Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week TechVideo, 2010 #05 - There is no school like the old school

Today I bring something different, that Mahjqa brought to my attention.
Old LEGO Technic stuff, at the service of humor and most genius criminals...

The Olsen Gang (Danish: Olsen-banden, Norwegian: Olsenbanden, German: Die Olsenbande) is an original Danish criminal gang in the fictional movies of the same name. The gang's leader is the criminal genius and habitual offender Egon Olsen. The other members of the gang are Benny and Kjeld. The gang members are harmless and never use violence.

This is an excerpt from the 11th movie "Olsen-banden overgiver sig aldrig" or "The Olsen Gang never surrenders", from 1979 in the Danish original, or 1981 in the Norwegian version.

Most of the movies start with Egon coming out of jail and being enthusiastically welcomed by Benny and Kjeld. Egon will inform his friends of his latest plan for making them all millionaires and instructs them to provide the necessary equipment. The plans usually feature everyday artifacts such as LEGO or any other household items, which are combined to work like Rube Goldberg machines. And this is exactly where another relation with LEGO comes to my mind, because of the contraptions developed in most GBC modules, also inspired on the same Rube Goldberg machines concept.
In the end Egon – after having succeeded with a genius plan – loses because he underestimates the power of other unscrupulous criminals, with whom the Olsen Gang usually gets involved somehow...

For more details, you may for instance read at Wikipedia, from where I took parts of this post.

Thanks Peer!


Anonymous said...

Nostalgia !! This really brings me back as I´ve grown up with these films :)

Sverre, Norway

santi said...

Wow, the LEGO machine is actually awesome! both the stair climber and the door opener robot are pretty cool!

Anonymous said... simple and inovative...amazing...:D

Ulf Andersson said...

Thanks to the Olsen-Banden,
called Jönssonligan in Sweden,
I was inspired to build a stairclimbing robot.

I´m amazed how advanced
the model was in the movie,
conidering they only had 4,5 Volt motors. I used 9 Volt motors to mine
and it climed 90 degrees vertically and horisontally.

Martin Nygaard said...

I love this clip.
I'm from Denmark, and have seen all of the Olsen banden movies.
I love the.

arezey said...

Heh amazing. And featured in a movie. Love it. :)

santi said...

Btw, I had never seen the show before. Other than this one, do they show any other lego robots?

Al said...

Haha brilliant, what a humerous and creative robot and it worked so well.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that this wasn't featured on LEGO TV (from Comcast and Cox in the United States, more details on the LEGO Club's Web site)! :o Oh well, maybe next year (and hopefully with English subtitles too).

-Toa Of Justice

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