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Building Instructions for 8265 motorization, by Sarafiel

Old news, no news...

Yes! As I did, many of you should already have seen these long time ago.
But I'm pretty sure not everyone did. Also this is worth in itself for a reference and to become widely known, not to mention it may turn very useful for many more, who may have not seen it yet.

After the 8265 (Front Loader) release in the 2H2009, many attempted their own modifications to make it fully motorized. We have already seen some of them here [1, 2], with a special note to Attila's photo-instructions illustrating his solution in a series of multiple but comprehensive steps.
As seen, some made this model fully remote controlled and improved from each other who did it before. But none took the huge task of making it into professional like instructions.

... until some time later Sarafiel (Minshik Kong), a Korean AFOL from BrickInside, took the epic challenge to fully document his proposal for the motorization of this model. Originally in a Worm Steering version.

The unofficial 4th book.

Not happy with the amount of work done, he made it again. The second time, for an LA Steering version.

The unofficial 5th book.

This is a tremendous work, where the full models had to be made into MLCAD and then converted into stepwise instructions with LPUB 4.0.

The images above have links to the respective folders at Brickshelf. However if you want to download the full instructions at once in a convenient manner, I'd suggest you to use the BSBackup free software.

As a suggestion to Sarafiel, he could also use the RapidShare free online service, to upload the respective single file PDF document versions (which I'm glad to have), as he did initially at some other restricted hosting service for the first set of instructions (although not available anymore).

Meawhile, the 8265 motorization seems to have become a very popular "sport" in Korea :) and many have developed their own solutions.
Here a few links to the BrickInside forum. Despite everything in Korean, the images worth a thousand words, and speak for themselves.
  • ridder, directly assembled and took pictures.
  • pcility, also does not use Linear Actuators in steering.
  • Isyou2, built 3 motors side-by-side. Then engine was removed but everything is very compact.
  • Lumix, made his version in red of passion.
  • luh2000, in a large post.

Important is that all them tried own ideas and finally got 8265 moving.

One of our readers, provided us with links to download the Sarafiel's single file instructions (PDF format), from MegaUpload.

Last Update: 2010.Jan.16 23:30 CET


Anonymous said...


I`ve uploaded both versions as I received both instructions by Sarafiel himself through mail.

Below the link with lineair actuator:

Without lineair actuator:

TechnicBRICKs said...

Oh, Thanks!

I may update, the post later with this information.

Arjan said...

Amazing. Really, amazing.

Alex Campos said...

As I was reading the post, I was already thinking about suggesting something other than RapidShare to upload the instructions: the extremely long time allowed between downloads is infuriating, and I consider myself an especially patient person!

Now, for a few steps up in the level of challenge: do a similar motorisation, but for the 8868 Air Tech Claw Rig! ;)

sarafiel said...

Thanks TB.

I wasn't use raphidshare and other Big size file upload service yet. Korea LUG Brickinside has FTP but only log-in members use it. So, I just upload each page to brickshelf.

My instruction's file size is total about 100Mbyte over. So I was worried about how to show it.

TB and with the help of a good member, I have my instructin hosted very pleased about.

No copyright problems. I have already my own personal logo on each page, very much was inserted. Copyleft according to the spirit, everything is ready to open.

Anonymous said...

I followed the instructions for the one with the linear actuator steering. It doesn't work for me. The locomotion and boom go up and down, but the steering doesn't work. There is also a lot of tension in the whole frame with the battery pack in it.

Does anyone has the same problems?

Anonymous said...

hi there!! first of all, thanks a lot to Sarafiel for the great job, and for TBs that allowed to get the instructions!!

about the construction itself, i had a problem, in both instruction models...
the direction... the locomotion is good, and all the movements of the arm is great to, but i could get any solution fot the direction of the vehicle... i saw the i'm not the only one with problems in the directions, so... anyone could leave some tips on how to solve this problem? Sarafiel, did it work with you??

thanks in advance!! (and sorry for my bad englisg..)

Anonymous said...

Hi again... i retried the building of the model whitch uses the LA, and surprise of surprises... it works very well....
there is just one little thing that i will explore tomorrow, that is when the car goes forward, i hear a "crunch", some noise, that i think it is some gear in tension... but i have to analyse this tomorrow...
the steering works like a charm, and the bucket movements are very smooth...

Daywalker said...

Hi...the model ist just amazing.
Very good work.

...but I the steering doesn´t work for me. There is only a "cracking" of the cogs. And it doesn´t work "smooth".
Something should be wrong...but I don´t know where is the mistake.
Can anybody help?


Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I built the wormgear version yesterday. I should have bought one extra linear actuator, because the steering is not good. It jams like the original version and won't always turn right without helping with hand. And the XL motor applies too much torque, because I hear horrible grinding (skipping) noises from the gears every time, when it starts moving forward or backward. The XL-motor kind of rises up a little bit, so the gears do not connect properly. Maybe I should add some strings in order to keep it in place. I am disappointed, because I invested nearly 100 euros for the motors and other required parts!

Hans said...

I know that this is a dead thread but just in case someone strays this way I'd like to share my version of Sarafiel's LA design. I really appreciate his work and clever solutions but I also found that it had some problems. They were mainly on the rear side where the cock wheels that help drive the linear actuator steering didn't connect nicely under load. So I made that more solid. Also the pistons of the V6 were touching one cock wheel so I moved the V6 back slightly. The V6 ran too slow and the whole thing was in a very high gear. It would go too fast or get stuck on the smallest bump due to a lack of torque. I geared down by replacing the axles with portal axles. You can see it in the video. It runs very smoothly now and it is my favorite set.

Unknown said...

I am rather new in this area. I've bought parts for upgrading front loader 8265 according to Sarafiel's Instruction booklet 5. Now it can not be accessed on this web page any more. I am kindly asking for this instruction in order to complete this project, please.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Tell me your mail address and I'll send you the instructions, as I've a copy of them.


TechnicBRICKs said...


You got mail!

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for your kind assistance.

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