Saturday, October 10, 2009

Zoom, zoom, printscreen,... zoom, zoom, printscreen,... Photoshop...

As you may have noticed, the new images for the 1H2010 Technic sets published yesterday at the website, can be considerably zoomed so we can see small sections of of these models in very large detail.

Blakbird took the lead, made several printscreens from small sections of the 8049 (Log Loader) and Photoshoped them all, into a single high-res image made available yesterday at EuroBricks.
Mortymore took some hours and repeated it for several of the other images available.

I'm just linking them below.
Click over the images below, to see them in high resolution.

8045, Telehandler

Not yet available!

8045B, Motorcycle with sidecar

8046, Helicopter

8046B, Seaplane

8047, Mini Excavator

8047B, Material Handler

8048, Buggy

8048B, Tractor

8049, Log Loader

Not yet available!

8049B, Log Handler

Now it is easier for all us, to continue dissecting these new sets. Thanks Mortymore!


Mortymore said...

You can find the rest of the available images here:

Best regards

TechnicBRICKs said...

Thanks Mortymore!

Post updated. ;)

Carlos Ribeiro said...

Mortymore have a hard job and great results, thanks for sharing.

Noel Maywald said...

The new 20 tooth bevel gear in the 8047 Mini Excavator looks like Lego's reponse to a request I sent them last year. The problem with the conventional gear in this situation is that the power transmission axle also acts as a weight bearing hinge. The hinge function increases the friction on the axle significantly so I suggested that Lego make a free wheeling gear. It looks very much like that is what they have done. I am very impressed!

Jetro said...

Thanks for the great job! (looking forward to the rest of the images :D)

Ian said...

Noel - how cool is that? You ask, and they deliver!

Mortymore said...

The boxes if you're interested


Anonymous said...

The axle connecting the right rear wheel on the 8048 Buggy is different in all three images so far. On the image of the buggy on the plain white background, the axle connecting the right rear wheel is light grey, and protrudes from the wheel by 1L. On the large image of the box which Mortymore has just provided a link to, the axle is tan colored (probably a new '3L with stop') on the main image of the buggy, but light grey again (protruding by 0.5L) in the smaller image in the bottom right-hand corner of the box.

Because the tan axle in the box image is most likely to be a 3L with stop, the V4 engine is probably driven only by the left rear wheel, instead of through a differential (The 3L with stop obviously cannot be connected to another axle). The light grey axles in the other two images are probably standard 5L axles with a 1L bush inside the Buggy holding the axles in place.

However, because the change in color of the 3L axle with stop from dark grey to tan was probably to make it easier to distinguish from the upcoming 4L axle with stop, the same thing may be done with the 5.5L with stop, and for the same reason, which would reopen the possibility of a differential between the two wheels, as that tan axle may actually be a 5.5 with stop, and there could be another one on the other side. (Although obviously, very unlikely.)

It is also worth pointing out that the tan axle connecting the front wheel on the buggy, is clearly a 3L axle with stop, not an axle pin.

Jetro said...

It would be very strange indeed to get a differential in such a small set!

Automatic Transmission said...

Thanks for sharing these cool pics.

Al said...

There is a picture somewhere that confirms that the engine is only driven by one wheel. This is a recent trend in technic that I find strange, unrealistic and also annoying. There have been small sets in the past that include a differencial and it's inclusion into this set would make it easier to get some more of those new diffs. Oh well.

sqiddster said...

Hmmm, there seems to be a crown gear in the 8047 Mini Excavator... I thought that they had been phased out?

Jetro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jetro said...

There weren't any crown gears in this years sets, but there was one in the Cherry Picker last year

Al said...

There is also a crown gear in this years tractor with trailer, does this count? 8^)

Dano said...

crown gear in cherry picker...
60 dollars

crown gear in mini excavator...
25 dollars

crown gear in tractor with trailer...


Al said...


Anonymous said...

I have taken a closer look at the images of 8049, and I think that there could be up to 10 of the new '4L axle with stop' on this model!

There are almost definitely two attached to the front wheels, four attached to the trailer wheels, and one connecting the trailer to the tractor (which makes 7), and possibly two attached to the rear tractor wheels, and one connecting the axle joiner and the 12t bevel gear at the very back of the trailer (which makes 10). I think that all 10 axles will be in the model, but only 7 of them are absolutely definite.

Also, there are probably 2 of the '4L axle with stop' on the excavator, and 2 also on the buggy (attached to the front wheels of the B-model).

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