Wednesday, November 18, 2009

8049 B-model, The pneumatic Log Handler

We have here mentioned before, that B-model for the sensation set of the moment (8049, Log Loader) is going to be a Log Handler.

However I guess you have not seen yet any image from this alternative to the 8049 main model!?
So once more at TBs , in exclusive and first hand from TLG to all the Technic fans, here it goes!

Awesome and very good usage from the pneumatic functions!
It may look like quite a large claw for the scale, but somehow imposed by the turntable size. However some real Log Handlers could have such large claws [1, 2, 3] despite slimmer wrists.

Have you liked it?
From December, in a store next to you.


Alex Campos said...

Actually, no: I didn't like it. I loved it!

It has all the looks of an A-model, and, if it weren't for the reduced number of wheels (which is a bold move I appreciate: usually there's the temptation to use all the wheels), it could well pass for an A-model (unlike other sets).

However, from the body shape, if it weren't for the width of the claw, I'd say it was more a container stacker like the 7992 than a log loader. No complaints from here, though: the model looks great!

I think this is one of those sets many people will buy twice, to have the A- and M-model on display at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Good idea using cylinder through turntable!

Anonymous said...

I love it. More than the A-model !


Junkstyle Gio said...

For me the alternative looks better than the a-model. I might even consider buying it..
But then again i'm hoping for better and bigger models for the 2h2010 season....

arezey said...

Me too, the B-model is IMHO better than the A-model. Not that it matters to me much - all sets I buy end up in pieces in less than two weeks. As this set will get me my first pneumatics it'll probably end up in pieces in less than two days. :D

Looks fabulous though... one of the rare cases where the B-model is better than the A-model. I also like it how the tubes are kept clean by having them go through axle joiners.

Al said...

Loving TLG right now!

It looks great. I think this is the first time a pneumatics cylinders abilty to rotate has been used in an official set. Could deffinately pass for an A-model.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Actually don't think the cylinder rotates, but the turntable around it.
Unless you are referring to the pneumatic rod.

The result is nearly the same however.
Clever indeed!

sqiddster said...

Very nice, I like. Another great job by the Lego technic designers. I would get it too, if I just hadn't made a $200 S@H order.

Anonymous said...

Yes, only the rod of the cylinder rotates. :)


Al said...

Yes that's what I meant 8^)

Unknown said... has it for preorder at 46.95 euros. Not bad.

Anonymous said...

...if only the lift arm were telescopic ( something to be made ) , it would be cool...but anyway, it still is a great set...:D

Shmade said...

...nice position of pneumatic switch, all control elements at one place, pneumatic monster claws for moving things - good playability for target group... I would like it too. :)

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