Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Instructions for Crowkillers Gallardo, by Blackbird

For those who may have not noticed it yet, Eric (Blakbird) has produced great building instructions for the 1:10 Lamborghini Gallardo, designed by Paul Boratko (Crowkillers).

If you want to have professional like instructions, they are actually being sold by both the MOC designer and the instructions author, for the amount of $24,99. It's up to you to chose from whom to buy them, so I provide both ways through links under the logos from these two very well known AFOLs, below.

There are over 1.500 parts in this model and the building instructions include 68 pages.
If for some reason you don't think their work worths the money or don't agree on someone selling his hobby's work, don't forget you can just access the photo instructions like, made available by Crowkillers for free. They can be found at his Brickshelf folder.

In case you would like to acquire the car in a complete kit, boxed with all the required parts and instructions, you may also buy it at eBay, directly from Crowkillers.

Just in case the auction link above is not working anymore, by the time you get into reading this, then just search for 'crowkillers-incorparated' at eBay.


mahjqa said...

No suspension, no gearbox? No thanks.

It's too bad, really. Most of his cars are crammed full of high-tech gadgets, which leaves this a bit boring. I suppose this is done so making instructions would be easier, but still...

Anonymous said...

I agree with mahjqa. Seems like a cheap rip off of his usually great vehicles...

blakbird said...

Paul did not make the model with instructions in mind. I did that on my own.

Paul said this model was intentionally simple as was intended to mesh perfectly with the LEGO Ferrari 599 Fiorino and Enzo. It is meant to look like a product that LEGO might release today. Naturally, you could add suspension or a gearbox if that's what you want.

Anonymous said...

Epic fail : selling the instruction for $24,99 for it to looks like a professionnal product (I mean sold by a company). -_-'

With $25, the seller would have looked more "humble".

Anyway, $25 is by far too expensive for this BI. On BS, we can find tons of free instructions of MOCs which are technically much more interesting.

Furthermore, I think people shouldn't compel fans to pay to get instruction. They should offer it for free, and enable them to give money (with a paypal adress for example), IF THEY WANT, TO SUPPORT THEIR WORK.

I'm convinced that people would be fair. Me first.


mahjqa said...

Anio; this is exactly what he did. You can get the pictures for free on Brickshelf. Quit yer yappin'.

If you see something that you think is too expensive: DON'T BUY IT. Nobody's forcing you to.

Blakbird: that makes a little more sense.

Nico71 said...

The moc is good, but 25$ (oh excuse me 24,99$) is quite expensive for instruction which isn't on paper. I agree to the free support, and maybe fixed price for professional instruction, but on paper! Not in download. I hope you will release a new version on paper and not only in DL. and I hope your work won't be only lucrative.


Menno Gorter said...

A Lambo shouldn't be red!

Almost everybody called Dryw Filtiarn's Mercedes a Ferrari due to it's red colour....
Believe it can harm your mood.

Randy said...

LOL at the Epic fail comment. I just checked his feedback and It looks to me like he is doing quite well with his sales of both the kits and instructions.

I am sure that if Lego made all of the parts in yellow, this model would not be red.

From what Blakbird claims, It doesn't seem that Paul had any original intention of profiting from this model, but even if he does, so what? It doesn't look to me like it would be too hard to build this from the pictures that he had already supplied in his brickshelf folder.

Ramacco said...

I think you also can build the Lambo from the pictures in his Brickshelf Gallery.

And I agree with Nico71, to expensive, not on paper!!

Paul Boratko said...

First off, this started as a project that my wife talked me into designing because she was assuming that Lego was going to be releasing a Technic Lambo in the near future, so she persuaded me to build one like Lego would to go with her 8145 and 8653. Then after about 3 months, I finally had a model that I was happy enough with to post pictures of, I posted some detailed pictures so that everyone could build this, and many already have.

I can't imagine how many hours Eric put into doing these instructions, so what is wrong with a little compensation?

I have been taking all of the profits from my instruction sales(Which only comes to about $19 after Ebay and Paypal fees) and putting kits together. I don't know if any of you actually realize how much it costs to buy parts to put these kits together, but I barely make any money off of them at all. Especially after the $50 in fees after the auction ends.

So basically everything I make is going right back into the Lego community.

And Nico71, Paper instruction is no good and I'll tell you why.

Most of the downloads that I have sold have been to overseas buyers and the whole reason why I changed to strictly downloads was to save people money in shipping(Which I could also feed off of like a shark, but would rather not)

If someone wants to print their own instructions, it would be FAR cheaper to do that from their own download rather than pay $20 extra for shipping. Think about it.

I think that I have gone out of my way enough to give everyone what I can, and that includes sending people parts completely free of charge.

And I can't stop laughing at the "Cheap Rip-Off" comment. It's funny, one minute I get bashed for using too many parts and having models that are "Too Complex" So I decide to go the whole "Lego Designer" route and build a model that In my opinion is probably one of the best models that I have ever done, and that is still no good either. If you "Master" builders out there can do better, than be my guest.

