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There is no other possible title for this post... than the well known name!

...Which hard-core Technic fan, doesn't know about his work on amazing cars from these: BS folder and MOCpages?
Nevertheless a big miss here at TBs up to the present day - I should punish myself for not having written about him and his creations before, but I was felling it was somehow a challenge and wanted to spend sometime with it. So it has been something always pushed for the "next" week...
This in fact just made my job harder, as the longer I postpone it, the more will be the cars that I'll have to look in.
So finally here it goes!

Paul Boratko (aka Crowkillers) has been building large LEGO Technic Supercars, for years now.
For many he might be considered like a Master or even God, due to the high number and quality of Technic Supercars he built with LEGO bricks. A largely deserved recognition I'd say.

I always questioned myself where to start and if I should focus on a single model, or give an overview from his extensive work. So I decided to go for both at last.

Recently LEGO have introduced the Lamborghini license in the Racers theme and many of us are guessing, they maybe releasing next a large Lamborghini car to succeed the previous Ferraris (8653 Enzo and 8145 GTB Fiorano) in this theme.

By coincidence or not, in his most recent work, Paul made his own 1:10 scale Lamborghini Gallardo version. Delight yourself!

A red car, which is not a dominant color for this Italian car constructor, but since Paul decided to make extensive use of the new Technic smooth panels, this should have been a "must be" decision. It is the only color for which we have all these panel variants available to the moment.

As for the technical data it includes:
  • AWD with 3 differentials
  • V-10 engine
  • Working HOG steering
  • Opening rear engine compartment
  • Opening doors
  • Completely studless design
  • Over 1300 parts were used in this model

At a 1:10 scale with LEGO and functional details, something had to be sacrificed. In the present case it was the gearbox and working suspensions, which remained out of this model.

One common characteristic of some Paul's cars is the extremely high part count and detailed chassis made of bricks. This could sometimes make them to have a bit less Technic look, for some. However the usage of the new Technic panels in this Gallardo model, give it a different look from what's usual in Paul's models.
This is probably the Paul's car which looks closer, to the design style actually in use by official Technic models made from TLG. And also probably one of his lowest part count cars.

Many other photos from this Gallardo model can be seen at Crowkillers' Brickshelf folder.
Inclusive a near stepwise series of photos, with a kind of building instructions or modules, for those who may want to attempt his own replica.

But you don't have too!... Just because Paul is actually auctioning this model at ebay (click on the ebay logo below and get something to dream with...).

One point is that the cars from this segment are all but true LEGO Technic Supercars, like in the old Technic days, for the frustration of many... At least those who have been demanding a new Supercar from TLG, since '99 or '01, if we admit to include the 4x4 Off-Roader (8466) in the same category.

In this segment Paul has an extensive work, of many other amazing cars, he has been building since some years.
All of them in the truly Supercar class segment, with all that's required and optional:
  • Up to V12 engines
  • Up to 6+R transmissions
  • Full working wishbone suspensions
  • AWD
  • HoG steering, plus functional steering wheel
  • A diverse style of opening doors
  • Flip up headlights
  • Detachable bodies
  • What else?...

There are many magnificent details into Paul's work and it is not easy to select just a few. So let me highlight two of his models, from different enough separated periods in his "career".

Deluxe Supercar buitl in 2006. Completely studless chassis and body, damped shock assisted opening doors, hatch and hood, AWD, 5 speed tranny with reverse, HoG steering and flip up headlights.

Studless Concept from 2009. innovative body can be removed as one separate unit, 5 speed plus reverse, full suspension, HoG steering. Chrome plated wheels by

...and just remember in images, some of his other admirable cars.

However Paul's work, doesn't resume to the Supercars. There are also many interesting replicas that he made, from motors of famous cars. So I leave you with a few images from them.

Corvette LS6 V8, Lamborghini Diablo V-12, Dodge Viper V-10, Mustang Cobra Supercharged V8, Ferrari F430, one Custom V12 engine and another version for the Corvette engine.

Tremendous work, isn't it?
Enjoy and excel!


blakbird said...

Quite a coincidence that you would write about Crowkillers today. Just this past week I have been using the photos of this very model to build an LDRAW model which I just finished!

TechnicBRICKs said...

Uau Eric, really a coincidence.
It is even better than the photos!

I'm impressed with your rendering skills ;)

Anonymous said...

Good model! Very nice asthetics! Blacbird, how is with steering? Links look at an angle. Anyway keep up the good job Crowkillers!

arezey said...

This is... amazing! Especially the left one of the second-to-last cars (the black one) is radiating power and awesomeness. I will *never* be able to make models this good (to be honest I've managed to get only one done!). :-)

As the TFoL I am, I don't know what HoG steering means - could anybody enlighten..?

TechnicBRICKs said...

Sorry for the acronyms.

HOG stands for "Hand Of God".
In LEGO terms, it refers to the handling of objects to mimic natural movements. For instance it could be applied when you move a minifig between places (like different floors in a building).
It is used a lot in reference to the mechanisms used in Technic cars, that allow to steer the vehicle, which are not the steering wheel itself. Usually a knob dedicated to this function.

Anonymous said...

Has Crowkillers considered applying for a position in the LEGO Company's TECHNIC Design Team yet? His models are awesome!

-Toa Of Justice

Andy said...

On czech forum appeared rumor(By general admin )about technic police gallardo for next year.

Let see, if this will be real.

Police gallardo-

Juan said...

I have built CrowK's Gallardo from the pictures that he supplied and the steering system works perfectly. He really did do a good job with the design of the entire model. This design may have raised the bar for TLC if they are planning to release a Lamborghini Technic/Racer next year. He made very good use of many of the new parts. I hope that lego makes more panels in other colors because this car would look sweet in Yellow.

blakbird said...

@ Juan

....or silver.

Ian said...

i didn't know how to get in contact with you guys who run this blog, however there is some interesting news about Lego doing a TV show and documentary at the following link:

It's an Australian news site, and didn't know if you'd want to mention it here or not.



TechnicBRICKs said...

Hi Ian,

this is not a specific LEGO Technic news, rather a general LEGO one.
So it doesn't really fit into TBs, that's fully dedicated to the LEGO Technic theme, but preferable to other kind of LEGO blogs.

Ian said...

Yeah, I figured. Just wanted to tell someone! :) Thought you might know someone to pass it into...

TechnicBRICKs said...

I use to send some suggestions to the TBB crew, sometimes.
But they do not always get through.

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