Friday, September 18, 2009

TECHNIC 1H2010 - Compact Excavator (8047) first images

First rumors start to materialize into images!

Today at the LOWLUG forum, I've found the first image for the 8047 Compact Excavator, to release in the 1H2010.

It looks we will get one of the newest panels now in yellow too, thus making the available color palette of the new panels to increase.
Looking forward for better quality images, so we can better compare and evaluate how it differs from the apparently similar in size, 8419 Excavator from 2005.

As images from other themes circulating, this seems to be originating from a Czech store website internal images repository.

Now, I want to see more like this!...


Alex Campos said...

The first time I saw this photo at the PLUG forum, I thought the tiny tracks and huge shovel made this model very disproportionate, but then I realised it represents a machine that is disproportionate! Something like this one.

From the proportions of the box, I'd say this set is about the size of the 8256 Go-Kart, so I guess it has the exact same functions as the 8419 Fernando mentioned, but in a simpler way. So, my speculation is that the tracks and superstructure rotation do nothing except being moved manually, and the boom and combined dipper/bucket have mechanisms. Also, the boom is perhaps actuated by a worm screw, whereas the dipper/bucket is moved just by levers.

One thing this set is certainly not, however, is this one! ;)

Al said...

"One thing this set is certainly not, however, is this one! ;)"

Yup, I certainly ain't pneumatic ;)

Looks like it might offer the same funtionality as the 8419 (depending on how the arm is geared) but at a lower price.

Ricardo Oliveira said...

The first thing that comes to my mind is... I'm a bit bored by the same kind of Technic sets... :\
I'd like to see something more original.

Andy said...

Real photos of helicopter-Fail!
And buggy-thumb up!

Alex Campos said...

Thanks for the heads-up! Actually I read about that very same Flickr set a moment ago from another source and was already writing about it. ;)

Alex Campos said...

On the 8046 and 8048 article, mahjqa posted a new, much clearer picture of the 8047!

It seems the digger arm works exactly the opposite of what I speculated: the boom is actuated by a lever and the dipper/bucket have a worm screw, not the other way around.

Also, new bent liftarm piece! It can be seen connecting the bucket to the dipper and in the cabin, to make the boom raise and lower. Quite frankly, so far I don't see the need for this part, since we already have lots of bent liftarms and with more holes.

TechnicBRICKs said...

It is not a new liftarm.
It is a TECHNIC Link part, introduced this year (2009) into City sets.


Unknown said...

Where has the other article gone? Lego asked to pull it?

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