Monday, December 14, 2009

TBs TechPoll 17 - Best and Most bought 2009 LEGO Technic sets

The 2009 season is over, and the first 2010 TECHNIC sets have already hit the shelves in some countries, for the Christmas purchases.

So that's time for a set of retrospective polls, about which are your preferred 2009 LEGO Technic sets and which ones have you actually bought this year.

Because what you prefer is not always exactly what you get, we decided for two polls like it was done one year ago. However this time they will run simultaneously, so that we get more confident if later want to compare the results from both.

So the polls are:
  • Vote for the best 2009 LEGO Technic set
  • Which 2009 LEGO Technic sets, have you bought?

About the models, you should already know. Nevertheless, lets recap them:

8063: Tractor with Trailer

8256: Super Kart

8258: Crane Truck

8259: Mini Bulldozer

8260: Tractor

8261: Rally Truck

8262: Quad Bike

8263: Snow Groomer

8264: Hauler

8265: Front Loader

As usual in this type of TBs polls, you may select multiple entries at each one.
So lets try to find which were the most favorites in 2009, and probably which ones sold better.

See the polls in the right column and... Take your vote!
You may also leave any comments to support your choices, if you have some remarks to add.


Lego Adam (Cagri Yuz) said...

I bought two of the 8259 Mini Bulldozer, it's a great set and I loved it! I also have the 8265 Front Loader but I didn't buy it as a set. I ordered the new parts from Bricklink and completed the rest from my inventory. It cost me less that way. I loved that set too, fantastic job again! I have been drooling for the 8258 Crane Truck but unfortunately it's way over my budget. But I really enjoyed going through the instructions, I totally recommend it to other fans.

Roboduino said...

I've only bought the 8265 Front Loader this year. I bought it alongside the 8275 Motorized Bulldozer as a way to get back into Lego Technic (my other sets are all over 20 years old). I voted for the 8259 Mini Bulldozer as the best set. It's a lovely design and is everything a Technic set should be. I'll certainly buy one (or two) if I see it in a store.

arezey said...

I got a 8259, and 8262-8265. I voted for the Front Loader and Snow Groomer being the best sets of the year - both are just super awesome. Crane Truck too but as I don't have it around to experience it I feel I can't vote for it. :)

Anonymous said...

You should seriously consider not showing complete articles on main page (that is have a 'Read more' link).

Wiseman_2 said...

I'm going to have to agree with what Anonymous said, sometimes there's so much stuff on the front page it crashes FireFox.

Back on subject, this year I was unfortunate enough to only be able to pick up the Mini Tractor, though the Front Loader is something I've had my eye on for a long time... I will probably pick it up in the New Year before it sells out (there's plenty of time to get the 2010 sets later).

Also, going on reviews, my vote for best set also goes to the Front Loader. The Crane Truck looked good (and looks way more complex than anything I've ever built) but I always preferred construction equipment :)

TechnicBRICKs said...

Thanks for the heads-up.

From time to time some "heavy" posts may get together in the frontpage, demanding more system resources.

I didn't find a way to get only the introductory part of a post in Blogger. So I've now decreased the number of posts displayed in the frontpage, from 8 to 6.

Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

Nothing, for this year absolutely nothing...

Al said...

I have the 8258, 8262, 8263, 8264 and 8265, voting for the 8258 as easily the best of 2009.

RjbsNXT said...

I voted Crane Truck (8258), Front Loader (8265) and Tractor and Trailer (8063) because these have definitely been my favourite setts of the year and they are just all so functional.

If anything I thought the Crane Truck (8258) was not as good as it could be for a flagship and as Han has shown, there are were some improvements to make it perfect. (

Mark Bellis said...

I didn't buy any of the Technic set this year, though I did buy a load more PF parts.

I agree that the 8258 Truck is lacking something, possibly connectivity between functions. A functional helicopter would be better in this respect. Glad that Han improved it. Still the best set of 2009.

For the Front Loader 8265 I considered that the wheels are a significant portion of the price. I have enough LAs for the moment. If the wheels had been the largest 4x4 wheels I would have been more tempted.

Same goes for the panels of 8063. Had they been Black I might have gone for it.

Same goes also for the snow tractor as I have lots of tracks already and I don't go in for curved panels.

I don't generally buy small Technic sets unless the price per piece is at least as good as the large sets and the parts are useful.

I need sets I will learn from but from TLG's point of view I accept that's increasingly difficult the more I learn! Open Rotor jet engine anyone? :-)

I'm much more likely to buy 8049 next year because of the pneumatics. I have enough pneumatic parts for a while, but I support their return to the range. I could do something with more mini compressors too.

I found firefox grinds very slowly with embedded videos, sending the Commit Charge rapidly to its maximum and using up all the RAM on a 1GB PC. It happens only on this site. Making video downloads optional would help reduce the amount of RAM used on the home page. Then each individual page could have a single video per MOC, which is few enough to work with 1GB of RAM.

Ryan said...

I bought (and already sold some of them due to space restraints):
- 8259
- 8261
- 8262
- 8265
- 8258

I voted for 8258 - it's super

(maybe you should consider the option of only voring for one set for the best set of 2009 poll!)

Ryan said...

Oh and I also bought 8263

sqiddster said...

I bought 8265, this year, and I must say, I was very happy with it; it was my first source of linear actuators, and new parts (I haven't bought a new technic set since the 8674.)

However, my vote for the best has to go to the crane truck. It has the awesome cabin shape and incredibly complex gearbox, and broke numerous part number records.

But what won it for me was the B-Model. What a good-looking model! usualy B-Models are second rate (as it was unfortunately in the 8265) but the crane truck B-model is pure WIN!

Neilgue said...

I would love to buy the 8258, but I have not seen it in any shop yet. (I live in Melbourne, Australia.)

TechnicBRICKs said...


by allowing multiple votes for the best set, I intend to avoid the votes to concentrate at just one or two sets and thus get a better idea on the others popularity.
Even so we see that votes tend to concentrate on few sets, but we get a rough idea for the others as well.

Cheng Fei said...

I bought Crane Truck (8258) & Front Loader (8265).
I voted for Crane Truck (8258) because of the marvelous outlook and the complex gearbox.

Junkstyle Gio said...

I've been buying and buying this year. Got 6 out of 9 models this year. The big models (8063, 8265 and 8258) are of course my favorites, but i realy like the oh so cute 8260. Got it even twice to make a small copy of the 8063 of it...) All in all a very good Technic year.

Roboduino said...

I just changed my vote. I popped into my local supermarket and picked up two 8259 Mini Bulldozers and an 8260 Tractor at 25% off :)

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