 for something like a new supercar.

Fully remote controlled by power functions and with maybe a new exclusive power functions piece, like the power functions equivalent of a buggy motor...

Al said...

I've got lots and lots of ideas, some geared towards shear complexity and and some are geared towards new parts (ie larger or more powerful versions of existing parts and totally new parts ranging from simple single peice parts to complex assemblies). But my favorites are the ones that have both complexity and new parts. but was just wondering. Does me posting an idea here mean that Lego cannot produce it because of interlectual property rights?

TechnicBRICKs said...

I know that TLG can't accept ideas sent to them, because of intellectual rights.

They can for instance receive ideas through LEGO Ambassadors, who sign specific release forms, to allow that.

Don't know however, how TLG deals with situations where they develop some idea and at the same time realize (or not), that someone else already did the same thing or similar.

David said...

A supercar on a larger scale, with bigger wheels than before so that the scale of the technic parts is smaller and therefore can contain more clever mechanics.

A fully functional car transporter with cars would be another thing I would quite like to see, again on a larger scale.

A detailed piston engined aircraft would be nice too.

However I think my wife would stop me spending any more than £250!

Anonymous said...

I would pay about USD $400 for a motorized Caterpillar 797B (or similar) with suspension, gearbox, 4WD, engine. And lots of Power Functions.

Anonymous said...

...definitely a big backhoe...with lots of pneumatic parts...possibly the new ones...

Al said...

The new ones?????????? Which new pneumatic parts??????????? I too would love a big back hoe, in fact I posted a similar idea some time ago on the eurobricks forum. Here is an snippet:

"I would love to work on the technic line creating all sorts of things like a totally new supercar, sea king rescue helicopter, monster truck, forklift truck, etc. But My dream is a 2500-3000 peice UCS backhoe like the 8455, but at least twice the size. It would include:

An xl motor (with less gearing down for a higher output speed)

Inline 4 engine

Motor driven air compressor with airtank

Motor driven 4 wheel drive and gearbox

pneumatic steering and pendular front suspention

Longer pneumatics

Rear arm would have all the usual functions plus a pneumatically powered telescopic boom and lateral (side to side) sliding movement


Front bucket would have all the usual functions plus pneumatically powered opening/closing feature

Basically the real thing, just smaller".

@ Conchas...

...Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...'re reading my mind...*-)

TechnicBRICKs said...

Mine as well! :)
But continue reading, cause I've a long whishlist in mine... ;D

Junkstyle Gio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ricardo Oliveira said...

Why not a real car model, with the respective license, like ferrari's but in greater details as a Super Car!!

The scale wouldn't allow an electric driving mechanism, but lots of engineering on simple realistic things, some motorized, others not. :D

David said...

A decent scaled super car, and like Ricardo said, based on a real one... Perhaps the Bugatti Veyron ??

Anonymous said...

I'd love a huge technics batmobile from the dark knight. Peferably with a removable batpod. Working lights, hatch, cockpit, etc. I'd pay 350 or so.

Sergio said...

A very huge robot! Controlled by remote of course or totally independent...something like skynet or matrix!:) Something to worry about...

Al said...

Bugatti veyron would be nice. Would be interesting to see how they do the W16 engine. I think that for it to be worth 350 it would have to have the full 7f+1r gearbox with 7 different sizes of synchromesh gears (as opposed to the one 16t size we have at the moment) and a much better mechanism for changing gears than the 8448. The 8880 gear change was very nice and smooth but still a bit basic for a model of this scale. Or even a paddle shift gearbox! As I think 90-100% of the new parts budget should be used on the gear box (and possibly a new, very powerful motor with a high output speed) the rest of the car would just have to be very detailed. Would be nice to have four of this part: and if at all possible after all that, a new CV joint for the wheel hubs that can take lots and lots of tourque but have very little rolling friction at any angle of steering and/or suspention travel.

Ricardo Oliveira said...

I'd like to see a working clutch! There's so much details in a real car to put in a Technic model...


I remember some time ago, TLG asked AFOLs to give ideas for a new Theme, for a new car based on a brick and plate construction (VW Beetle). Why not to suggest TLG to ask AFOLs about this? I mean formally... :-)

Al said...

A working clutch would be cool. What about a torsen or limited slip differencial or working brakes. Pneumatic or electric power steering (with automatic return to the centre obviously) would be awsome!

Andrew said...

I want some vehicle with lots of realistic functions.

For example as set 8880 or some like referenced catterpilar 797B
with gearbox and some real car stuff.

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