Saturday, February 6, 2010

8043 Excavator, at another Toy Fair

New photos from the 8043 Excavator, which I guess to be from the Nuremberg Toy Fair, still running.

Click over, for bit larger images.

Now we are able to see it also from upper and the backside.

Really awesome from these angles!
It looks a sensational model.

I see a red handle just behind the battery box, but hope it to be for making easier the on/off switch and not any other manual function.

Have replaced the original photos, by others meanwhile also found online.
A lot more there, about other LEGO themes.

Last Update: 2010.Feb.07 13:20 CET


arezey said...

now that's a long excavator arm!
This is going to be fabulous.

Anonymous said...

red handel is siting wher the switch to the battery box is. Box for the Excavator in the behaind is real box becau it not having a confidentiol stamp on it (better pitcer on the box). you can also see the countainer truck in real saiss.

Anonymous said...

locks it is a new tape of battery box!!!!!1

Noel Maywald said...

I too have been looking forward to the excavator model (8043) but judging from the latest photo I think we are in for some disappointment. An excavator should hold its load with the boom fully extended but this is not going to happen. Its a constraint caused by using the bucket from a front loader where the main pivot point is not located on the top edge of the bucket. You can see the required arrangement on the smaller excavator.

Sumendar said...

Good call, Noel. Probably that's the reason they changed the two liftarms near the bucket to straight ones. I modded my mock-up arm to make the situation a bit better, just needed longer liftarms (1x7 thick -> 1x9 , 1x5 thin -> 1x6), but still, a new kind of bucket would've been better. And as the box is not preliminary any more, we can be fairly certain that these and any future pics are of the final model. I noticed the two 20-bevel gears at the dual actuators are no longer tan, so looks like the earlier guess that they will be clutch gears was correct. I was a bit surprised by the actual routing of the axles through the O-frame, I thought they would go through the holes in the frames, but I guess it's less part-intensive (2 U-joints less, but also less robust) to route them on top of each other between the frames. As for size, not too shabby for a 1123-part model: ~24L x 22W x 8H trackbase, ~26L x 20W x 12/7H superstructure, reach about 30 forwards, maximum bucket height around 40 studs (useless due to bucket shape though).

Anonymous said...

"I noticed the two 20-bevel gears at the dual actuators are no longer tan, so looks like the earlier guess that they will be clutch gears was correct."

May be the chassis was rotated by 180°. So you can't see them on the photo.


Autobaas said...

But I think, that the bucket has a little flaw... You see, if the arm is up, everything will fall out of the bucket :D

Unknown said...

In my opinion ref lever isn't part of BBox- it could show position of driving ring.

Parax said...

Noticed thats a new box. the last pix had the bent liftarms for the bucket, this one shows straight beams.

TechnicBRICKs said...


I'll want to try both, to see how they differ on the reported bucket pivoting problem.

Anonymous said...

konrad said...
In my opinion ref lever isn't part of BBox- it could show position of driving ring.

I agree, if you zoom in on the picture you can see it's not attached to the battery box,the switch is at the back of the excavator.

Anonymous said...

I think the red lever is just to indicate in wich position the drive rings are, so you can easely see wich funtions are selected ( tracks and turntable or the three arm functions ).

arezey said...

In whatever case the red switch is definitely not for the battery box. In the new first image there is clearly some stone gray visible towards the rear after the lids, and the red switch is on the opposite side.

arezey said...

Also found this by changing filename, heh:

white panel plates and lime green panel shells. fun. :)

elperez said...

I think the red swicth works with the red level on the IR controller.

It used for select drive or turntable movements.

The other three level on the controller are for the arm movements.


arezey said...

Hmm.. I'm beginning to think that it's some sort of 2x(1+1+1) function cluster.

The red stick on the remote would be a "mode selector".
When in mode 1, two of the three other sticks would control the two treads. The third one would be for turntable.
When in mode 2, the three sticks would be used for arm movement.

That would be uber cool! *begins to wonder was this the "driving ring theory" that has been going on here for some time..*

RjbsNXT said...

I think this set is quite a disappointment to be honest, but I appreciate their thinking - I can fit 5 motors neatly into the 8294, and they can't even fit 5 into a model twice it's size...?
Although I do like the fact that it contains some intricate mechanisms which will be interesting to discover and that not everybody would want to pay 6 motors when 4 is enough.
If you can make sense out of this : I think bad is good here.

mpj said...

I noticed some differences in the understructure, from the previous photos (Toronto toy fair) and the current photos (Nuremberg toy fair). I made a comparison picture:

The first undercarriage looks shorter!

TechnicBRICKs said...

Most likely these boogie wheels are articulated, thus the effect you observe.

Try to count/estimate the number of treads in each track.
They look to me exactly the same.

Ramacco said...

I guess this can help us with the arm secrets.

Enjoy !


mpj said...

BIG images here:


Unknown said...

From one of those pictures the sticker near the red lever could be seen. This lever has two positions: drive and arm operation!


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