Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TBs TechPoll 16 - What next?

Technic sets for the 2H2010 are decided for long and mass production should be in the horizon.
New sets for 2011 should be decided already.

So whatever we would most aspire, either it was meanwhile selected by chance, from the Technic Designers team to be in the roadmap or the next chance will only arrive almost three years ahead...

Nevertheless I thought it worths to ask for your most secret wishes.
Hence the question for the next TBs poll is, "Which LEGO Technic flagship, would you like next?"
And my choices for you to vote*, are:

  • Some kind of crane
  • A fully remote controlled excavator
  • Some other construction machine
  • A supercar
  • A truck
  • A flying machine (either airplane, or helicopter)
  • Something else (specify in a comment to the respective post)

Let others to know about your preference!

*) You may select multiple entries.


Anonymous said...

No more construction equipment please. Redesigned 8880 (same features) would be nice.

ThinkBrick said...

super car!

Anonymous said...

I really like the construction sets but I think it's about time they make another four-wheel drive truck. I would prefer a trail truck (eg, Unimog), or a crawler (eg, Ford Bronco, Toyota Land Cruiser). I also think TLC needs to make licensed products of another car company. I really don't like Ferrari, or BMW.

If they really want to make another construction set, build a monster dump truck (eg, Caterpillar 797F Mining Truck).

Anonymous said...

I hope we get a new supercar!

But 2010 will be the year of the return of the pnuematics so I gues the flagship will be a wheeled excavator ( wich has not to many pnumatic functions that make the risk to high ) or something alike.

arezey said...

A fully remote controlled excavator would be very cool... but a fully remote controlled supercar would be even cooler. :)

Anonymous said...

Any set that is fully remote is nice but a fully remote supercar would be awsome.

Wiseman_2 said...

After the last excavator, I want to see one fully remote controlled. That or some kind of crane. I don't know why, but I never really wanted, or liked, supercars. I guess because construction equipment just seems to exibit technic's capabilities better.

Smithy said...

I would like to see a fully remote controlled something. Preferably not an excavator or a crane as we've had too many of them.

Maybee an articulated truck or something

ClaytonJr (Merlin) said...

A fully remote controlled 6x6 supertruck, with full suspension, 3 blocking differentials, braking, working front and rear lights and 3 speeds (fast, high torque and reverse).

Unknown said...

A new 8868 would be nice. Especially if its styled like an American truck (ie, like the 8285 tow truck)

Would be nice to see a flagship with that level of pneumatics again

SirBlade said...

Cars, truck, construction equipment, it has all been done before so many times. So i propose:

a) A WW2 heavy bomber, fully functional engines and flightcontrols, bombbays and turrets.

b)Some sort of mech, for example a pneumatic walker or some sort of transformer.

Al said...

This is a tough one, apart from some kind of crane I could have picked every option, which doesn't help much. So I picked a supercar, fully remote controlled excavator and a flying machine. But to be honest, what the model is doesn't interest me as much as how well said model is realised and also, what new features or parts it has. So I would love a new supercar, just as long as it had a better gearbox than 8448/8466 (more realistic with more than one synchromesh gear size, a linkage between the driving rings and the gear stick, smoother gearchange like the 8880 and so on) and was 4 wheel drive. I would love a fully RC excavator, just as long as it was pneumatic, of course longer pneumatics ;^). I would like a flying machine, like a big sea king rescue helicopter with main rotor cyclic/collective and tail rotor pitch control with a winch and landing gear, all powered via one motor and a transmission.

Anonymous said...

We need to see a modern supercar with remote drive and steering. Off course it needs to have 4wd and full suspention.

Unknown said...

I suggest a 4x4 all-terrain picker fully remote controlled (i.e. large scale 8270). But any large to very large flagship from TLG would be awesome.

Rohan Beckett said...

I'd really prefer a non-vehicle set.

How about a really decent Universal set, that has about 5-6 different models.

Things that include mechanisms that you don't normally see in cars/trucks etc.

Even if they are just 'core assemblies', that show how something works.. and then give a dozen starter ideas about how to 'build around' it.

And if we have to have a vehicle.. what has it been 13 years since we've had something as unique and cool as the 8480 Shuttle? :)


Anonymous said...

I'd really appreciate some kind of modular sets based on a new truck (Unimog like, European style ;-)) or the existing tractor.

Beside the basic set there should be one or more extension sets for accessory devices or trailers.

Could also contain a compressor with air tank for pneumatic devices.

TechnicBRICKs said...

I'm really with Rohan suggestion!
In fact have thought to include it in the list of options, bu ended not doing it.

I wouldn't see such Universal set as the theme flagship, but definitely as renewed part of the Technic product line. Kinda "sub-theme".

Al said...

The universal sets were great I wonder why they are not done anymore. Could it be that the models of a universal set generally looked to be a little more generic and therefore not as "cool" looking as some other sets to todays market? If so I think it's a shame because I really liked the universal sets. Whilst they may look a bit generic I found that they usually had more complexity and functions when compared to sets of a similar size.

Efferman said...

I have choosed the flying Vehicle. Maybe an New Space Shuttle, or an Tilt Rotor like the Osprey, or a Sikorsky Skycrane, or a SeaKing or a Facelift of the yellow Waterplane.
But my deepest wish is a Big Mining Excavator with 16 studs long pneumatic Zylinders.

Mark Bellis said...

If the price point for a flagship set is £130 (double the 8868 price of 1991), that's enough to do something proper with pneumatics and a motor, especially if large wheels were not required (1 large wheel price > 1 pneumatic part price).

A decent helicopter, with full collective and differential individual blade control, keeping the swash plate parts in the range, would be great. It could even use proportional pneumatics to do a fly-by-hose system, something I'll have to try soon!

It's about time we had an automated pneumatic model of some kind, resurrecting TLG's support for the spirit of 8868, which has been kept alive only by AFOLs since the early 1990s.

I'd go with a decent universal set. Must have at least 10 pneumatic valve switches, 8-10 cylinders, 2 small cylinders, enough compressors to drive it, one PF medium motor and one PF XL motor (for the compressor).

The more it could enthuse kids about how things work, the better. I'd gladly contribute a sequenced robot arm and a proportionally-controlled model to a pneumatic universal set. Add a walker and a crane and you have the full suite of models to make use of all the pneumatic parts.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see an amfibious vehicule, one that really floats or some kind of other vehicule that is not as recognisable as a lot of the models of the last years. In that sense, I liked a lot this years snow-groomer. I think the out of the box idea is what attracts me, not another truck, car, tractor, ... but something else. I realize however combining this idea with something that attracts kids is not that simple.

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