Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week TechVideo, 2009 #37 - Dump Truck 10x4

Han has finished another awesome model of his own creation. This time a 10x4 Dump Truck, where lots of the recent yellow TECHNIC panels stand out in the model look.

Apart the TECHNIC functions this model includes some other details, like: Cabin opening for motor access, open & close cabin doors, adjustable wind-deflector, dashboard with coffee machine and cups, fuel tanks, air compressor and air filter units between the wheels, fire extinguisher, exhaust pipe, and many other...

Below some of this model TECHNIC functions, listed:
  • 5 axle truck, first 3 axles steered.
  • Ability to lift the 3rd axle (pneumatic) with 'auto-center' mechanism.
  • Working V8 engine, including fan.
  • Differential units on both 4th and 5th rear axles, interconnected.
  • Head-lights with PF LEDs.
  • Working tipping bed with parallel double pneumatic cylinder configuration.

Among the biggest challenges faced to build this model, described by Han, I got most fascinated by the 3rd axel lifting mechanism.
"Although the 3rd axle is steered, it should be disabled from the steering mechanism when lifted. As well, an ' auto correct' function was necessary to assure that the 3rd axle always will be always locked in 'straight forward' position when lifted, even when the 3rd axle wheels are not in 'straight forward' position when the lift is started. Both functions are realized."

You may find a lot more details and building process description about this Dump Truck model, at Han's website.
As usual he will also upload there the respective LDraw file and building instructions, once available (Latest Estimate: Q1 2010).


David said...

What a totally awesome model! Well done Han. Can't wait for the instructions :)

Anonymous said...

...very well designed and innovative...nice job...10/5 stars...:D

Unknown said...

Really nice, really, really really nice

Paul said...

Brilliant, amazing, For me the best!
It could be a Lego Technic Exclusive :)
I want the same as You build.

Al said...

A completely brilliant and flawless model, very impressive 8^)

Eric Albrecht said...

Han has done it again. His other models have been excellent (especially the Prinoth Leitwolf) and this is no exception. It is also very commendable that he is willing to put in the time to make instructions. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I was impressed enough by the clean design, but now I'm really curious to see just how he lifts a steered axle!

TechnicBRICKs said...

I believe the video may give the answer to your question.

Al said...

Indeed it does. Would be interesting to know if the wheels go back to the correct steering angle when the wheels are lowered back down. It looks as tho they might. Again, awesome model.

Parax said...

Superb Build!
Good Work.

Unknown said...

Gah, I can be so ignorant sometimes. Han describes an "auto-correct function" taht re-aligns the wheels when the axle is dropped- it would be interesting to see just how he manages it (unless it is simply by keeping the wheels straight).

arezey said...

Amazing dump truck... I loved the Prinoth Leitwolf and this is just as awesome, if not more. Can't wait for instructions!

(Off-topic, but the T-w/-T instructions are up:

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