Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Guest bloggers, at

From this October Eric (Blakbird *), Paul (Sariel) and myself (Fernando, Conchas) will join the Design Blog from Design Studio, at

Guess none of these names should be now unfamiliar to you, as consequence of the diverse contributions we all have continuously made towards the LEGO Technic fans community, for already some time.
Paul with his astonishing production of new Technic MOCs (, Eric who's untiringly writing the most comprehensive online encyclopedia about all the LEGO Technic sets ever released (Technicopedia) and myself leading the present Blog (TechnicBRICKs).

This collaboration is an initiative which aims to improve the dynamics and readership of Design Blog at Design Studio, feeding it with diverse topics and new content, towards the main LEGO Technic target group (boys aged 9-13).
The goal is to get a few posts published every month by these LEGO Technic fans, well known from you, together with other posts the LEGO Technic designers will continue to write, as they have been doing for sometime. Although some more regularity is also expected on these.

Hope you all, to feel this as a beneficial initiative from the LEGO Technic team, for all the LEGO Technic community in general and the younger now initiating, in particular.

See you then, now also at!

*) This bios will be added to the 'Designer Bios' section, in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

You lucky dawg, you :) Congratulations! Keep us informed ;)

Eric Albrecht said...

Great first post at the Technic blog, Fernando. Thanks for announcing this, and I hope my post can be as good as yours!

I guess now everyone knows what we look like. ;-)

Unknown said...

Its good to see LEGO involving the AFOL community more and more.

TechnicBRICKs said...


It is always good, to have a face to on a name... or nickname! ;)

sunsky said...

Congratulations to Fernando ! And also to Paul and Eric !
The first post at was good. :)

J. Cesar Barros said...

Congratulations Fernando, and off course to Paul and Eric.
Wish you the best luck to your new task.

Jorge said...

Parabéns Fernando, sempre as desenolver projectos e a levar mais longe o nome da PLUG.

Força nisso

A PLUG é Fixe


Dano said...

Congrats guys!

Any free Technic parts in return? How many friction pins per word are they paying you :)

Eric Albrecht said...


Friction pins have been highly devalued as a currency due to rampant inflation caused by a flood of friction pins on the market when Technic went studless. I would prefer to be paid in 1x6 thin yellow liftarms or Power Puller tires.

Sariel said...

By the way, I have just gotten the 3rd and 4th Power Puller wheel that I was missing so far. But that is a pure coincidence ;)

Alex Campos said...

Congratulations to the three of you!

From your accomplishments to the online world of LEGO TECHNIC, your new "jobs" as guest writers at the official TECHNIC site are fully deserved, and I wish you the best of luck!

(also I wish you can bring in some nice goodies in the form of new parts, sets, techniques and such... yum yum!)

@Eric: LOL, how true! :D

Rui Almeida said...

Fernando, Paul and Eric.
Congratulations,wish you the best luck to your new task.

Rui Almeida
member of PLUG (Portuguese LEGO User Group),

Dano said...


My new plan to retire early by working part time:
CNC high precision nonabrasive waterjet cutting machine + a few dozen 1 x 7 thin yellow liftarms

Unknown said...

Congratulations all;

I'm a long time follower of your respective blogs and enjoy them thoroughly. May your "new job" get you a lot of exclusive news to share with us!

Anonymous said...

but ya turn flash off

Jetro said...

Congrats to all three of you!

BTW, does anyone know of an easy way to keep track of new posts at the Technic Blog? Since it isn't a 'real' blog I cannot add it to my google reader :P

TechnicBRICKs said...

Maybe it will become possible in the near future.

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