Saturday, October 10, 2009

TechnicBRICKs turns 2

TBs is turning two, today!

173 posts later, more than half a million pageloads (which almost double the volume from the year before), many hundreds of comments left by our readers, and one more year has passed.

TBs was born at 2007.Oct.10. Since then, the achievements have been several, but a lot more can still be done!

Thanks to all of you who come here everyday, giving your support and contribution to make this project growing day after day.
You are welcome independent if you come to leave a comment, to participate in the polls, to e-mail us news and suggestions, or just to read about the latest news.

We're very happy to see how the TBs readership has been consistently growing in the past twelve months and how it is well spread around the globe.

During this last year, there was a period around the months of April/May where we at TBs were deeply involved in our local LUG (PLUG) biggest annual event and when the available time/mood were not at its best. Consequently it immediately reflected into the blog visits mark. However, as long as we keep posting regularly, TBs continues to see its readership growing in a sustained manner.
TBs have reached now a faithful readership, which generates above two thousand pageloads and over fifteen hundred unique visitors, everyday. Thank you all!

It can be easily noticed, the visitor spikes when we got the first images for the 1H (in September/October) and 2H sets (in January at the ToyFairs around the globe). Obviously the biggest moment this year, happened when TBs got permission to post an exclusive image for 8049, a 1H2010 set.

There might be a LEGO Technic fan, almost everywhere...

Now it's time to start another journey and hopefully we will get here again in 2010, to celebrate another TBs anniversary. We're still plenty with new ideas to increase the TBs experience.

To close this post and with Alexandre's precious collaboration, we have made a celebration "cake".
Having it a Technic Brick shape, this anniversary "cake" is perfect for those who can't abuse and need to do some diet. Some will eat the brick, the others eat the holes...

The Technic Diet cake...
Just in case you're greedy enough and want to get the recipe, here it goes!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

I'm amazed at how Europe-heavy your readership is compared to blogs like the Brothers Brick.

Alex Campos said...

Happy Birthday, TBs! To congratulate this blog that is more and more of a reference, I made this rather lame video: Since the video is rather dark (I need to get a better camera!) here and here are still photos of what is filmed.

Wow, two years... TBs keeps growing and growing! Not only the growth in visitors and comments, but also the fact that TLG themselves have noticed the blog and recently started contributing to it: first, the "find the video" game of the 8258 Crane Truck, then sharing the first pictures of the 8049 Tractor with Log Loader, then this week inviting Fernando to be part of the Guest Bloggers team at the official TECHNIC site.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the inexhaustible enthusiasm and on-top-of-news energy from its creator and writer, Fernando. Or, jokingly called by several members of our LUG, "the man who never sleeps". :D Congratulations!

I wonder how will TBs develop on its Year Three? More expansion, TECHNIC goodies and general greatness, and of that I'm sure. :)

TechnicBRICKs said...

I also have the idea, that the Technic theme is much popular in Europe than is US or other regions, compared to other themes.

So this readership distribution is not so surprising for me.

TechnicBRICKs said...


I the music was not so horrible, I'd say it is a brilliant idea and video... ;D

"the man who never sleeps"
Until someone to take documented proof that it is after all not true...

Photo 1
Photo 2

Carlos Ribeiro said...

Congratulations Fernando for this exciting Blog. Thanks for all and keep bring more and more.
Don´t sleep after PlugFest because while you have sleep short your friends make some diversions whith you. Happy Birthday.

Mortymore said...

Happy Birthday TechnicBricks.

Congratulations to his creators, and wishes for many more and good news posted here.

sunsky said...

Happy Birthday TBs :)
Thank you Fernando for creating and maintaining this wonderful blog.
Thank you Alexander and writers for valuable posts.
It's a pleasure to see the ideas and creations from Technicians all over the world !

Lego Adam (Cagri) said...

Congratulations you two :) It's always been a lot of fun reading your posts. I hope we'll be seeing more of you in the future. Happy birthday Technic Bricks !

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, and keep up the good work, guys!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday

Al said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations for all you have achived. Alot of work goes into this site and for that I am very grateful. Thankyou.

Jetro said...

Happy anniversary! (and many returns)

LEGO Technic said...

Happy anniversary Fernando... Keep up the good work :o)

Parax said...

Keep up the good work.

Sariel said...

Congratulations and many more years to come!

Rui Almeida said...

Happy Birthday TechnicBricks,thank you Fernando and AVCampos for creating and maintaining this wonderful blog.

Ian said...

Happy Birthday TB! Congratulations :)

I check this site around 5 times a day hoping for new cool stuff...

I love the articles you post (especially when you posted about my idea! lol).

Have to give you a big thank you for delivering the exclusives and the ideas :)

Automatic Transmission said...

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