Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rumors and nonsense

In the last few days there has been circulating a rumor, about LEGO Technic to be discontinued in 2010.
This misinformation have been originated into a Wiki site , which I won't even link here... and also didn't credit before or felt it to deserve a post.

You folks, may get calm as this is not true. LEGO Technic theme will certainly NOT be discontinued!

It was officially denied by TLG in the person of Tormod Askildson (Head of LEGO Community Development) to the LEGO Ambassadors.


RjbsNXT said...

How dare someone suggest LEGO Technic is going to be discontinued!

LEGO Technic said...

I can also confirm that there is no truth to the rumours. LEGO Technic is currently experiencing great momentum and we have no plans of disconstinuing the line.

On behalf of the LEGO Technic team.

jorhoerst said...

i just laughed when i read that... there's no way that would happen

Anonymous said...

This most likely come from the very strong rumer the the BIONICLE line will finish in 2010. I know lots of people that use the terms BIONICLE and TECHNICS interchangably.

JAMS said...

i wish bionicle WOULD end.

Lego throws buckets of money at it, and its not even remotely interesting

blakbird said...

I posted this over at Eurobricks and thought it will apply here as well...

By now, this rumor has been thoroughly debunked, but I still thought I would offer some thoughts. In the USA at least, it is clear that Technic does not sell nearly as well as the other lines. If you go to the big toy stores like Toys 'R' Us, Technic represent only a couple of percent of what you see on the shelves. Some of the other stores like WalMart or Target sometimes don't have any Technic at all. So why is Technic still worth it? I'll tell you.

For comparison, think of NASA. There are some people who think that spending money on space exploration is a waste because it doesn't provide anything for normal people. But I disagree. Getting the smartest people in the world all together in one place working on a project has tremendous value. Whether you like their stated goal or not, those people come up with various and sundry ideas which would never have been imagined otherwise. Those ideas filter into the technology that all of us use every day. We all benefit from their work.

I think of Technic the same way. Technic is the flagship LEGO line. They are at the forefront of new functional parts, assembly methods, and ideas. Even if you have never purchased a Technic set, you have benefited from this development. How many Star Wars or City sets have moving parts and functions made possible by Technic parts? A lot! And think of large models like the UCS Millenium Falcon. The entire inner structure is Technic; the only system strong and light enough to make it work. No matter what your LEGO theme of choice is, you will find Technic parts hidden away somewhere making things better.

So in my opinion, Technic as a line will and must continue no matter what the sales figures are. It is a driving force behind the advancement of all of the other LEGO themes.

As for the complaints about the repeating model themes in Technic or the lack of more complex models like AFOLs make, I think sometimes we forget that these products are made for children. A 14 year old is perfectly happy with a new wheel loader not simply because it is good, but because he/she has no knowledge of those which were made 10 years ago for comparison. It doens't matter that the theme was done before because he/she hasn't seen it and, in any case, it is no longer available. The sets which are released provide the parts for AFOLs to make the MOCs we make. As much as I would like to see CP5670's Annihilator released as a set, there's hardly a kid in the world who be able to afford and/or build it. Certainly not enough to justify the development cost.

So take heart, Technic fans. Things will continue as they have. And I think we would all agree that the products in the last few years have just been getting better and better. Long live Technic!!

TechnicBRICKs said...

I fully agree with Eric's comment about the repeating models.
There is simple no other way, for the business and market constrains.

This is exactly what market demands and we must remember that AFOLs are not the main target of this product. Despite it is probably the closest LEGO theme to upper ages.

We should realize this is not specificity from Technic theme. Also other themes repeat their models periodically (e.g City)

Independently from being a forerunner theme, Technic may not sell extraordinarily well in the US market, but it sells very well in Europe, for instance (e.g. Germany, Netherlands and also other countries).

Dryw Filtiarn said...

In regard to the response blakbird has already given. I totally agree with him that the Technic line is one of the most important branches which keeps evolution possible within the other lines. More and more of the lines start using Technic parts. Just look at the creator sets the past few years, not to mention the large amount of technic parts being used in many of the Star Wars set. Even in Castle nowadays Technic shows up to provide extra playability.

