Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The 2H2010 new LEGO Technic sets

Scans from the new 2010 LEGO Retail Catalog, have been posted at Brickshelf.

There we can see the new Technic sets for the 2H2010. The three sets (8051, 8052, 8053) already referred here at a previous post, and a new fully remote controlled Excavator (8043) also rumored at some forums, since a few days ago.

You may also see the boxes from the new PF Train sets.

Stay tunned! I'll later update this post (or write a new one) with further comments, for each of these new sets.

Images are gone, at the source!
By internal policy, TBs won't be the source head for any images from new sets. So lets forget about it for now.

Last Update: 2009.Dec.23 17:50 CET

Meanwhile available from Flickr, despite at a lower resolution.

Last Update: 2009.Dec.23 18:50 CET


Anonymous said...


Arjan said...

Wow .. that 8043 looks like a must-have, certainly for me!

Efferman said...

cool, a fully remoted? Excavator and a new telescopic crane. Have anyone an idea which tires it have? Anyway, this Year will be Expensive.

Anonymous said...

The crane seems to have big wheels, proboably those 81mm ones. The boom seems to have only one extendable part, but the outrigers are not paraller to each other (a new for Lego). Container truck seems to be a classic, yet never done technic set. Stylins seems simillar to cherry picker, and is proboably in simillar parts and price range. The bike seems to be a agressive sports machine with the thing wheel at dront and a big fat one in the back. I heard it has 3 cldiner engine, so its proboably an inline. Thats all i can make out of the pics for now :)

Anonymous said...

Picture just dissapeared!

Anonymous said...

Are you remember for technic exlusive poll?And for excavator mysterious win?

Really interesting in this case...

Anonymous said...

New source

sqiddster said...

wow, that excavator looks sweet. although, of course, with only 2 remotes being used, there will be either a manual function or perhaps the entire arm is controlled in one single motion?
however, it seems that none of the 2H2010 sets include pneumatics... oh well.

Parax said...

OMG I need a new mortgage!
This year is going to be expensive..

Looks Fantsatic!

arezey said...

8043: sheesh, Conchas - did you know about this?

To me it looks the remote looks more like the Incremental remote control (

8052 surely looks something I need to get. Though I still would have imagined it orange, blue is just as good. :)

PrimeNumbers said...

Excavator seems to be a must have set. Now if they'll only remember to release it in Canada....

arezey said...

I take back my words. It definitely is two binary remotes, not an incremental one.. luckily not. Would have been weird.

Darn, next year is going to be *so* good!

Anonymous said...

...considering the size of the bucket on that excavator ( 8043)...this set is going to be huge...:D

Ian said...

That excavator is so exciting! Gonna start saving now. With ozzie dollar the way it is, I might have to sell my REAL car :D

Anonymous said...

When I heard about the Excavator I was very curious. Now where I've seen the picture I'm very disappointed.

This Set could have become the best Set ever, but so it's again only a Set of many others where TLG thought they could save a few Cents with their stubborn Way of thinking (as always for very important Parts)!

-) Where's the authentic Excavator Bucket?

Someone should TLG explain the difference between a (Front)Loader Bucket

and an Excavator Bucket

and where the Articulation Points should be!

Is it so hard and/or expensive to produce a new Bucket for a Flagship Model?

How many extremely complex Parts are released every Year for other [useless, (in my Opinion)] Themes?

-) And where are longer Pneumatics or LA's?

I wait since my Childhood for longer Pneumatics but I'm sure now I never will see them! Where's the Problem, TLG?

I'm sure an (Cable controlled) Excavator with longer Pneumatics and Compressor would have been cheaper, easier to build and more realistic!

Anonymous said...

Pleas please please somebody scan pages 72 through to 75. What a great Christmas Present that would be for the whole community :)

danogo said... money says 72-75 will be the last ones scanned :)

Echoing above posts, my wallet is already emptying; I too am disappointed by lack of pneumatics but these sets are still awesome.

On the 8051 motorcycle wheels, what do you guys think--are they 51378's from the 8420 street bike (I really hope so), or light bley 2903's...or something else?

Anonymous said...

Astonishing sets!, I will buy all of them. Can't wait for the 2H.

RjbsNXT said...

Not common to see large technic sets in blue... could be interesting :D
The mobile crane doesn't look half as good as the '05 one but I suppose it will be better in some respects...
The bike also looks very similar, wonder how it will compare - same colour, same wheels !? I wonder how power functions will be implanted in it?

Last but by no means least at all, the excavator. Page 75! - how dare they put it last >:(
2 remotes will be fantastic :D
Is that a new, shorter LA I see on the bucket? already at least 4 LAs counted :)
Lots and lots of yellow, curved panels for more realistic contruction equipment :O
Outstanding, no doubt, but so will the price :(

I think the only set I will be buying this year is the 8043 as the rest have such similar siblings already produced. So many questions, so little much lego :D

RjbsNXT said...

I will probably only be getting the 8043 this year as I have recently bought many large sets. I presume that there will be 6 motors, 3 IR receivers but one of the remotes will control the tracks and then be switched to control the arm/slewing.
On the other hand I might be wrong, and the new IR receivers may play a large part ( yet I'm still unsure.

Good luck on finding more clearer pictures! :D

TechnicBRICKs said...

The extended address space won't help here.

I'm writing a deeper analysis. ;)

Anonymous said...

In the top left-hand corner of 8043, there are two small images showing what the excavator can do (like on all the other PF sets). When you zoom in, the top image clearly shows the three arm movements from a side view. The second image definitely shows the rotation (viewing from above the excavator), but there appears also to be a large white arrow 'underneath' the excavator, pointing in the direction of the tracks (just like on 8275 bulldozer), suggesting that this excavator could be fully remote controlled despite only using 2 PF handsets.

Judging by the shape of the box and size of the pieces relative to the model, I would say 8052 is a similar size (+price) to the 8292 cherry picker. 8053 is going to be much smaller than the mobile crane from 2005 (8241), and I have a feeling that the boom will be raised manually using a linear actuator (I think I can see a grey cylinder under the boom), rather than pneumatics. :(

It's disappointing that the excavator uses a pair of '4 x 4 Liftarm Bent 53.5' between the top linear actuator and the bucket, rather than using a realistic set-up like on 8294 (which uses two pairs of straight beams).

I will definitely buy 8243, and I will decide on 8052 & 8053 once I've seen the instructions.

Anonymous said...

Efferman, i think it has the same wheels quadbike has, racing small or something what was it called..
The excavator looks pricey, but theres no reason why lego should make semi rc=(what i call 'em) stuff. i think it will be full rc and cost about 200-300euro

Unknown said...

wat does 2h2010 mean plz

arezey said...

It means the second half of 2010, or the summer sets of 2010 - the Container Truck, Mobile Crane, Motorbike (or w/e) and Excavator in Technic.

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