Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Christmas time again

Another year is about to finish, so it's time for the usual Season Greetings.
This time we got some in-house gifts prepared by Alexandre, which in fact have already been "packed" since the last Christmas... As a virtual gift, you can just pick the image if you like.

The TBs team wishes to all our readers, a Merry Christmas and an Happy New 2010!

We should not forget Monica and friends, so lets give them also the Season Greetings, and wish a successful 2010 for TLG, with lots of new toys for us to buy and play.


Roboduino said...

Merry Christmas to the TB team. Keep up the good work.

Al said...

Merry Christmas to everyone hear at TB's and Merry Christmas to the Lego Technic team. I've had so much fun here over the past year and TLG have been just great and very supportive of us. Hear's to a happy new year for all!

Alex Campos said...

Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays, what matters is that this is a time of joy, independently of one's beliefs) to everyone! To my TBs colleagues, to the TBs readership, and to TLG (who, let's not forget, constantly works to give us presents twice a year, sometimes for free), I hope you all can be with your family and loved ones, and of course receive lots of LEGO (preferably Technic, but at least in my opinion almost any kind of LEGO is welcome)! :)

While rendering the gifts, I researched the possibility of building one physically, but unfortunately LEGO doesn't manufacture some of the parts in orange... oh well, let's see if any future sets feature them, so that BrickLink can get stocked on them.

Junkstyle Gio said...

Seasonal Greetings for all!.
Let's hope that we all get what we've whised for.

For everybody at TB's: Thanks for another great year.Thumbs up for all your great postings!
For everybody at TLG: Just keep coming with all those magnificent sets!

arezey said...

Heh at Technic gift images - looks like I just got myself a new wallpaper for the next two weeks. :)

Thanks for TLG for this magnificent first year of Technic for me - especially the Front Loader that basically had almost every single part I was wishing for at the time. But now there's the new pieces of the next year and especially pneumatics... and considering that I only got a chance to try those things out when I was around five or six or so at my cousin's piece boxes he left at grandpa once he entered dark ages. I remember connecting two of those old cylinders/pumps with a tube and pressing the other rod and watch the other go up. :D Next year I'll get to do that again after a bazillion years.

And thanks for TB:s for a wonderful blog to read and check on to. Surely bringing some useful info - this time it may very well be I don't need to wait until July to know what exactly are the summer sets again. :)

Anonymous said...

Those presents are really cool! :)

Merry Christmas (or Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, etc.) to all!

-Toa Of Justice

Anonymous said...

I wish you all merry christmas, happy new year, and holidays full of little pieces of ABS.

Unknown said...

Best wishes for TB crew. I wish you all merry Christmas and 2010 with a lot of fun especially with LEGO :)

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