And as for the complaints about repeating models, this is not just something that is seen within Technic! How many firestations (3 in the past 6 years alone, 2005 - Set 7250, 2007 - Set 7945, upcoming in 2010 - Set 7208) have there been in the past 20 years and how many police stations (3 in the past 6 years alone, 2003 - Set 7035, 2005 - Set 7237 and 2008 - Set 7744)?
And lets be fair, in general every repetition of a model or set, in general improves in quality, design and functionality. This is especially true within Technic.

arezey said...

Why should Bionicle end? That'd mean an end to my 'supply' of new part shapes to make for LDraw! :P But the storyline sure is giving the thought that the final battle is imminent.

I want to give one single word to these rumors that TECHNIC would end: LOL!

And I myself have nothing against repetition. I only came to TECHNIC a single year ago and there are tons of sets yet to get. You veterans probably have many front loaders, excavators and trucks there. But we newbies do not so repetition is also a little necessary!

Dryw Filtiarn said...

As to the Bionicle line. I have spoken to a couple of the people working with Lego on LegoWorld in Zwolle (which was in october), and indeed the Bionicle line will discontinue after next year. The good news (for some though) will be that the line WILL CONTINUE but under a different name with a slightly altered concept behind it. At least that was what they said then.

arezey said...

Interesting. Let's see how epic will this final battle be then... for what I know there's the group of Glatorian against a forty million feet tall evil giant robot. :D

And I wonder what this altered line will be about then... and hopefully there'll be more new cool parts out too.

Jetro said...

... and it isn't even April fools day yet :P

As for the successor to BIONICLE - Ben Ten looks just the thing.

Finally, as to whether BIONICLE should be discontinued... as much as I dislike the sets, as long as they are worth the investment for LEGO they should exist. It's as simple as that.

Unknown said...

I can't believe someone would say that! I love Technic. I like how they get bigger and better! If they DO discontinue it, there's no more need to live!(jk, lol)
president of Lego-X!

nicjasno said...

Some bionicle parts are great for suspensions. Especially the balljoints. So there was something positive from bionicle.

blakbird said...

The ball joints are not the only good thing to come from Bionicle. The best thing to come from Bionicle is that LEGO made a lot of money on it, this allowing their company to thrive so they could make more Technic sets!

Al said...

JEEEEEEEZ my heart sank when I first saw the rumor but only for a second until I came to my senses. After all, what would the world be like without technic ;^).

(cue inspirational music!)

It's true that technic has probably not been at it's best for many years now, but this years crane truck is the best set in almost 10 years. And there is just sooooooooo much more they could do with technic. Heck iv'e got enough ideas to keep Legos flagship line fresh and appealing to AFOL's and kids alike for at least 10 years and by then, i'll have 10 more years worth of ideas as i'm sure many many people hear have too. The best thing we can do here is to use the imagination and creativeness technic has helped to give us, and keep sharing those new ideas here in the knowledge that TLG is listening. LETS MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dryw Filtiarn said...

This years crane truck is the best in almost 10 years? What happened to the 8421 Crane, the 8285 Tow truck, the 8275 Bulldozer, the 8265 Front loader and I'm probably even forgetting some. All excellent models and some in my opinion even better then this years 8258 Truck.

Okay, it's fact that Lego has brought us some really bad designs years ago, but the past years, I don't think there's that much to complain about.

Al said...

I'm not saying they were bad, they were just not as good as they could/should have been.

The 8421 crane is the best in the list you mentioned but I think this years crane truck is probably eaqual if not a teeny weeny bit better as it has more complexity and the motor drives twice as many functions, although the three section boom of the 8421 was pretty cool and it also has pneumatics. hmmmmm. It's a tough call.

The bulldozer was good because the powerfunctions it introduced for the first time were great. The model itself however is so lacking in complexity it's almost boring. I'm not complaining, I could have just bought the power functions from shop@home.

The tow truck? well it has a nice peice count and it looks nice, that's about it. Nothing new or original and again is much too simple givin it's size and piece count.

The 8265 is ok. I like that it has 2 of the new differentials and stuff but I just wish it was pneumatic. The 8258 is the only model where i'm happy with it having LA's instead of pneumatics. Again i'm not complaining, I can always build my own version.

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