Monday, December 28, 2009

1H2010 Technic sets, now available from S@H

Most of the new 1H2010 LEGO Technic sets, are now selling at Shop@Home (US) and at the majority of European countries where S@H (Europe) ships to.

As usual by his time every year, the stocks are renewing and you may also find almost 200 references listed in the Sales&Deals (despite some being already Sold Out). Hurry up!

LEGO Shop at Home

And do not forget - The Technic and MINDSTORMS S@H Ads here at TBs , are the most convenient way to get directly into the product pages of your preference and support this blog.


  1. I already get 8046 and 8048 to christmas :-D (germany, one from a normal toy shop and one from Now i'll figure out how to get pf into 8048...

  2. i own one of the 8049 Set. unfortunately the hoses are cutted in Factory so the possibilitys are restricted.
    the longpins with the axlehole in the middle are have Friction ridges. unfortunately not really usefull for heavy universal Joints

  3. here in the US, everything except the tractor is available.....Darn it!

  4. Funny to see the Tractor with Trailer already on sale... guess it did not sell very well.

    I so darn want 8049 though.. can't wait it to hit the shops here. 8047 is another. That gear looks so cool.

    BTW LDraw released 2009-03 today with around 45 new Technic parts - with for example pneumatics, gear z36 and panel fairings.
    Most important though is the 63869 triple pinhole axle joiner. Why? open it up and read the author line! :P

  5. "The requested URL /library/updates/view0903/parts/63869.dat was not found on this server."

    But guess you're the author!?

  6. The address is more like . But yep, it's mine... my first part to enter the library. :)

  7. Probably you others have noticed too, but the Race Truck hit the S@H shelves too: