Monday, February 15, 2010

High-res pictures of 2H10 Technic sets, now from NY Toy Fair

The NY Toy Fair 2010 started yesterday and this morning FBTB website had already published photos from every 2H set, at Flickr.

Great is that we finally got some decent resolution images from all the 2H Technic sets.
Click at each image to get the correspondent highest resolution image available. Depending on the browser you are using, you may need a 2nd click over the image, for the full resolution image where you will need to pan in order to inspect each detail.

8051: Motorbike

This is not the first set with a 3-inline motor (only 8455 had one before), but the shaft is farthest to the cylinders for the firs time, so it got a new crank design.
Instead of the 2852 (Technic Engine Connecting Rod), I guess this motor uses cranks made with an axle towball with angled connectors #1 and #2 (well... not angled in this case).
New use cases for the same parts, everyday!...

8052: Container Truck

This model has a registration plate with the characters "AP 54183", which makes me think it was designed be Alfred Pederson.

8053: Mobile Crane

This is the model where the only new Technic part for the 2H, was found up to now.

It is a reinforced new variant from 48496, with axle-holes instead of pins as connection points.
My guess is that it takes the function of part 61904, where a Linear Actuator isnot present and its form factor doesn't make a perfect fit.

The several stickers with the inscription "MK 8053" leave no doubts about who have designed this model. Markus Kossman of course, who had also designed its predecessor 8421 XXL Mobile Crane.

8043: Excavator

There is also a small sticker on the cabin "door" who leaves us with any doubts about who have designed this beauty. "Goose" which makes a perfect match with the nickname from Anders Gaasedal Christensen and the sticker with model name (8043ag) which matches also his initials.
The 2nd model here, makes it pretty clear that such model couldn't have been left for anyone else to design...

If it was not yet clear for you, that all the 6 functions from this Excavator (3x for the digging arm, driving, steering and superstructure rotation) are fully remote controlled, take a closer look and read the text in the box PF banner.

   "Fully remote controlled digging function"
   "Remote controlled driving, stearing and turning"

So there is definitely a steering function on this infernal machine.

For a few more photos, you may take a look at the Technic photostream, from FBTB.


Junkstyle Gio said...

With all models having a signature of the designer, i keep wondering. On the Motor Bike there is only mention of The Letter TB in the TB OIL Stickers.....
Does that mean that it is designed by "TechnicBricks"?

TechnicBRICKs said...

I also realized on that, but definitely this is not the case. :)

After all, it misses an 's' in the end. :P


Gavin said...

The red lever in front of the battery box looks like it could be for a manual swith between functions. Also is the drive for the tracks at the rear here?

With what they are trying to do with this model it likes they have done very well (looking at the photos thus far). Think about the target group and objectives they have to work with. As for us AFOL's it just gives us more scope to make it the way we want it. I'm going to get one for myself and try some modifications. May look at replacing the bucket with the one from 8851.

TechnicBRICKs said...

I think the red lever on the superstructure is not for manual operation, but for indication of the actual functions selected via remote (a red lever too).
However it may happen that it also allows for manual switching.

Anonymous said...

The motorbike has new longer cranks (yellow). They seem to be 2 studs longer than usual ones.

Anonymous said...

what does the red piece infront of the battier box do?

arezey said...

We don't know. But the theory is that there's a transmission device in there to allow mode switching and the red piece would be for the changeover catch.

Anonymous said...

That new part is also in the excavator. It's in the drive train of the tracks ( a half 12z and half 20z are in it ).

Anonymous said...

The red piece is indeed the indication or the function selector. You can see the sticker besided it.
Let's hope that they indeed motorized it.

Anonymous said...

Are the axle-extensions (you can seen them on the beam of the crane, to extend te beam) also changed? They look different, but maybe it it the light.

An other interesting thing is the number of functions on the crane.
There are two wheels at the back: rotating upper structure and in/out extenders.
But there are also two red selectors on the upper structure. One is changing from up/down of the beam to the hook, but what is the other one doing besides extending the beam?

TechnicBRICKs said...

Maybe it controls the stabilizers opening, from the upper structure!?
Otherwise, where is the steering knob?

Anonymous said...

IMHO, one of the function may be manual.
Since the are yellow knob wheels between the "cockpit" and the first axle, I think that the rear 12t controls the stabs (the 20t is for steering of course).

The rotating structure may be manual. Like 8421.


Ryan said...

Functions of the Crane Truck:

Lower structure:
- Steering
- Rotating

Upper structure:

Left side:
- Moving the rope/hook
- Lowering and raising the boom

Right side:
- Extending the boom
- Moving the stabilizers

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan : yeah, very very good idea !!
This theory is very relevant !

You already have convinced me ! :D


TechnicBRICKs said...

So it seems you also believe the stabilizers control, to happen in the right size knob from the upper structure. :)

Richard said...

