Sunday, September 6, 2009

TBs TechPoll 14 (Results) - How much would you pay for a TECHNIC Exclusive set?

TBs poll asking 'How much would you pay for a TECHNIC Exclusive set' finished with a very significant participation, after running for two weeks.
Over 330 chose the leave their input regarding $US currency and almost 300 did it for the Euro.

Poll objective was to find how much you would be willing to pay for a large and very exclusive TECHNIC set with complex functions, detailed mechanics and several PF electric elements (maybe even some PF exclusive element too).
Of course it would be mandatory to optimize the business case, regarding consumer price and the amount of expected units being sold. But the bigger the price, the bigger and more complex, such an exclusive could turn to be.

Trough a very participated thread of comments, some even left their opinions and most secret wishes, about what such an exclusive set could/should be.
We heard from a large scale Supercar fully remote controlled (even some inspiring real cars were suggested) to a big Caterpillar backhoe plenty of pneumatic elements (eventually new ones is always a common wish). But new and exclusive elements (eventually PF) were also mentioned.

So the $$$ numbers are there, for whoever wants to get some conclusions from them.
However it looks the opinions, mostly fall into the extremities.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, looks like there is demand for a special! my vote goes for a large 8288! anyway what I find interesting is that the USD Prices go for $400+ and the Euro goes €250-$350 I rekon €300 is about $430 so I think upto €350 is your realistic target price! would I be disappointed with a €300 Super car? it'd have to be big! maybe fully RC!

Ondra said...

Why must be supercar exclusive set?Any supercar or car chassis weren´t expensive.For example 8880 cost "only" 130 USD, that is regular price for regular flagship.
Why must be a "supercar case" so much complicated?

I want reborn for 8880 or 8448!Not new ultra expensive set, with lots of PF!

P.s.:I haven´t any hope to see special lego set/supercar next year.Maybe never...

TechnicBRICKs said...

Hi Ondra,

everything here discussed, is nothing against the eventual release of regular Supercar or any other flagship, like we know them today.

This discussion targets another level of TECHNIC sets without precedent, that some may wish and others not as we have seen from the polls results.

Al said...

I think some power functions would be good just as long as they don't interfere with having lots of complexity. Not that bothered about a car being RC. I would rather have a car with a great gearbox with a nice linkage between the gearbox and gear stick or a paddle shift (like as iv'e described before) and scissor doors and suspention and lots of details. The only PF parts I would like in a car is a fast and powerful motor, lights and a self-centering servo motor for the steering with variable control via the steering wheel. Now that I would REALLY like!

But considering the model can be anything, a JCB with lots of new pneumatic parts is still my number one choice.

However as it would be an exclusive, I doubt they would create any new moulds for new parts just for this set. But then they could easily use these parts in regular technic sets as well! That would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Hey, I can dream! Haha!

Alex Campos said...

An alternative could be a compound model, like maybe an 8258-grade truck pulling a low loader containing an 8880-grade supercar. That would make a great set without having to create a single object that would maybe be too large and/or heavy for the ABS that constitutes LEGO pieces.

Or perhaps, going a bit less mobile, a Space Shuttle with mechanical complexity comparable to the 8480, complete with external fuel tank, booster rockets, positioning platform and launch gantry? That would also make an imposing piece of display!

Al said...

Love the 8480 idea. The first thing I did after building my 8480 as a kid was to build the moving platform.

The truck/trailer/car idea would be cool too but then we already have an 8258 grade truck and an 8880 grade car so the only thing that would be really new is the trailer.

Goose valleys excavator would be awsome as an exclusive.

TechnicBRICKs said...

If it is functional and if real (long) pneumatics.

I'd vote on that too! :)

Also believe it wouldn't need to go into the 400$/€ range.

Al said...

If they ever did release it I would buy many of them so I could build fork lifts and back hoes and pneumatic telecsopic booms and skip trucks and dumper trucks and a lot of other things that would benifit from these pneumatics. They would be very useful in regular technic sets in recreating real life vehicles realisticly.

Ondra said...

What about this, this would be great as technic special set!

TechnicBRICKs said...

I know someone who's building exactly that! :)

Al said...

I think the main draw of a model like that would be it's sheer size and very high peice count, which is all good 8^)

Alex Campos said...

However, apart from size, eventual remote control and bucket/conveyor belt, I don't think it would have much more functionality than the 8288 Crawler Crane...

Al said...

I have to say I would prefere new parts and complexity over size and peice count.

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