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TBs TechReview 08 - 8049, Tractor with Log Loader (Part II)

A few days ago, we have started the '8049, Tractor with Log Loader' review, with Part I.
So lets now continue for Part II.

Having finished to build the main model, there were a few parts left, as seen from the photo below.

Did you noticed anything unexpected?
So do I, when first opened the box... ...well in fact even before that.

Those with most attention, may have wondered why didn't I post any picture from the box backside, in the 1st part of the review?...
That's where the surprise gets revealed in first place!

Yes! 8049 comes with some extra parts (including one very welcome small pneumatic pump) and instructions, to build and integrate an air compressor, inside the trailer chassis. Thus making this set even more complete in terms of pneumatics assortment, for those who want to initiate into the topic.

But that (the pump), was already there in a few photos... if you look through very carefully.

Also it is worth to mention, this is the second Technic set ever, to include such a feature, after the venerable Air Tech Claw Rig (8868).
To build it you will need however, also some parts from the 8293, PF Motor Set. Those also in the photo below.

The instructions for doing it, are in the end of the 2nd instructions booklet as expected, and you must start by removing some parts from the trailer chassis, before you can install the compressor inside.

Then it proceeds to the parts assembling for the compressor it self.
Funny to see they have used the Engine Crankshaft (2853) part, to create the displacement.

Below some photos from the compressor, after integration into the chassis.

And finally the renewed and complete trailer, for the Log Loader, where the PF Battery Box replaces the grill to separate the crane section from the cargo.

It is interesting to see how such a small displacement from the crankshaft, is enough for the PF M-motor together with the small cylinder and 1:1 gearing, to produce the pressure required and fast enough, to operate the both pneumatic cylinders, in the crane arm.

Here a small video, where you can see it working.

Great playability, for such small set!

Final thoughts

It was great fun, to prepare and write this review! Even more knowing many of you would be anxious for it and probably not imagining that we would get such a great set.

This will be a mark in the LEGO Technic timeline for several reasons and definitely an evidence that beyond the LEGO Technic core target group (boys aged 9-13), there is a team also willing to please their adult fans with fantastic sets and give answer to their wishes.
But we should not forget, this was only possible when they found that boys really liked being able to play with pneumatics in this particular model. And so it should always determine what we can get and expect from LEGO Technic.

This is also a must have set, for those who never had the chance to play with LEGO pneumatic elements. Here you get almost a bit of everything needed to start! and just need to buy two or three boxes if you want more...
It still misses the air tank and the small pneumatic cylinder, but maybe we get to see them again into a Technic set, soon.

Guess this will be selling like bananas!...

The Ratings

as set value for money
for innovation
for set design
for functionality and playability
for quality (no issues with the exemplar received, like missing parts, parts color variation, defects, etc...)

Overall rate: Highly Recomended

One of our readers sent me a note about this review, and he is absolutely right.
I didn't made it in this detail initially, but when we have a motor running a pump, we get a motorized pump, not a compressor. For a compressor we need to add an air tank to "compress" air into it. That is were the name "compressor" comes from.

Last Update: 2009.Dec.14 08:25 CET


Parax said...

This looks like a great set! shame its not a mini actuator though! I hope that will come again too..

Efferman said...

This Set will bought by myself, and not only once

arezey said...

What a plot twist, it came to me out of the blue! This set is more than a must to me now. :P

Jetro said...


Sorry, just had to let go some adrenaline... Absolutely fabulous!

@Parax: not sure what you mean by mini actuator. A mini LA?

Al said...

I think he meant a small oneumatic cylinder.

This set is increadible, bravo lego technic team!

Jetro said...

bother :(

TechnicBRICKs said...

bother ???

Jetro said...

Used to express annoyance or mild irritation.

I got so excited about the little pump I completely forgot the little piston.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Oh, Ok! ;)

I didn't realize you were speaking about a mini cylinder.
I would prefer one 2-3 times longer, instead!
But a mini one, would be also welcome! ;D

Parax said...

yes I meant the mini piston. I would like them to do a large cylinder too something like the old one would be a good start!

sqiddster said...

my jaw seriously dropped when I saw that first image. Awesome. I think that I now HAVE to get this set.
Maybe I'll be lucky and it will be here in time for after-christmas sales?

Junkstyle Gio said...

Great review with a nice twist! A great way of presenting it to us in a two-part review!
Nice work Canchas!
With these extra parts TLG give us some great motorisation of this model! (And them an extra boost in sales of the motor-set....)
But still.
This model doesn't do it for me. The movie explains it just fine. Controlling the pneumatic cylinders is really hard and looks unrealistic to me.

Can't wait for the 2nd half 2010 stuff!

TechnicBRICKs said...

No... that's inability of mine!... ;)

Sverre said...

Great news!!! Bravo to the the Lego group for adding the PF option. This set is defiantly something I´ll buy once it´s out. I´ve played a lot with Lego pneumatics as a kid, so this is like a home coming us oldies :)
Also, Conchas, love the twist on the review! Great job.

DesRobi said...

OK I can see that it's a nice idea to add a pneumatic pump to this model, but when 'O' when is Lego going to add a complete unit compressor, with auto cut of valve. Maybe even a variable controlled auto cut off valve

Al said...

I think the pneumatics move very realisticly offering realistic power and speed when operated right (also like that it requires just a tiny bit of skill to do that, it's more fun). I did once like the idea of a ready made compressor but now I wonder if having it done for you would be just a bit boring. Give me longer pneumatics anyday.

David said...

Thank you Conchas and the Lego Group. This review just leaves me thinking how I can sort this so that I can get the set as a Christmas present ? ;) I see it is on with a release date of 18Dec, but will it be the same in the UK ?? :S I can but only hope....

Lego Adam (Cagri) said...

Thank you very much for this wonderful review! I'm surprised that they included additional parts for an air compressor. Apart from the lime color, I think this is a great set. Looks like a winner, must buy it now :(

arezey said...

What's wrong with lime? Lime's a beautiful colour IMHO. And even if it isn't, it's better than having this be another yellow set again.

Sverre said...

Yep, as asked above. What´s the release date of this set?

blakbird said...

I like everything about this except that the battery box looks very ugly and out of place on the trailer. But that is completely acceptable as an excuse to provide us with the parts for a compressor.

Alex Campos said...

A really superb review of a superb set! Not only the main model is very nice (even though a cylinder engine or a pendular suspension wouldn't hurt), but the secondary one is also very worthy on its own, and the added bonus of the small pump is the icing on the cake! I really hope this set gets the distribution it deserves, as it should indeed sell like bananas.

Alex Campos said...

Ah, I forgot to mention: I bet the 2nd most frequent modification people will do to their Tractors will be to change the compressor to take advantage of the small pump's full stroke. Just as it happens with the Air Tech, the "production model" compressor only uses half of the pump's capabilities...

obd scanner said...


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