So the gear configuration driving the two parallel actuators on the box (on the excavator) was actually correct -- apart from the colour. (it looked like it would send the actuators opposite directions) They're the new 20T bevel gears with round holes instead of axle holes.

Ryan said...

Yes those are the new 20 gears. I still believe the treads of the excavator can only move simultaneously. So no steering possible.

Alex Campos said...

From the red "selection switch" on the left of the Crane Truck's superstructure and the past record of sets like the 8294, 8295 and 8265, I'd say the boom raising and the cable drum are motoriseable.

I wonder what the numbers "54183" on the Container Truck mean... I can't see any relation to anything. Also, I'm not understanding the external mechanism of the switch lever: on the photo, it appears to be to the forward-most position, but apparently the linked 3L DBG beam doesn't allow it to move backwards... am I seeing things wrong, is the display model misassembled (wouldn't be the first time), or something else? Oh, and kudos on the colour scheme: blue isn't very common in Technic! :)

Technic Fan said...

Re: Excavator 8043.

If you look at the power functions section on the right of the box, it reads 'remote controlled driving, steering and turning'. To me, 'driving' = forward/reverse, 'steering' = left and right, and 'turning' = rotation of the superstructure.

Assuming 1x M Motor is used for each set of tracks, then one motor is still available each for rotation of the superstructure and changing gears (to switch between the arm movements and the lower functions) - this would mean that the driving movements could function the same as the 8275 bulldozer, which would include forward, reverse, turning left and right in forward or reverse and also 360’s clockwise and counter-clockwise. I really hope this is the case. The only concern I have is that 8275 utilises an XL Motor for each track. Although 8043 is roughly 250 part count less than 8275, it still looks quite heavy – I guess it may be geared down a bit to relieve strain on the motor, which would result in a slower movement, but, excavator’s ain’t race cars!

Really looking forward to picking this one up around September (Australia).

Anonymous said...

8043: Behind the seat there is a horizontal gear but I'm ore interested in the vertical gear in the shadows on top of it.. not sure if that is a standard gear or not. it looks 1 beam deep

Unknown said...

It looks like there is a bigger cluch gear in the drive train of the motor cycle

Richard said...

@william: where?
@Anonymous: definitely a regular ole 12t single bevel (with an axle with stop through it)

sholto_bateson said...

when would you expect these sets to come out as i want the excavator fro my birthday, if you zoom in reely close on the red lever and look at the bit just in front you can see a sticker showing the different functions

arezey said...

You guys notice that gear in the Container Truck, right below the container flatbed? It's a double bevel one, and oddly light, tan maybe? And it's a large one. Thus, a gear z36 recolored in tan?

arezey said...

Bright, not light, I mean..

Anonymous said...

I know how the stabs work. :o

On this photo :

The yellow knob wheel rotates a long axis, and so, move this yellow part :
In this small yellow part, there is this towball :
So, this towball moves from the left to the right and vice versa.
Eventually, with this Technic link : the stabs can be moved. :o

Otherwise, I found the M motor on the "Ampliroll" :

Red arrow : the motor
Green arrow : its wire.


Anonymous said...

And here is the Technic link, on the rear right stabs :

Look at the HQ pictures to see it more in details. ;)


Anonymous said...

It is the rear left stab. -_-'

PS : sorry for this useless message.

minks502 said...

if you zoom in on the motorcycle box where they show the enguine, there is a cluch gear with what looks like more teeth

Anonymous said...

I only see a couple of 16 tooth gears (grey), 1 20 tooth gear (tan), a 12 tooth gear (black) and a 8th gear.
Can you tell us more precize where you see a clutch gear?

Anonymous said...

The right gear box has only one function. Like one of the gear box of the "8258-B.

Look :

We should see a part of the sticker there. And it is not the case.

Moreover, there is nothing in the middle of the turntable :

So :

Left gear box : hook, extending boom
Right gear box : it "only" lifts the arm with the LA

the 12t knob : for the stabs.
the 20t knob : the steering of course.

Rotating the structure is manual. Like #8421.


TechnicBRICKs said...

That's another possibility!

The most likely I should say.
I also inspected the details you mentioned, but still wanted to believe there was a second function for the right lever. :x

Al said...

The excavator is looking more complex than I had anticipated. I'm so glad it's not like the bulldozer where it was all motors and no complexity. That is a relief. 3 motors controlling 6 functions via a gearbox switched by a fourth motor is great. But the price!!!!!! Although I've really changed my mind about the excavator, I'm sorry but I can't justify paying that much for what it is. If it was a little bit bigger and pneumatic (yes just like I constantly bang on about with pistons at least twice as long and with more efficient/effective motor compressor pump) and the second set of motor functions being used to operate the valves, then i'de buy at least two for the same (or even higher) price.

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