And the car is RED because that was the only color that Lego currently makes all of the new Panels in. By the way, Lamborghini DOES make their cars in Red.

I am currently working on a Yellow 1:10 scale lamborghini Michelago with Suspension, but Trasmissions don't look right in 1:10 scale cars.

I built myself a very good reputation in the Lego world and it didn't happen overnight.

Now I have idiots bashing me on my own site...

Nice Job...

Anonymous said...

If you think this model could be desinged by LEGO, well it's stil has way, way to many parts.

I must say, I like the overall look of this model much better then EVERY 1:8 model you build, it's shape is much "smoother".

But as everyone, else I prefer model with supsension and a gearbox ( and some additional stuff wich makes a car more special )

Menno Gorter said...

I told you: red can harm your mood...
Not everyone were bashing you; only the idiots. :-)

I'm sure if you were able to build it in another colour, it would have been anything else than red.
And yes; red is linked to a certain brand like four legs are linked to an AT-AT.

I absolutely like the shape of the Lambo, but hope it will be available in bleu or (better for me) orange soon. ;-)

( Idiots have a annoying habbit asking for the impossible, even if you manage to provide that. )

TechnicBRICKs said...


obviously you do an excellent job!
With cars this style or the larger ones you use to do.
Of course I do not like all them the same way, as I also do not like all the LEGO official sets the same way.

Everything as its own purpose and place. This is indeed a car intended to peer with 8145 and 8653, nothing else! Don't know how would LEGO designers have done that, but I certainly wouldn't do it better...
And you have plenty of other cars with all that many of us like and dream to get again from TLG (someday). Specially if the do not include soooo many parts to build panels like... ;D

Just keep doing them for us to get delighted!
You do not need to prove nothing.


Oh yes, in Orange please!!... :)
I take two!

Anonymous said...

I´m really embarrassed when reading the comments of those negative people. I do hope those comments are written by some ignorant kids who do not know better.
Paul, you cars are amazing!! I´ve been looking at your photos for hours, and will still. Keep up the good work, cause there are many fans of your work out there. Have a nice week end :)


blakbird said...

I admit it is very disheartening to put so much work into something and then see people bash it. I have only sold 2 sets of instructions and spent a couple of hundred hours making them, so I guess that means I made about $0.25 per hour. This is why no one makes building instructions and why you will probably not see any more of them.

arezey said...

> If you think this model could be desinged by LEGO, well it's stil has way, way to many parts.

TechnicBRICKs said...


I believe you got a great joy, while doing these instructions.
An this is the biggest reward you probably got from this, apart acquiring larger proficiency in the topic.

Great work!!

Anonymous said...

@ arezey
Yes, but the 8258 is bigger and has way more functions!

@ paul
I did not say that this model is bad. Speaking of styling, this car is by far your best. Of course I ( and most people ) prefer more funtions like suspension and a gearbox, but I understand that you wanted this model to match with the enzo and fiorano and leave it out.

Speaking of styling; styling with technic is very, very hard. Especially technic panels are very hard to use in a sweat way. Also, there aren't that many styling elememts. And more terrible LEGO don't use many colors in the current sets. For example, angle connectors DO exist in plenty of colors but at the moment, LEGO mostly is using red, black and ( dark ) grey. The same is for flex-axles and panels. Of course, I understand why where not getting them in weird colors like purple and metalic colors ( only usefull for a few sets ), but I would like to see more colors ( and more often ) like yellow, blue and lime.

Maybe this is interresting for a poll:
-Witch elements that already do exist would you like to see more often? ( and witch colors do you prefer? )
-And witch elements that do you want to see in NEW colors ( and witch color )

This could be interresting for LEGO to design future sets!

TechnicBRICKs said...

some polls you mentioned are quite impracticable, because of the nature of the questions and the diversity of LEGO elements. Unless they are left as comments to a poll post.

But at least the colors poll is quite interesting.
I'll do it sometime in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Conchas : "An this is the biggest reward you probably got from this"



Anonymous said...

I am one of the two folks who bought the digital instructions directly from Blakbird. He knows who I am; I live across the state. I can say that the instructions are EXCELLENT and save a LOT of time trying to decipher individual photographs that Crowkillers posted on Brickshelf. I can say that there isn't any cost savings in trying to buy your OWN parts for the Lamborghini. The cost of Crowkillers' Lamborghini Gallardo kits and auctions are reasonable. I believe him when he says he's only making a tiny profit on his auctions. I applaud the efforts of Crowkillers and Blakbird!

Al said...

Crowkillers and Blakbird have a well deserved reputation in the community for making many many valued interlectual contributions and I too applaud them and hope that they continue to make such contributions it whatever way they please and obtain much joy from it despite the odd bullshit comment.

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