Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TBs TechPoll 17 (Results) - Best and Most bought 2009 LEGO Technic sets

After 2 weeks and a very good participation from our readers, the polls for the "Best and Most bought 2009 LEGO Technic sets", came to an end and here are the results.

This year we decided to make both pools in parallel so the results from both could be better compared, and we can also be sure that results from the first pool, would not influence somehow the results for the second pool.

Unlike in the previous year, one set from the 1st half marked position among its larger brothers, from the 2nd half. Although the margin was minimal for the set immediately following in the top-sellers list. In fact we had also noticed before that the Mini Bulldozer (8259) was the teeny-weeny surprise of the year 2009 for a few reasons.

From the amount of voters in each pool, it seems obvious that not all who have expressed here their preferences, have actually bought even one single 2009 Technic set. In fact more than 20% of the voters unless they didn't want to share, what they have bougth.

Also the most preferred and most bought sets, have changed positions among the two parallel pools (Best and Top-selling sets). Most likely the lower price from 8265 have helped for it selling better, despite the 8258 being the preferred Technic set in 2009, according to the data retrieved here at TBs .
Nevertheless 1st and 2nd place rankings were relative close and with a big gap from the followers, which was not really a surprise in my point of view. 

So, side-by-side lets see the winners for 2009, in both categories!

The Best
2009 LEGO Technic sets

The Top-selling
2009 LEGO Technic sets *

8258, Crane Truck

1st Place

8265, Front Loader

8265, Front Loader

2nd Place

8258, Crane Truck

8263, Snow Groomer

3rd Place

8259, Mini Bulldozer

By the end of the year, will come back with similar polls, for the 2010 sets.

*) Exclusively according to the data collected within this poll, thus not related with any TLG official figures.


Shmade said...

I am not sure If there was an option for those who bought same set more than once...

TechnicBRICKs said...

No, there wasn't.
I think it would have increased the poll complexity a lot.

So voters could have just select the several sets they have bought, without specifying quantities.
Nevertheless, except for the AFOLs it is very unlikely someone to buy multiple units from the same reference, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure somebody wanted 8258 to win best set. Sometimes it had high point jumps in several minutes.

TechnicBRICKs said...

We never know...

But do you think, it is not the best 2009 set?

Anonymous said...

Misaligned front wheels certainly kill some of the pleasure of 8258. Manual outriggers don't help that. Neither does one missing rear differential. The cabin looks and feels rather shabby. Rear wheels could have been doubled, but it's not such a big deal for me. All in all it's a great set - don't get me wrong. Especially if you put it on a shelf and never play with it :) I just keep thinking it could have been so much more refined. But apparently some people feel otherwise ;)

I'd go with 8265 for 2009. It's not without it's flaws, but they are not that obvious.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Ok, I got your POV.


RjbsNXT said...

I usually buy sets only for the pieces it contains so I now wish that I had bought 8265 as opposed to 8063 as i needed the linear actuators, U-Js, differentials, frames etc rather than the plates and old diff >:(.

No worries though, theres of time yet to buy it :)

The crane truck would be far better though with the wheels, LAs, driving rings, plates etc etc but it was too expensive.

----My choices----
Best : 8265 and 8258
Bought: 8063

Jetro said...

I think the results were quite predictable. For some reason many believe the biggest set is always the best and many others who never bought any of the smaller sets because "of course those are too simple" could not give an opinion about those smaller sets.

I agree with the results in that very clearly the three best sets of the year were 8258, 8265 and 8263, although not necessarily in that order. I thing that when it comes to evaluating which was the best set in terms of cost/parts/playability the Snow Groomer should come out on top!!

The trouble is that since we were allowed to choose multiple sets i selected all three and many who may not have bought the snow groomer did not select that specific set.

This becomes especially apparent when you compare who bought sets with who voted for those sets. For both of the bigger models there ere more people who believe the sets to be the best than people who actually bought them.

The case of the Hauler is unfortunate but was to be expected. It was way too simple for its price class. Big, but few functions.

Al said...

I completely agree with 8258 being the best set of 2009. Not because it's the biggest, it is a similar size and same piece count as the tow truck from 2006 and that was not very good, even it's single pneumatic could'nt save that. It's the most complex and....well....technical. I have also been reading about some people breaking gears, some people building the arm wrong so it won't fold down correctly and some people not aligning the axles properly. I had non of those issues, even after LOTS of heavy playing and found it to be an easy build so I can assure you it's not the fault of the model, it's instructions or it's design ;^). Kudos to the designer of this set, a worthy flagship and winner of this poll 8^). I'll take more like that please TLG, but with pneumatics of course!!!!! 8^D

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