Thursday, November 19, 2009

TBs TechChallenge, 2009 - Reverse 8046 - The submissions

The period to submit an entry for this Challenge has finished last Sunday (15).

Given the difficulty level and some challenging aspects, in my perspective we got a very good adhesion to this Challenge. Either considering the number of submitted entries and discussion generated around the topic, through the comments left and dialogs established into the Challenge original post.

We got a total of 6 participants and 6 submissions. Each one was allowed to submit up to two submissions, but it was not the case for any of the participants.
Five of them were valid submissions and one was more for the fun (you will see below) but which can't be considered as a valid participation in terms of the Challenge's goals and rules (you will also understand why this distinction, below in this post).

In order of submission, we got:

  • Eric Albrecht (Blakbird) - US
  • Scott
  • Martijn Bosgraaf (Dryw Filtiarn) - NL
  • Minshik Kong (Sarafiel) - KR
    Sarafiel also provided us with some nice instructions for his submission, which I won't yet disclose, so that we won't get into details about each one's interpretation at this point.
  • Mike Hatton (Parax) - UK
  • Nathanaël Kuipers (Industrial Designer) - NL

So and before we can proceed to the evaluation phase (pending on instructions delivery by TLG and time availability), I decided to publish here one render provided by the contestants, for each submission.

In order of appearance from top left to bottom right: Eric, Martijn Bosgraaf, Minshik Kong, Mike and Nathanaël.

And also the funny entry from Scott.

You might remember that when I mentioned about the signed box prize for this Challenge winner, I also wrote that might be something additional as a surprise.
In fact I just wanted to avoid that it would have influenced the way, that contestants would send their submissions and so decided to kept it as a little secret, to disclose after the submission period.
This means I'll have also a small symbolic gift to send to the first three contestants, with valid entries (i.e. those entries fulfilling the Challenge goals and rules).
They are three boxes from the 8046 Helicopter itself. This model was made by Markus Kossman, however the boxes to send are not signed, in case you wanted to know.

Let me express here in advance how thankful I am, for the LEGO Technic design team to have accepted to collaborate with TBs , with this Challenge and to have supported us with all the prizes to give away.


arezey said...

"This means I'll have also a small symbolic gift to send to the first three contestants, with valid entries (i.e. those entries fulfilling the Challenge goals and rules). They are three boxes from the 8046 Helicopter itself." You just ruined my day. :P The challenge was way too difficult.,

arezey said...

BTW, what was the winch piece after all?

TechnicBRICKs said...

In December we will know.
At the moment we can only have guesses, once it is an hidden part.

But the contestants, have submitted different solutions. Hopefully one is the correct one.

Nathanael said...

Bummer. I'd rather have the helicopter than the log loader. :-/
Oh well, I'll probably won't win any way being the last in line...
It was a nice challenge though which kept me busy.
Congratulations to the winners!

Btw. I was pretty sure that Markus designed this model, but that's because I know he likes planes and helicopters.

Al said...

Well done to all of the contestants 8^)

Anonymous said...

I think the funny entry deserves a prize of its own. :P It looks very clever and complex. :)

-Toa Of Justice

sarafiel said...

Entry is only 5 people including me were not surprised.

The first three people who is very curious journal.

Anyway, Scott's work seems to be the most colorful and interesting movement. It's my preference. ( ^_^)=b

Anonymous said...

BB what rendering program are you using?

1 main prize
3 sub prizes
5 entries
1 disappointed contestant!

blakbird said...

@ Anonymous

I am using POV-Ray. I exported the file from LDView, substituted parts from the LGEO library, and then manually edited the file switching to different color definitions, adding 3-point areas lights, radiosity, and a High Dynamic Range light probe. I also used an alpha channel for a transparent background.

It looks to me like Martijn also used POV-Ray, but probably used the default export from L3P.

I think Minshik used a screen capture from LDView.

Mike probably also used POV-Ray but using an LDView export (you can tell because the panels looks smooth instead of faceted).

Finally, I have no idea what Nathanael used. Looks kind of like an Adobe Photoshop filter on an LDView image. It's cool, whatever it is.

Dryw Filtiarn said...

I indeed have used only the basic L3P output with straigh-away rendering. Unfortunatly I haven't found the time yet to setup my rendering properly again after a system re-install. Usually mine are quite a bit smoother and like blakbird's render with radiosity and alternate colors, etc.

@blakbird, I'd love to get some more information on how you do your rendering, so if you would please contact me so we can talk about it for a bit. Send me a message on dryw.filtiarn[at]

sarafiel said...

blakbird / Bing-O! I used LDVIEW and capture it. I like LDVIEW's cartoon style. It looks like a Original LEGO Instruction. :D

Scott said...

TOA, I don't need a prize, but I am looking to buy a couple more Blue Technic Panels #7. (They come up on BL so infrequently...)

Seriously though, I also would be interested in hearing how others set up their rendering. Up to this point, I've never quite gotten L3P Launcher and Mega-POV to recognize the LGEO parts.

Alex Campos said...

@Blakbird: Do you believe that, after all the time I've spent with MLCad, LDView, L3PAO and POV-Ray, I had never noticed that export option in LDView until you mentioned it!? TBs is definitely always a source of learning! ;)

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Dryw, blakbird,

I think I've commented it here at TBs already sometime ago, but I'd instead challenge blakbird to write here a tutorial as guest blogger about his most secret rendering skills. ;)


so I've never managed POV to recognize some LGEO parts either... :(
And blakbird knows what I'm talking about.
He even offered to take an intercontinental flight and come to help me with this. ;)

Dryw Filtiarn said...


It would be very nice if there would be a tutorial on advanced rendering of Lego models using POV-Ray. Looking forward to it.

Parax said...

Nope! Mine is just LDView. I just tweaked the settings a bit. I was trying to give my PC a work out..

I just spotted a minor error on mine too >:o(
(I'll have to keep that quiet! lol)


blakbird said...

@ Conchas, Dryw Filtiarn
I'd be happy to put together some kind of tutorial on rendering. It doesn't really have anything to do with Technic per se, but that is my primary render topic. Most of the time is spent in getting everything set up correctly in the first place. Once it is all ready, you can get a new render job ready in a few minutes (though it may still take days to render).

If Fernando buys me a plane ticket, I'll come out to see him, fix his LGEO options, AND write the tutorial. ;-) I prefer British Airways first class.

@AV Campos
The ability of LDView to export to POV-Ray is fairly recent (since version 4.0). Travis has been steadily improving this since then.

@ Dryw Filtiarn
You've got mail.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Ok, ok... I'll then wait for the tutorial. ;)

The Ads haven't raised any funds so far, so we must execute our OPEX plan strictly. TBs has currently a travel ban policy!... ;D

Taylor said...

I would love to see more of Scotts' build! That Dragonfly looks fantastic and I would love to tinker with it. Thanks for a great place for information!

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